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Image:globe2.png Below Average
Image:globe3.png Average
Image:globe4.png Above Average

Image:globe5.png Excellent
The Review Pages provide ratings of books, movie series, and anything else that might qualify for rating. Add your own ratings as desired; change the site rating total when you do. The site rating is the rounded average of all votes for the series, not individual items.

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8-Bit Theatre

CBG Average for 8Bit: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for Buttersafe: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for CTRL+ALT+DEL: Image:globe3.png


CBG Average for CTRL+ALT+DEL Sillys: Image:globe4.png

Dresden Codak

CBG Average for Dresden Codak: Image:globe5.png


CBG Average for Erfworld: Image:globe3.png


  • Jharviss: 3 (Consistent updates and storyline, but it doesn't do much for me.)

CBG Average for Flipside: Image:globe3.png

Girl Genius

CBG Average for Girl Genius: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for Goblins: Image:globe3.png

Gods of Arr-Kelaan

CBG Average for Gods of Arr-Kelaan: Image:globe3.png

Gunnerkrig Court

CBG Average for Gunnerkrig Court: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for Hellbound: Image:globe5.png

Looking for Group

CBG Average for Looking for Group: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for Misfile: Image:globe4.png

A Modest Destiny

CBG Average for A Modest Destiny: Image:globe5.png


CBG Average for Nodwick: Image:globe4.png

Order of the Stick

CBG Thread: OotS Discussion

CBG Average for OotS: Image:globe5.png

Penny Arcade

CBG Average for Penny Arcade: Image:globe5.png


CBG Average for PVPOline: Image:globe5.png

The Phoenix Requiem

  • Jharviss: 5 (300 pages in and nothing's happened, yet I can't stop reading!)

CBG Average for Phoenix Requiem: Image:globe5.png

Rice Boy

CBG Average for Rice Boy: Image:globe4.png

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

CBG Average for Gunnerkrig Court: Image:globe5.png

Schlock Mercernary

CBG Average for Schlock: Image:globe4.png

Sheldon Comics

CBG Average for Sheldon Comics: Image:globe4.png

Turn Signals On A Land Raider

CBG Average for TSOALR: Image:globe2.png


CBG Average for XKCD: Image:globe4.png

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic

CBG Average for YAFGC: Image:globe5.png