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Hey Snargash, Just to let you know, I edited your user page to fix it - the templates need to be in a table to show up properly. --Ishmayl 20:22, 12 April 2008 (EDT)

Thanks. When I clicked preview it looked like they were showing up okay--Snargash Moonclaw 20:57, 12 April 2008 (EDT)

Snargash, I am changing some of your categories to include your campaign setting name in them, so that there's no confusion when someone else inevitably also wants to use a "Races" category, etc. --Ish 20:52, 27 July 2008 (UTC)

Okay - I'm still experiencing a bit of confusion as to when the use of the Setting Template on a page handles prevents that from happening - my impression had been that using it on all my pages made it unnecessary to clarify further - everything automatically referred to the setting only. . .--Snargash Moonclaw 21:09, 27 July 2008 (UTC)

Okay, I'm going to write up a tutorial soon on how to use categories. However, I would recommend that all your category titles be changed to "Panisodore <Category Title>," so that when they show up in sub-categories, they will appear properly in alphabetical order. So, your categories "Power Groups (Pansidore)" should be changed to "Pansidore Power Groups," and the same should be done with other categories. --Ish 21:40, 27 July 2008 (UTC)


Snargash, ALL your categories should start with the word "Panisadore," so that they 1 - show up properly in alphabetical order, and 2 - disambiguate properly. Please don't create more categories without that. Thanks! --Ish

UUUUGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! THat's part of what I've been trying to prevent! If you click on the Category Panisadore under those circumstances ABSOLUTELY EVERYFREAKINGTHING is listed under the letter P! THat's not alphabetical order when the rest of the alphabet ceases to functionally exist!!! I want to be able to look under the letter R and immediately see "Races (panisadore)" and "Regions (Panisadore)" and click on them - not have to scroll down a page full of categories as

Panisadore aaa
Panisadore aba
Panisadore abb
. . .
Panisadore caa
. . .
Panisadore ad infinitum

until I finally locate

Panisadore Races

Are you saying that Races (Panisadore) won't disambiguate from Races (any other setting)? Under the conditions above setting up the categories becomes a complete waste (of over a week's worth of frustration and hair pulling just rtyiung to find out how to do the little bit that I've actually done). Further more, it's pointless since instead of organizing the information it simply clusters it up together even worse than if there are no categories beyond the setting itself.--Snargash Moonclaw 21:59, 27 July 2008 (UTC)

It does not become a waste, because the purpose of categories is not for each individual wiki user to have pretty, organized indexes - the purpose is for the entire wiki to be organized, and in the grand scheme of things (the whole wiki), organization works much better to have specific campaign settings listed out in the categories. I sympathize with you wanting your own special category pages just for Panisadore, but the categories are not for the individual, they're for the entire wiki. --Ish
I grasp the macro-level organizational priority - I'm finding myself confused as to how/if it works beyond that. I've been under the impression that a setting could be further organized (hence my question about disambiguation of "Races (x)" and "Races (y)" at the micro level by establishing through the templates that such internal (sub)organization was specific only to material utilizing the identifying template - I got this impression from the "Page Creation Information" page - the way that is written seems to imply that placing {{Setting|Panisadore}} on the page prevents the problems you're describing and permits the further organization within the setting. I guess the next question then becomes, "What does it actually do - and what does it specifically *not* do?" I'm not trying to be difficult here - I'm trying to clarify some of my fundamental conceptions/possible misconceptions - I may have been trying all along to do something that the wiki does not in fact do at all (or even intend to) which unfortunately constitutes the reason I was trying to put the setting into the wiki in the first place.--Snargash Moonclaw 22:30, 27 July 2008 (UTC)

Okay - now going to All Categories from the Wiki Main Page and looking at "Races" I can see how the macro organization then displays subcategories by setting name. One thing that occurs in "All Categories" which I find counterproductive at various levels is displaying subcategories as if they are Level 1 categories as this conceals the structure and organization. This may be a matter of how I'm interpreting the info presented arising from the fact that I'm basically assuming/expecting category/subcategory structure to be essentially the same as classical outlining structure - in which case you don't list a topic as a Level I heading and a Level A heading and a Level 1 heading, etc. So I've been listing subcategories only under their immediate up-level category; e.g., Oceana ONLY lists [[Category:Regions (Panisadore)]] and NOT ALSO [[Category:Panisadore]], therefore Oceana does NOT appear among the subcategories of Panisadore - you have to first click on Regions (Panisadore) to see it and the other 3. On the other hand it looks like the Setting Template doesn't prevent a subcategory from appearing as a top level (All) category. I'm seeing the problem and now wondering if there is a way to accomplish both things - "Races (Panisadore)" also shows up as a top level category separate from "Races" which then lists the ""Setting" Races" subcategory discretely. Actually inserting the setting template in the edit screen of any category (at any level) along with the definition of its up level category seems to have no effect - so subcategories beneath Panisadore still appear as Top Level in All Categories. Perhaps this is desirable - my impression is that it clutters the information. The template does not appear to affect a category page in the same fashion it affects a wikitext page - I had been under the impression that it did. . .

Okay so instead - is there anyway to format category entries in the manner of [[Category: Panisadore *subcategory name goes here*]] such that a pipe or something essentially renders the word Panisadore invisible - it still acts as an operator to suppress ambiguity, but is ignored when listing (alphabetizing) the subcategories?--Snargash Moonclaw 23:51, 27 July 2008 (UTC)