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Campaign Creation Level 2 Solid progress is being made. My work is definitely incomplete, but at a testable phase.
Image:FluffIcon.png Fluff Level 4
This user has written volumes of good fluff, and can help others.
Image:CrunchIcon.png Crunch Level 2
This user has a reasonable handle on balanced mechanics.

I would like to thank everyone who voted for me for encouraging my behavior.fnord I would also like to thank the Fundamentalist Megachurch Televangelist Industry for working so hard to ensure the continued interest in the creative efforts of our gaming genre as a whole. Without you guys pointing me in the one true and right direction to further my initiatory studies I'd still be casting fireballs with a can of hairspray and a disposable lighter.fnord For the sake of clarity I wish to additionally thank my countless minions world-wide, commonly referred to as The Illuminati. Without you guys I'd still be casting fireballs with a can of hairspray and a disposable lighter. . .fnord Finally, I would like to thank Uncle Leo, Uncle Nicky, Uncle Bucky, Auntie Dee, Uncle Al, Uncle Gerry, Uncle Franzi (a.k.a. The Franz), and the spirit of Uncle Tricky D. (whom I continue to channel at the most inappropriate times and venues we can identify.) As Uncle Tricky likes to say, "The world's a tough audience, so don't ignore the fnords, abuse the hell out of 'em!fnord"fnord Most of all, I wish to thank Uncle Terry for all the laughs and inspiration. Hang in there man, we love you!Bugger't! Millenium hand and fish. . .--Snargash Moonclaw 05:32, 22 August 2008 (UTC)

I memetically engineered a whole lot of tasty crunch-berries under AD&D 2, but there are facets in 3.x with which I'm still not so deeply familiar. I've always been more focused on flavor than texture, the latter simply being a means of keeping the flavor consistent throughout the bowl once you start pouring in the Bailey's. . .--Snargash Moonclaw 20:12, 12 April 2008 (EDT)

Long, long ago in a cyberspace far, far away (back in the days of DOS and the FIDONET when I was an asst. sysop and Moderator of the MagickNet Trio of Echoes), I enjoyed hacking at stuff for hours on end to make it look nice and stand up and do tricks. These days I simply couldn't care less - I write stuff. If I can do a quick, simple cut-and-paste or similar format menu selection, great. If I need to learn commands, much less command syntax and structure, the page simply will roll over and play dead - I have absolutely no inclination, much less intention of spending a single moment on writing code to make my writing do tricks on the screen. (There a lot of really great looking pages here and I'm not knocking them at all - I'm just not going to spend any time and energy adding mine to that category.)

That said, the help of others (already and future) in clarifying on-screen presentation, so that information I put up is easily found and absorbed by readers is much appreciated - getting tables to show up as created in OpenOffice Writer is a bitch. Abuse the fnords.--Snargash Moonclaw 18:47, 17 May 2008 (EDT)