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Name: Garrett Morrison
Age: about 693,190,000 Ticks
Location: [Lat: 44 Long: -121]
(give or take a few decimals)

Image:CrunchIcon.png Crunch Level 2
This user has a reasonable handle on balanced mechanics.
Image:FluffIcon.png Fluff Level 3
This user is above-average in the fluff creation department.

Current Campaign Project: Mare Eternus
Type: Underwater Magitech/Steampunk
Description: A universe of water filled with hollow worlds, massive creatures, incomprehensible clockwork, and endless mysteries.

Image:Hammer_and_sickle.png AAAAAH MOTHERLAND!!!
This user is a proud representative of the motherland.
image:Mapicon2.png Cartographer
This user is a self proclaimed cartographile.