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Real Name: Charlie

Location: Reno, Nevada, USA

Interests: History, Women, Video Games, Politics, Law

Favorite Food: Peperoni Pizza (sue me, it's what I like!)

Favorite Phrase: Super Special Awesome

Favorite Emoticon:  :P

Personality: Stalwart and kind, like a Dwarf

My Campaign Setting

The Kingdoms of Aeolond, [1]

Deviant Art Gallery

Gallery [2]

Currently DMing

A pre-spellplague Forgotten Realms Campaign.

    • Currently 5th Level, 3 PCs:
      • Sala'Thalin - A Half-Gold Dragon Human Warblade
      • Calix - A young Human Swashbuckler/Rogue
      • Vera - An Albino Drow Rogue