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(n) A very cheo sort of mesh.

Cheomesh in his natural habitat.
Cheomesh in his natural habitat.
Cheo with fire.
Cheo with fire.

Real Name: Michael Eversberg II

Location: California, Maryland, USA [1]

Interests: Women, history, video games, food, Western Martial Arts

Favorite Food: Kunzler brand hot dogs.

Favorite Word: Ja.

Favorite Emoticon:  :|

Personality: Abrasive like fine diamond dust.

Creator Of

Ouroboros, or: The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Nations. [2]

Urban Isolation, a d20 modern campaign.

Æsctír, a backdrop for the No Quarter table top wargame.

The Waltz, a backdrop for the Fast and Dirty table top wargme.

Currently DMing


The Hyborean Age (Conan) via GURPS