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Although nobody else seems to write anything on these user profile-things, i'm going to do it anyway, hoping to turn the trend around. Maybe.



This is the setting i'm currently working on: Broken Verge


A house in the suburbs of Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. That's where i am most of the time, anyway.


I'm about to begin studying as a mathematical engineer at Denmark's Technical University (starting fall 2009). I've been playing roleplaying games for 5 or 6 years now, starting with third edition, and then quickly moving on to 3.5 when it was released. My own campaigns have a tendency to self-terminate early (like my setting ideas), except for my second one, which was a psionic campaign that ran for a year i think. In between my own DMing i have played in a couple of other campaigns, a couple of them lasting over a year. I'm currently DMing a campaign in my own setting which is going quite well for once.


I own dozens of D&D 3.5 books, along with the basic 4.0 books, and i also own D20 modern, D20 future, Iron Heroes (along with the master's supplement), Unhallowed Metropolis and Unhallowed Necropolis, all published Riddle of Steel books (minus the bestiary one), the basic World of Darkness book (the newest edition), the two HoL books, Star Wars Saga edition, and all the free systems i could find on in pdf format. I have a good deal of experience with 3.5, and some with D20 modern, D20 future, The Riddle of Steel, and Star Wars Saga. I have also played indie games like In a Wicked Age (not that much though) and Everyone is John as well as some freeform games and setting-specific systems at a con. I also have some knowledge of GURPS (which i have borrowed from a friend for an undefined amount of time), Warhammer fantasy roleplaying (borrowed but returned), and Dark Heresy (also borrowed).


My setting has been in the works for a long, long time (from my perspective anyway). It has undergone several incarnations and has moved from being a simplistic, classical, high magic setting to a more natural and, in my opinion, cool setting. I have also played in a couple of home-brews, DM'ed a couple of sessions in Eberron (a setting i personally enjoy), and in the real world where my players were villains with a secret base on Malta who tried to conquer Burundi. Yes, it was weird. My Setting: Broken Verge


I like most fantasy and sci-fi settings but there are a couple of things i have trouble with: 1) High fantasy. It's simply too silly. 2) Medieval realism. Though okay to some degree, it seems to suck some of the originality and creativity out of the setting. 3) I really prefer campaigns that don't have too much in common with Tolkien, FR and other similar "classical" settings. 4) Things that are so fantastical that i have trouble suspending my disbelief.

Inspirations (conscious and subconscious)

Settings: The already mentioned Unhallowed Metropolis setting, Eberron, and to some degree the "Points of Light" concept of 4e and Iron Heroes.

Litterature: The works of China Mieville, Joe Abercrombie, Robert Jordan, Nick Harkaway, Lovecraft, Jonathan Stroud, and Kate Griffin have all inspired me in different ways.

TV and movies: Supernatural (no better source for monsters and demons), Firefly/Serenity (just awesome; a lot of inspiration to get, even though it's sci-fi), Van Helsing (i like Transylvania and the general tone of that movie; even though it is slightly silly), Blade Runner and Alien (some good concepts).

And much, much more that i can't remember.


Published Setting: Unhallowed Necropolis or Eberron

CBG Setting: Cadaverous Earth

Setting trait: Originality

Book: Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway

Crime movie: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Sci-fi movie: Fifth Element

Action movie: Die Hard 4.0

Horror movie: 30 days of night

TV series: Firefly

Webcomic: Hellbound (now defunct sadly)