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The Butterfly Effect

A pending Scion game, arranged by Brent Not Broken. Thursday evenings on Skype, probably!

Image:Modern_Mythos_Fates_Image.jpg ...what I'm aiming for, here...  

The Butterfly Effect will be, at least at the outset, a community-based game. Characters will each have a solo, introductory "prelude" adventure which will lead them to Portland, Oregon, where they will meet local Scions and mortals, form community ties, and make their own ideas and plans reality. This game will be less about globetrotting monsterslaying than most Scion games, and more about exploring networks of friends and rivals, using the city as a testing ground in which to build your ideal new world, and facing down supernatural dangers to the city that threaten to destroy all you've created.

When you help to steer its Fate, will the City of Roses become divine paradise, or another blighted casualty of Titanic violence, the bickering of gods, and the hubris of Scions?

There is a lot here that is experimental, both in terms of game mechanics, play format, and overall concept. I beg both patience and feedback from players.

The game will be played through Skype, with dice rolled in mIRC. Day and timeslot are not yet determined, but will probably be Thursday eveningish? Large amount of one-on-one mini-session structure will make this less important, since stuff can be done whenever people are online and willing.

The template, at least at the start, looks like this:

  • Create an unvisited Scion.
  • In a solo adventure, we'll play through your Visitation (starting you at Legend 2), and a journey which will take you to Portland, where you'll join up with the local Scion community there. This journey will take you to Legend 3.
  • Once in Portland, you'll meet up with the other PCs, and the game will assume a more traditional group-play format.
  • Throughout play, you'll be asked Questions which will help reveal your character and determine your history. (This in lieu of things like detailed backstory or in-character journals, which you may also do if you like, but which I will not ask you for.)
  • Once in Portland, Questions will also provide opportunities for players to help define the city, by detailing people, places, ideas, and movements at work in the city.

Because I'm still ironing out issues with their PSPs and other concerns, the Shen and Tuatha Dé Danann are off the table for the moment. Choose a divine parent from one of the other seven Pantheons available, and I will be much better able to do you justice.

Modern Mythos
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