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Political Information
Societal Information


Copy this box and replace anything behind the "equals (=)" sign. Anything you choose to leave blank, you need to delete the default text.

| image= Image Source of map or picture
| name= Name of Location
| alternativename= Any Alternative Names and/or titles
| culture= Dominant culture
| capital= Capital of Location
| government= Type of Government of Location
| founded= Year founded
| leader= Name and Title of Leader of Location
| population= Population Total and Dispersal
| area= Total square mi/km/etc of area
| climate= climate
| wealth= Wealth level of nation
| imports= List of Major Imports
| exports= List of Major Exports
| etymology= Etymology and/or Meaning of the Name of Location
| demonym= name by which denizens are called
| language= List of Major Languages of Location
| religion= List of Major Religions of Location
| technology= Technology Level of Location
| magic= Magic Level of Location
| crime= Crime Level (for cities)
| organizations= organizations present
| inspiration= inspiration for location
| BGMain= color code (without pound sign) of main header
| BGSub= color code of secondary headers
| BGtext= color of the background behind the text in main boxes
| Border= color of border
| includestoc= define if you want to include the table of contents
| tocsize= size of the toc (default is 100%)

The colors can now be edited with the 4 bottom tags. Use hex codes or names.

To leave a line blank, simple delete the text after the equal-sign, but don't delete the entire line (except in case of color substitution fields). For example:

| exports= 

Anything you leave blank will actually delete the line from the template, so you won't have blank subjects, you'll just go right to the next subject.

The image is for either a map of the area, or just a picture - it should be set up so that if you don't include it (or if you don't include other tags for that matter) that they don't show up. May still need work, but should be ready for most use.