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Image:globe2.png Below Average
Image:globe3.png Average
Image:globe4.png Above Average

Image:globe5.png Excellent
The Review Pages provide ratings of books, movie series, and anything else that might qualify for rating. Add your own ratings as desired; change the site rating total when you do. The site rating is the rounded average of all votes for the series, not individual items.

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Television Shows

Babylon 5

CBG Average for B5: Image:globe4.png

Battlestar Galactica

1978 Series

CBG Average for Old BSG: Image:globe3.png

1980 Series (Battlestar Galactica 1980)

CBG Average for BSG 1980: Image:globe2.png

2004 Remake Series

CBG Average for New BSG: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for Bleach: Image:globe3.png


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

CBG Average for Buffy: Image:globe3.png


CBG Average for Angel: Image:globe4.png

Dark Angel

CBG Average for Dark Angel: Image:globe3.png

Doctor Who

CBG Average for Doctor Who: Image:globe5.png

Earth: Final Conflict

CBG Average for EFC: Image:globe3.png


CBG Average for Eureka: Image:globe3.png


CBG Average for Farscape: Image:globe3.png


CBG Average for Firefly: Image:globe5.png

The 4400

CBG Average for The 4400: Image:globe3.png


CBG Average for Gantz: Image:globe4.png

Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

CBG Average for Andromeda: Image:globe3.png

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

CBG Average for Hercules: Image:globe3.png


CBG Average for Heroes: Image:globe3.png

Highlander: The Series

CBG Average for Highlander: Image:globe4.png

Jack of All Trades

CBG Average for Jack of All Trades: Image:globe5.png


  • sparkletwist: 3 (It could have gone places, but they canceled it)

CBG Average for Kings: Image:globe3.png


  • Phoenix: 4
  • Ishmayl: 2 (could be higher, but writers seem to have no idea what they're doing anymore)
  • sparkletwist: 1 (I never got what people like about this show)
  • TheNinjaD: 3

CBG Average for Lost: Image:globe3.png

Lost Room (mini-series)

CBG Average for Lost Room: Image:globe4.png

Nowhere Man

  • Phoenix: 3 (loved it the first time I saw it; less later)

CBG Average for Nowhere Man: Image:globe3.png

Quantum Leap

  • Ishmayl: 5 (going on memory alone here, but remember it being pretty fantastic)

CBG Average for Quantum Leap: Image:globe5.png


CBG Average for Roar: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for Smallville: Image:globe3.png



CBG Average for SG-1: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for Atlantis: Image:globe2.png

Star Trek

Original Series

CBG Average for Original Star Trek: Image:globe3.png

The Next Generation

CBG Average for Next Generation: Image:globe4.png

Deep Space Nine

CBG Average for DS9: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for Voyager: Image:globe3.png


CBG Average for Enterprise: Image:globe2.png


CBG Average for Supernatural: Image:globe4.png

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

  • Phoenix: 3
  • Ishmayl: 1 (couldn't make it more than 3 or 4 episodes in)

CBG Average for Sarah Connor: Image:globe2.png

Those Who Hunt Elves

CBG Average for Those Who Hunt Elves: Image:globe3.png


CBG Average for X-Files: Image:globe3.png