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The Review Pages provide ratings of books, movie series, and anything else that might qualify for rating. Add your own ratings as desired; change the site rating total when you do. The site rating is the rounded average of all votes for the series, not individual items.

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Sci-Fi Series

Adams, Douglas

Hitchhiker Trilogy

CBG Average for Hitchhiker: Image:globe4.png

Dirk Gently

CBG Average for Dirk Gently: Image:globe4.png

Asimov, Issac

Foundation Series

CBG Average for Foundation: Image:globe4.png

Robot Series

CBG Average for Robot: Image:globe4.png

Empire Series

CBG Average for Empire: Image:globe4.png

Card, Orson Scott

Ender Series

CBG Average for Ender: Image:globe4.png

Bean Series

CBG Average for Bean: Image:globe4.png

Cherryh, C.J.

Forge of Heaven

CBG Average for Forge of Heaven: Image:globe4.png

Clarke, Arthur C.

Childhood's End

CBG Average for Childhood's End: Image:globe5.png

Crichton, Michael

Andromeda Strain

CBG Average for Andromeda Strain: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for Congo: Image:globe3.png

Jurassic Park/The Lost World

CBG Average for Jurassic Park: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for Prey: Image:globe3.png


CBG Average for Sphere: Image:globe4.png

Terminal Man

CBG Average for Terminal Man: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for Timeline: Image:globe3.png

Frankowski, Leo

Cross-Time Engineer

CBG Average for Cross-Time Engineer: Image:globe3.png

Harkaway, Nick

Gone-Away World

CBG Average for Gone-Away World: Image:globe5.png

Herbert, Frank

Dune Saga

CBG Average for Dune Sage: Image:globe5.png

King, Stephen

The Dead Zone

CBG Average for Dead Zone: Image:globe4.png

The Dark Tower Series

CBG Average for Dark Tower: Image:globe5.png

L'Engle, Madeline

Time Quartet

CBG Average for Time Quartet: Image:globe2.png

Martin, George R.R.

Dying of the Light

CBG Average for DotL: Image:globe4.png

Niven, Larry


CBG Average for Ringworld: Image:globe3.png

Shinn, Sharon


CBG Average for Archangel: Image:globe3.png

Stross, Charles

Singularity Sky/Iron Sunrise

CBG Average for Timelike Diplomacy: Image:globe3.png

Swayer, Robert J

End of an Era

CBG Average for End of Era: Image:globe4.png

Turtledove, Harry

Worldwar Series

CBG Average for Worldwar: Image:globe3.png

Colonization Series

CBG Average for Colonization: Image:globe2.png

Verne, Jules

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


Journey to the Center of the Earth

CBG Average for Journey to Center of the Earth: Image:globe4.png

Wells, H.G.

The Time Machine

CBG Average for Time Machine: Image:globe4.png

War of the Worlds

CBG Average for War of Worlds: Image:globe5.png