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In this section we shall find an entry on my preferred gaming system and some space reserved for other gaming systems. These systems, collections of game mechanics and rules, will have already been altered to fit the campaign setting. Resources, like links, shall be included with each.


The Tazlure Gaming System

This is my preferred gaming system; the ruleset my game shall be using albeit a modified version thereof. We shall call the Clockwork|Canon version of this gaming system; The Writing Game. It's use will provide emphasis on good writing, collaborative writing, and roleplaying heavy gaming. This is how I have always envisioned my games to be played, with efforts spent not just on the pure gaming aspects of RPGs, but also on the potential these games have for collaborative and interactive storytelling.

I have already asked for permission to make use of the system itself, and make my adoptions of it, provided that I agree to certain conditions concerning the philosophy behind TGS and how its designers wish it to be used. They created the system to be fun, fair, and protective of its players.

Here are those conditions I mentioned, which I must comply with;
TGS License
TGS Terms of Service
TGS Credits

Introduction to The Writing Game

This game is basically a Moderated-Freeform Play-by-Post Roleplaying Game.

The Writing Game

Other Rulesets and House Rules

D20 OGL Etc.