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Extra reading material available online.


One of Scion's great strengths is that, as a mythology-based game, it can draw upon an enormous body of source material from all over the world, spanning millenia. Much information on mythology is freely available on the internet. Here are some useful websites for your game.

Scion-Specific Links

White Wolf's Scion Forums
a fairly active community of helpful folks
Gotham By Night
the fantastic Scion site I've relied on extensively
Scion Quick-Reference
do you like charts? I like charts

General Mythology Links

Internet Sacred Texts
a lot of translations of primary sources are on this site, free for the browsing
Encyclopedia Mythica
Entries here are often somewhat terse, but the coverage is broad and the setup is easy to browse.
Mythology Resource
a glossary of mythical people, places, and things, organized regionally, posted to the CBG Wiki by Phoenix
a library of folktales, folklore fairy-tales, and mythology, organized thematically
Better Myths
just go read it, seriously

Aztec Resources

Primary Sources

Rig Veda Americanus
sacred songs of ancient Mexico
Codex Magliabecchi
illustrated treatise on native Mesoamerican beliefs, rather condescendingly penned by the early Spanish settlers
The Continuum of Life in the Codex Borbonicus
the Codex Borbonicus, with facsimile illustrations and extensive commentary
Codex Boturini (Excerpt)
pages 18-22 of the Codex Boturini, with notes to guide the reading of each symbol (fascinating!)

Secondary Sources

Ancient Mexico
this one is pretty cool
The Theosophy of Ancient America
a scholarly essay on Mesoamerican cosmology and worldviews
Aztec Calendar
learn about the tonalpohualli, or translate today's date (or any date you like) into the sacred Aztec calendar

The Nahuatl Language

Inadequate Nahuatl Lessons
self-deprecating title aside, a more-than-adequate beginner's primer on the language and its pronunciation
Nahuatl Dictionary (University of Oregon)
translate between English, Spanish, and Nahuatl
Nahuatl Dictionary (Freelang)
a downloadable resource
English to Nahuatl Glossary
sometimes a little hit-or-miss, but I've had good results in the past with this one

Egyptian Resources

Primary Sources

The Pyramid Texts
the oldest known religious texts in the world, concerned with the preservation of the remains of a dead pharaoh and with his ascent into heaven
The Book of Going Forth by Day
also known as the Book of the Dead, a compendium of spells to assist the deceased upon the journey into the underworld and afterlife
The Book of the Opening of the Mouth
funerary rites excerpted from the Pyramid Texts, intended to prepare a corpse so that the soul can escape the body
The Book of Am-Duat and The Book of Gates
texts on the underworld
The Book of Breathings
another Egyptian funerary text
The Book of the Heavenly Cow
a description of mankind's rebellion against Ra, resulting in a flawed creation which permits death and suffering

Secondary Sources

The Egyptian Heaven and Hell
a scholarly examination of the Book of Am-Duat and the Book of Gates
Caroline Seawright's Egyptology Column
articles about a ton of topics, including specific gods and customs, and a primer on hieroglyph reading
Modern Mythos
is a set of house rules and mythology resources
for White Wolf's Scion
if this project makes you want to play Scion,
you can buy the books on their website