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Of the fictional world created by Eclipse, the Oververse is the unifying metasetting that runs between them. They are divided into two smaller multiverses - the Earthverses, and the Mythverses.



The Earthverse is composed of universes that represent alternate paths our real universe could have taken. Many include the addition of metahumans, but others include Lovecraftian gods, extraterrestrials, demonic powers, magic, apocalypses, alternate technology, and dystopian incarnations of our world. These elements are not mutually exclusive, and most universes in the Earthverse (termed UEs for simplicity) incorporate multiple elements.

Earthverse Similarites

Dispite often being very different settings, the Universes of the Earthverse have a few things in common. All of them feature earth-like geography, though some feature lost continents such as Atlantis, Lemura, Mu, and Leng, while others have landmasses lost to war. All Earthverses include Earth itself, even if it is relegated to the status of myth from people who long left it. Most celestial bodies are the same and have the same locations. The general rules of physics, discounting those influenced by magic and metahumans, are the same, though these physics often do not conform to real world physics (since they include "impossible" technology like FTL travel, force fields, gravity manipulation, etc). Alien races, when included, are often are the same across the various universes, as are cosmic level entities, though many settings will not actually feature them in any significant role.


Some exceptions to these general rules exist, such as in The Aetherial Void, where space is filled with a substance called Aether as opposed to being a true vacuum. However, these exceptions always have elements of real-world pseudoscience, be it Alchemy or Aether or other oddities that were later dis proven. Magic and such would fall into this category, but the primary difference in the Exceptions is that these changes disprove or contradict fundamental laws of physics in other Earthverses, while magic makes no scientific claims.

Universal Travel

Travel between different UEs is possible in some instances. As a general rule of thumb, the more elements two settings have in common, the easier travel is between them. If two settings feature metahumans, then crossing over is not extraordinarily difficult. If they feature different versions of the same metahumans, then travel is very easy, as far as dimensional travel goes. However, crossing dimensional boundaries draws attention from higher powers and universal antibodies termed Arkina, which often results in the traveler at best being sent back to his own world, at worst being erased from existence.

Travel between universes with different rules (a magic user from a haunted earth traveling to a cyberpunk dystopia) often has negative effects on the traveler, generally resulting in the loss of their now impossible powers. Occasionally, however, their powers are retained, which causes varying reactions to the traveler.

Existing Universes

Any setting that purports to take place on an alternate Earth is a potential UE to travel to, be it the Halo universe, the Earth of Underworld, Marvel's 616 universe, or anything else premade. All are technically UEs, and travel can happen to them.

Time Travel

Time Travel is theoretically possible in all UEs, though the ability to actually travel through time is often not yet possible, due to insufficient technology/knowledge. However, if a person travels though time, instead of actually entering their past or future, one of two things happen. If traveling into the past, their action causes the universe they entered to break away from the universe they left, creating a whole new UE. If they travel to the future they instead end up in a newly created UE that holds a possible future their universe could head towards. Like many rules of Earthverses, this is not an absolute, but travel into the actual past or future often has dire consequences.


The Heartverse is the center of the Earthverse, and is one of the few realms not directly related to Earth. It is home of the Olem, an immensely powerful being charged with keeping the various Earthverses in order. He has many servants, all of which help him in his task. At times, a universe becomes cancerous and must be destroyed. In such cases, Olem will occasionally pluck a select member of that universe with desirable qualities (an ill defined term, since the beings Olem chooses have very varying personalities) and add him, her, or it to the Wanderers, a sort of multiverse police force that confronts problems to prevent similar cancers from spawning in other UEs.


As a contrast to the Earthverse, the Mythverse features settings that completely differ from the normal universe. Planes, the term for the universes of the Mythverse, feature wholly different geography, physics, and rationality. Everything is variable here - a plane might be contained to a 5 square mile area, or an infinitely large universe. A plane might feature floating islands in a sea of ethereal mist instead of normal planets/space, or feature a planet that lacks a magnetic core - instead being filled with a network of caves - without fear of solar radiation destroying life.

Planar Connections

Planes are organized into clusters located around a keyplane, with the rest of the planes in that cluster called Elsewheres. Planes that connect keyplanes and elswehweres are called walkways. Like the UEs, travel between planes is possible, with varying difficulties.


Keyplanes are the central focus of a cluster of planes. Traveling from a keyplane to a different keyplane is extremely difficult and often dangerous, since the variable nature of physics often means a creature's very biology won't function in the new keyplane. If travel must be done between them, the Twisted Paths are the most common routes to take. However, traveling from a keyplane to one of its associated planes is often very easy, depending on the nature of the keyplane and the nature of its associated planes. Most settings are defined by their keyplane. Occasionaly, a cluster's keyplane is the walkway between the various planes of that cluster, which turns the various keyplanes it to entities related much like nations separated by oceans are related, and often as easily traveled between. Some clusters feature nothing but a single keyplane, without any walkways or elsewheres.


Walkways are planes that exist between planes - the realms that separate the different planes. The most universal walkway is the Twisted Paths, a complex and dangerous plane that leads between keyplanes. Other walkways instead lead from a keyeplane to its elsewheres, or from different locations within a single plane. Sometimes, walkways are themselves keyplanes, though that is a rare configuration for a cluster of planes to take.


Elsewheres are the planes that exist outside of a cluster's keyplane. They can be that keyplane's underworld, a prision realm for cosmic beings, the place gods reside, or any other infinite possibilites. Of all the different types of planes, elsewheres show the most variation, and it is rare to find two keyplanes with similar elsewheres, though elsewheres often share similar purposes.


A good number of planes feature something residents of UEs would term "magic," be it psionic energy, channeling the latent energies of crystals, seeing beyond the false nature of this reality, or standard magic that comes from waving hands and muttering syllables. The rules and nature of magic vary from cluster to cluster, and some do not feature it at all, though their technology is sometimes so advanced that, to a resident of a UE, it would be indistinguishable from magic.


-This area is still highly under construction. I just intended to experiment with the wiki and get my base thoughts down on the overall structure of things.

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