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Spirits: African * American * Arthurian * Asian * Celtic * Classical * European * Germanic * Judeo-Christian * Middle Eastern * Oceanic
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  • banksia men - evil nature spirits in the shape of a shrub
  • bulaing - Dreamtime serpents
  • cheeroonear - dog-faced men with long arms that trail on ground; prey on humans
  • dheeyabery - monstrous tribe that look like people from the front and globs of flesh from behind
  • dhinnabarrada - monstrous tribe that look like people but have legs and feet of emus
  • Dirawong, the - goanna that taught mankind laws
  • eer-moonan - Dreamtime monsters
  • eruncha - cannibal demon; can transform person into medicine man
  • Giant Dingo - monster of the Dreamtime; cannibal with many victims
  • Gurangatch - Dreamtime lizard-fish
  • Jarapiri - humanoid with lower body of serpent; lives in Wimbaraka
  • keen keengs - Dreamtime giant race; flying with arms ribbed like bat wings, two fingers and thumb
  • Kunapipi/Gunapipi - Dreamtime water monster that swallowed fishermen; same as mother goddess?
  • Kurrea - Dreamtime giant swamp crocodile; hunted people so a hunter scares it away with its mother-in-law
  • kutchis - spirits like Mura Mura
  • lightning serpent - giant serpents in the heavens that descend to earth during storms then rebound (lightning)
  • mamandabari - Dreamtime spirits
  • mimi/mini - rocky waste spirits in human form, but with brittle bones; they fear the wind
  • Minka Bird - Dreamtime bird whose presence foretells death
  • min-min - ghost lights; spirits of dead children; dangerous
  • mormo - scary, hairy spirits
  • mura mura - Dreamtime tree spirits
  • muldjewangk - evil water creature, possibly merfolk or giant monster; live in river; hide in seaweed
  • namorodo - skinless vampires
  • quinkan - underground spirits
  • Rainbow Serpent - snake that lives in water hole; controls all waters; created the tides in the Dreamtime
  • talamaur - vampire that could send its soul to drain life force of fresh corpse; could communicate with or even enslave spirits
  • yara-ma-yha-who - little red man, big head, no teeth; uses suckers on hands to catch victims beneath its tree and suck out blood; consumes person then spits them out smaller than before
  • Yowie - Dreamtime giant hairy predator or modern cryptid

Cook Islands

  • Moko/Tu-Te-Wehiwehi - lizard with human head; Great Lizard; master of magic; protector of humans
  • tapairu (Mangaia) - beautiful faerie daughters of Miru, with silken hair


  • alan - bird-like creature; wings, fingers, toes all backwards
  • anito - general name for all spirits
  • aswang - ghoul (no distinct characteristics, but most feared creature); replaces live victims with tree-carved bodies; shapeshifter; can enter body to cause disease
  • bakunawa - Filipino sea serpent/dragon/god; god of underworld, causes eclipses
  • batibat - vengeful, fat disease woman; lives in tree wood, kills those that cut down tree
  • boroka - harpy-like creature
  • buso - tall thin giants with one eye; terrifying but stupid ; live in jungles and cemetaries; eat flesh of dead and trap humans
    • tigbanua - especially malicious; cause accidents and disease
    • tagamaling - less malicious; only take buso form every other month
  • cafre/kafre/pugot - giant black boar; can walk upright; talks; hunts humans; similar to Buata
  • danag - vampire that was once friends to humanity until it tasted their blood
  • diwata/lambana - nature spirits (nymphs or faeries); live in trees
  • elek - bird-men that drink human blood
  • hantu demon - ghosts/demons that possess people and drive them mad; many types
  • Ibong Adarna - beautiful bird that sings seven songs; its droppings turn men to stone, but it can cure disease; some similarities to phoenix
  • kalagkalag - restless dead or revenants that bring illness to their relatives
  • kapre - hairy tree demon; smokes pipe; invisible to humans; can be good or evil; can grant wishes with magic stone
  • kumakatok - robed figures that knock on doors; death omens
  • manananggal - vampire that can split itself apart at torso to fly (Malay penanggalan); abhor garlic and salt
  • mandurugo - vampire that takes form of beautiful woman to marry men, then sucks their blood as a fiend at night
  • multo - ghost
  • nuno - bearded dwarf that lives in anthill; angry goblin, does harm; curse trespassers
  • pugot - headless black fiend; shapeshifter; terrifying but harmless (eats snakes); superhuman speeds
  • sarimanok - fanciful chicken; bright feathers; good fortune; crest touches sky
  • sigbin - sucks blood at night out of victim's shadow; walks backwards; resembles hornless goat
  • siyokoy - mermen
  • tikbalang - tall bony humanoid; animal head (usually horse); scare/trick travelers
  • tiyanak - demon that takes child form to lure victims into jungle and kill them; kidnaps children


  • aumakua - guardian spirit of family; nature gods similar to Japanese kami
  • kapua - supernatural tricksters and shapeshifters
  • menehune - forest dwarves; eat fish and bananas; crafsmen
  • nawao - wild giants; perhaps enemies of menehune
  • Uhumakaikai - shark or fish gods


  • anjing ajak - werewolf
  • buta cakil - hook-toothed demons
  • gandaspati - ghost light in form of dragon
  • komang (Borneo) - spirits created by Tapa
  • macan gadungan - weretiger
  • naga/nogo - divine dragon; serpent with many heads
  • nagasjatingarong - vampire
  • reksoso - rakshasas
  • singa - lion-beast
  • triee (Borneo) - spirit group created by the chief god Tapa
  • tua (Borneo) - personal guardian spirit appearing as a snake, cat, deer, or other animal
  • were-crocodile - usually caused by evil men with charm; also found in Egypt and Zambia
  • were-tiger - usually transform with magic sarong; also found in India, Malaysia, China, and Japan


  • a bao a qu - invisible tentacled spirit that waits at base of pilgrim tower; skin like a peach; follows pilgrims up steps becoming more visible
  • abath - female unicorn (European description of Malaysian rhinoceros)
  • badi - 190 invisible spirits that inhabit all things and cause mischief
  • badjang/bajang - disease demon in form of civet cat (musang); disturbs sleep
  • bediadari - faeries/little people in general
  • Bisan - female nature spirit; guardian of camphor-bearing tree; appears as cicada
  • bujanga - protective forest dragon
  • chinoi - little people that live in trees and flowers
  • Gerjis - giant tiger beast that preyed on all creatures
  • hantu - spirits in general, including ghosts, demons, goblins, faeries, and evil spirits
  • jenglot - vampire that looks like a long-haired doll; eats blood
  • jin tanah - evil earth demons
  • langsuir/langsuyar/langhui - spirit of woman dead in childbirth; long hair, hole in back of neck, taloned fingers; can fly; wear green robes; suck blood of infants like a vampire; lose power if hair and nails are cut
  • orang bunian/orang bunyi - forest-dwelling elf-like faeries; often invisible; great supernatural powers
  • pelesit - kind of ghost/spirit/genie; inherited by female magicians; a dark spirit used in black magic; cause mischief at night as a crickets; possibly vampiric spirit created from stillborn’s tongue
  • penanggalan - vampire; similar to Filipino manananggal; detached female head that flies dangling its stomach and entrails; possibly come from pacts with Devil
  • polong - spirit enslaved by male sorcerer; female imps
  • pontianak - demon associated with childbirth problems; head with floating entrails (similar to penanggalan); type of vampire
  • tigbanua - malicious buso that causes accidents and eats the dead
  • toyol - child spirit invoked in black magic
  • were-tiger - prey on chickens; also found in India, Indonesia, China, and Japan


  • aria - physical manifestation of a spirit; inflicts disease
  • atua - immaterial aspect of spirit
  • bunyip (Australian) - chimeric dragons
  • patu-paiarehe - trooping faeries that look like tiny people with pale skin and hair
  • ponaturi - sea goblins
  • poukai - giant bird that eats people
  • rainbow serpent - multi-colored serpent dragons (such as Bobbi-Bobbi)
  • ri - mermaid or siren
  • taniwha - sea/river dragons/monsters
    • Horomatangi/Ihu-maataotao - giant lizard that didn't prey on humans, but might capsize ships
    • Hoto-Puku - giant warty lizard
    • Huru-Kareao - giant lizard in lake; watched over village
    • Parata - giant ocean monster with mouth so big it sucks in and spews out seas, causing tides
  • turehu - race of spirits (sometimes hostile) in Rarohenga or in Rangiawhiao


  • abaia - giant lake eel
  • akuaku (Rapa Nui) - spirits that live off aromas of food
  • aremha (Tanna) - general name for spirits
  • bariaua - shy nature spirits that hide from mortals; live in trees like dryads; benign
  • bonito maidens (Solomon Islands) - sea maidens, possibly mermaids, that guard fish
  • Buata (New Guinean) - giant talking boar that hunts humans
  • dema (New Guinean) - gods
  • dodore (Solomon Islands) - one-legged little people with one arm, one eye, and long red hair; malevolent but stupid
  • dogai (Torres Strait Islands) - evil shapeshifters appearing as beautiful young women; head can swivel, limbs bend backwards
  • figona/higona/vigona - nature spirits that are invisible or appear as rocks or snakes; served their chief Aguna
  • kaia (New Guinean) - demons that appear as snakes, pigs, or eels or hybrids; live in volcanoes and bring destruction
  • kakamora - long-haired little people with sharp nails and teeth; afraid of color white; vulnerable buttocks; live in caves and hoard money
  • karawatoniga - benign spirits in human form that inhabit rocks and plants
  • matabiri (New Guinean) - swamp demons that look like people with pot bellies and puffed cheeks
  • matagaigai (New Guinean) - malevolent tree spirits; they prey on the sick, the only people that can see them
  • Ngani-vatu/Ngutu-Lei (Fijian) - giant bird that blots out sun; wings cause storms; eats animals and people
  • pinari - little people with long legs and hairy bodies
  • Ri (New Guinean) - giant sea monster with woman's head; lived on mangrove beaches
  • talamaur - vampiric ghost that preys on last strength of the dying
  • tuki (Solomon Islands) - little people standing one foot tall; talons, black hair; live underground
  • vis - flying vampire with long talons it uses to tear out eyes of victims; shines at night
  • Walutahanga - water monster born of woman and snake
  • were-dog (New Guinean) - malicious shapeshifter; can also turn others into dogs


  • tatane (Rapa Nui) - familiars; young people or invisible animals, birds, or objects; live in societies and give people skills
  • Te Tuna (Tahitian) - giant eel monster
  • tiki - protective spirits in general
  • Tumu-Ra'i-Fuena (Tahitian) - spotted octopus monster; tentacles grasp heaven and earth