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New English is a community-based thought project, in the form of a constructed language. It's intent is to explore the various way the english language can be simplified and streamlined.


Currently Discussed Issues

Second-person Plural Pronoun

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Redundant Forms of the Verb "To Be"

In the english language, there are three forms of the verb "to be", one each for first-person, second-person, and third-person ("am", "is", and "are", respectively). in New English, two of these can be removed, with the remaining one filling in for them. So far, the idea is to remove the second-person and third-person forms, leaving only the word "am". An example of this would be, "I am hot, and so am he. Am thee hot?"

Gender-Neutral Third-person Pronoun

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Phonetic Alphabet

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Resolved Issues

Removal of Vowels

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Some members have equated New English to Newspeak, the fictional political revision of english, from the novel 1984. Others have argued that, while there is a superficial resemblance, the key difference is that New English is a mere thought project, and not a genuine attempt to revise a language.