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The Clockwork Jungle



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The Mosswaste is a large region of predominantly High Forest outwise of the Sea of Netai. It is entirely consumed by the Saffron Moss - every plant within it is infested, and nearly all creatures that remain in the area are Abominations.

The Peril has existed in the area for many years, but the Mosswaste as it exists today developed during the Age of Prophets. The Mosswaste has absorbed most of the Chalicewood and has reached the shores of the Sea of Netai itself. Its growth was checked after the destruction of the Dominion Tree during the Recentering, and it has only recently begun to expand again. Its movement clockwise has been halted by the efforts of the Night Wreath, but the remainder of the Chalicewood is beginning to diminish, and may soon be gone for good.