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Here's an exciting new project. Somebody remind me to finish it one of these days.

Modern Mythos

This wiki is meant to collect and organize my increasingly exhaustive lexicon of Scion house rules, and other information related to the game. This wiki does not contain the game rules, or any of the books' original text. (Even if you have the wiki, you still need the books to play.) It is meant to be used in conjunction with the official Scion books, and contains volume and page references where appropriate.

My long-term goal for this wiki includes its use as posting space for characters and stories related to ongoing Scion games.

What Is Scion?

The basic conceit of Scion is that all the World's mythologies are true. In an ancient era, the gods managed to seal the Titans in the pit of Tartarus, then withdrew from the World, retreating from mortal life, in an attempt to avoid some of the ill effects of Fate. Now, in this modern era, the Titans have broken free from their timeless prison and have renewed their war upon the gods.

Players take the role of Scions-- half-mortal children of the ancient gods, born to be divine agents within the mortal World. As they contend with Titanspawn and the schemes of the gods, Scions develop their own Legend and their own ties of Fate, and may grow in power until they are gods in their own right-- ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with their divine kin at the final battle against the Titans.


AKA "John's Scion Resources." A fantastic website run by two Scion experts: a veteran ST with years of experience, and a tireless researcher, fiction-writer, and website-wrangler. The GBN team has almost completely rewritten Scion's game mechanics, and I strongly believe the GBN houserules ought to be an official "Scion: Revised Edition." GBN has graciously given me permission to use, quote, and alter their material for this project, and my houserules use their houserules as a jumping-off point. I recommend that all readers take a look at the GBN Scion resources even if they're not interested in the GBN houserules, in order to see the deity bios, mythology resource links, evocative art, and chronicles of the four different in-progress Scion games that GBN sustains.
A supportive community of Scion players and STs, who offer helpful question-answering, the sharing of house-rules, and occasional recruiting for online games. Lot of good suggestions flying around on this forum, and I've gleaned a lot of ideas there.
  • The Secret Inner Cabal of Mysterious Advisors of Doom
People who have been emailing me back and forth to help me work out the kinks in this wiki and its content, you are amazing and supafine. I'm not going to name any names here, but you all know who you are, and I am extraordinarily grateful for your expert and patient assistance.
Simply put, you can't play the game without the books. I have house rules and changes, but they're not intended to supplant the core material, nor are they capable of doing so. So check them out.

Modern Mythos
is a set of house rules and mythology resources
for White Wolf's Scion
if this project makes you want to play Scion,
you can buy the books on their website