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  • Bahamut - fish of cosmic size
  • dalhan - cannibal demons that ride ostriches in the desert; possibly a type of ghul
  • jinn/djinn/genie - spirit of fire or of fire, wind, and smoke, created from the simoom thousands of years before mankind arose; disembodied spirits of wilderness; shapeshifters, possibly giants, often deformed; usually invisible; spirits beneath angels; in Islam they become those that refused to bow to Adam (similar to fallen angels), ruled by Iblis (lord of Hell); can mate with humans; ruled by monarchs called Suleyman; angels may have driven them into far islands for disobedience; not truly immortal--can be killed by each other and by shooting stars; fire runs through veins in place of blood; some serve God (like Persian peris, and may be beautiful), others rebel (like deevs); can fly to lower heavens and eavesdrop on angels to learn the future
    • ghul/ghoul - night shade jinn; cannibal; grave-robber; shapeshifter (turns into beautiful women); dwells beneath cemetery (escapes from crevices in ground) and eats dead and trespassers; harmed by sunlight, afraid of fire; unclean, grotesque; stink, disease (spread plague on wind); sometimes incorporeal; red eyes, possibly faceless; shambling; poisonous spit; supernatural strength; people must carry charms against them
      • algul - more vampiric version
    • ifrit/afrit/efreet - fire jinn
    • jann - oasis djinn
    • marid - sea jinn; more powerful
    • Shaitan - Satan; name given to Iblis after rebellion; possibly a class of Iblis's followers; cruelest/evilest jinn
    • sila - jinn that cannot shapeshift
    • nasnas/nashas (Yemen) - half-jinn offspring of humans and Shiqq; half-man (half head, half heart, half body)
    • shiqq/shikk (Yemen) - one-legged, one-armed djinn
    • ghaddar - offspring of Iblis
    • zar - djinni that possesses married women; hate men and demand gifts before leaving
  • pyrassoupi - two-horned unicorn-like mule with yellow-brown bear fear
  • orobon - ten-foot long crocodile-like beast that drags men into water to drown
  • qareen - familiar spirit (jinn?)
  • roc/rukh - giant bird; eats elephants; same as or related to simurgh
  • sandwalker - steals camels at night and leaves crab-like tracks in sand; size of horse; sharp peak, scorpion tail, crab claws; giant scorpion
  • tabi - shadowy spirit, familiar that follows around and reveals secret knowledge to sorcerer
  • zaratan - giant sea turtle that looks like island; based on Greek aspidochelone


  • al - half-human, half-animal; attacks pregnant women; possibly same as Babylonian alu
  • aralez - dog spirit that licks wounds of the dead to heal them
  • dev - seven-headed giants that turn into snakes
  • javerzaharases - invisible female spirits of bridal innocence
  • kaches - euphemism for malicious invisible spirits that live in wilderness communities; they steal and torture; similar to or same as devs
  • piatek - hairy animal with large beak
  • shvod - household guardian spirits
  • tapagoz - giant class; three or one heads; one eye per head
  • vishaps - trickster spirits or demons


  • maskims - group of evil spirits; can be protected against with white cedar tree


  • Ahi At-Trab - mischievous desert spirits that live beneath sands
  • Al Rakim - dog that guards Seven Sleepers
  • Al-mi'raj - beast that lives on island in Indian Ocean (JezĂ®rat al-Tennyn); yellow rabbit with unicorn horn; territorial predator
  • bahri - bird creature with man's head (like harpy)
  • buraq - bird creature that carried Mohammad to heaven; white colored; horse-like; peacock feathers
  • Dead Sea Apes - men turned into Apes for failing to hear message of God
  • houri - nymphs of paradise
  • kujata - bull on back of Bahamut
  • Murghi-I-Adami - two peacocks with humans faces that talked to each other (always about something interesting to the listener
  • Zagh - giant bird with a human face that can speak


  • alal (Chaldean) - shapeshifting demons that tempt men to sin
  • allu (Akkadian) - faceless demon spawn of Lilith; stole their father's soul; succubus?
  • anunnaki (Babylonian) - spirit of the stars below the horizon
  • apkallu/abgal (Sumerian/Akkadian) - group of seven attendants of Enki; winged men possibly with eagle heads or as mermen that rule waters
  • asakku (Babylonian) - evil spirits named for Asag; kill by fevers; possibly an evil udug
  • ashipu (Sumerian) - exorcist/sorcerer
  • Bel (Babylonian) - a dragon worshipped
  • Capricornus - hybrid monster adopted by Greeks; fish head and human head over fish body; attendant of Ea (similar to Suhur-mas)
  • Derketo (Babylonian) - whale with dragon forequarters; inundated the earth
  • dingir - name for deities
  • galla/gallu - underworld demons that drag mortals to hell
  • gidim - ghosts/shades in underworld; sickness demons?
  • Humbaba - forest giant; guardian of Cedar Forest
  • igigi (Babylonian) - air gods like angels, spirits of heaven
  • Imdugud - benevolent demon; eagle's head on winged lion body; brings rain but might also threaten domestic animals
  • jidra (Middle Eastern general) - plant that consumes all material nearby and screams like mandrake when uprooted
  • kherebu (Assyrian) - cherubim
  • kul (Syrian) - merfolk that live in muddy freshwater pools, lakes; could poison water, but love music
  • kulili (Sumerian) - chaos dragon type(later merman)
  • Kur - dragon of the underworld
  • labartu (Babylonian) - hag demons
  • Labu - giant sea serpent killed by Tispak
  • lahama (Sumerian) - water demon progeny of Apsu
  • Mushhush (Babylonian) - cosmic dragon
  • rabasu/rabasa - vampiric spirit that lurks in dark places; sea salt repels; live in Desert of Anguish in hell
  • scorpion man/girtablilu/aqrabuamelu - children of Tiamat; guard entrance to gates of Kurnugi (land of darkness); serve Shamash (sun god)
  • sirrush - dragon with cat's forelegs and eagles hind legs; long neck and tail
  • suhur-mas/ram-fish (Sumerian) - ram with fish tail (capricornus)
  • sea goat (Sumerian) - steed of Ea that goes on land or sea (similar to Indian makara)
  • sebettu (Babylonian) - seven sky demons; cause sickness in wake of plague god Erra; encircle the moon and cause eclipses
  • Tiamat (Babylonian) - primordial monster (deification of salt water) that birthed other monsters; earth created from her corpse
  • utukku/utukki/udug/udu - spirits or demons of good (shedu) or evil (Edimmu/Ekimmu)
    • edimmu - evil spirits; vengeful ghosts of those not buried properly or demons; cause disease; incorporeal spirits that drain life
    • lamassu/lama - female shedu
    • shedu - bulls or lions with human heads and wings; guardians
  • Zu/Anzu - giant fire/water-breathing bird, possibly with lion body (like a griffin); son of Siris


  • al - evil spirit that attacks women (especially pregnant ones); vulnerable to iron
  • Amesha Spentas/Amharaspands (Zoroastrian) - supreme angels, sometimes called archangels; six attendants of Ahura Mazda; each rules particular earthly domain (qualities such as truth, order, etc.)
  • Asdeev - white dragon
  • azhdaha - guardians of underground treasure; dragons?
  • Azi Dahaka/Zahhak/Dahag - evil dragon of fire, similar to Vritra
  • Azi Sruvara - horned dragon killed by Garshasp
  • Bakhtak - hag that sits on sleeper's chest and causes nightmares
  • Chamrosh - bird that lived on ground beneath senmurv; dog head
  • conopenii - fire-breathing horse with donkey head
  • deev/dev (Zoroastrian) - demons that fight peris; hosts of Arhiman
  • diwe - giant horned ogres
  • druj - female demons of deceit
  • ferohers (Zoroastrian) - guardian angel servants of Ormazd
  • fravashi - invisible guardian angels assigned to each person at birth
  • Fulad-zereh - horned demon/fairy general
  • Hadhayosh/Sarsaok - giant ox-like beast (Behemoth)
  • homa - griffin
  • huma - bird of paradise or phoenix; consumes self in fire
  • izeds (Zoroastrian) - attendants of the Amesha Spentas
  • Kar-Fish - giant fish that guards Tree of Life against evil
  • karkadan/karkadann - desert unicorn (rhino-like) that lives in India and Persia; on its horn is engraving of a man's head; can kill elephants; trumpets from its horn; cloven hooves with light horse mane
  • koresck - goat-horse unicorn
  • manticore - legendary lion-beast in Indian jungles; head of man, trumpet voice, spined tail
  • palis - vampire demon that sucks blood out of sleepers feet by licking them
  • peri - faeries or fallen angels; can be wicked or kindly; possibly same as Arabic jinn
  • shahbaz - giant falcon
  • shadhavar - gazelle with hollow horn (like unicorn); uses horn to play music and attract victims then attacks
  • simurgh/angha/senmurv - giant bird similar to phoenix or roc; peacock large enough to carry off whale or elephant; enemy of snakes; possibly a dog-bird of copper-color; very old and all-knowing; may plunge into flames like phoenix; lives in Tree of Life
  • [yatu]] - demon in form of vulture
  • yazatas (Zoroastrian) - angels, celestial messengers; elemental


  • phoenix fire bird; revives from own ashes; regeneration and immortality (like Egyptian bennu bird); the new bird flies to Heliopolis and offers the ashes of old bird to the sun god; connection to the palm tree



  • ala - eclipse vampire that eats the sun; take human form to drink blood
  • ejderha/evren - serpent dragon; fire comes from tail
  • kargas - griffin
  • Kerkes - phoenix
  • onlar - spirit type
    • cin - type of onlar that cause insanity or illness; change shape; tricks; can be invisible
  • veri celen - dragons that can take human form and sleep with humans; leave fire in their wake when flying
  • were-boar - also found in Greece