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I dreamed a world that dreamt of me
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Political Information
Leader(s)King Trinanox
Population2.2 million
ClimateTropical to Temperate
WealthVery High
Importsart, gems, gold, lumber, spices, silver, tobacco
Exportsbarley, copper, grain, iron, jewelry, leather, literature, marble, textiles, wine
Societal Information
Crime LevelModerate

Loindai (loh-in-die) is the great kingdom of the East. It is the largest, strongest nation on in the eastern world. Much of the land is plains or gentle hills, though forests and rivers form its boundaries. The eastern end of the kingdom is tropical coastal plains, while the weather grows more temperate the farther inland you travel.

Loinese people tend to have naturally fair skin, though those near the coast often have strong tans. Brown hair and eyes are most common, though lighter shades crop up near the southern border with Azeldon. Most men are clean-shaven, though trim goatees have come into fashion in Vacheindoon of late.

Because of its wide swath of plains land, the largest population of people are farmers. Noble lords draw their wealth from how much land they own, largely because of the cities' ever-present need to import food. Within city walls, especially in Vacheindoon and Valonia, life is totally different. High culture and art reign, but duels are commonplace as gentlemen try to prove their worth or win the hands of ladies. The criminal element often remains strong in these complex urban sprawls.

Loindai is divided into seven duchies, not including the region around Vacheindoon. Each duchy is centered on a city and ruled by a duke or duchess. Vacheindoon is ruled by the royal family. Loindai is protected by a mighty army and navy, and the famous Bear Squad. The Bear Squad is an elite unit of shapeshifting Earths that answers only to the king and functions primarily to protect Vacheindoon and the royal family.


Droman is a city on the east coast, and thus tropical.


Ishinvor is a city on the edge of Lake Ishinvor in northwestern Loindai.


Nescravi is a city on the Sea of Riash. It is the primary port for trade with Earifon.


Ryeingto is a city on the Myolos in southwestern Loindai, on the border of Azeldon.


Political Information
Leader(s)King Trinanox
Societal Information
Crime LevelHigh

Vacheindoon is the capital of Loindai. It is a sprawling metropolis filled with artificial canals, elaborate stonemasonry, and high towers. The city was by the Ancients, razed to the ground during the wars following the Kosharitun, and finally rebuilt in 252. Since then it has stood through the weathers of time and civil war.

While officially the King rules, the day-to-day affairs are governed by the Chamberlain, Nalseir. Guilds operate very prominently Vacheindoon; many national guilds are headquartered there. Vacheindoon is very wealthy, the there are many slums, especially on the outskirts of the city and beyond the walls.

Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon is a massive theater north of High Market. Performers across eastern Roaa aspire to one day audition for a show here.

Descent of Reiv

The Descent of Reiv is secret headquarters of the Order of Reiv, located somewhere beneath the city.

Eye of the Storm

Some say the finest inn in the city, the Eye of the City is near High Market. It features excellent quality rooms and suites, with many amenities, including free breakfast. It features a dinning hall, but no tavern. However, both the Mesmeric Glow and the even nicer Royal Throne are within easy walking distance.

Herald of Dusk

The Herald of Dusk is a nice inn near Low Market. It is a large establishment with dozens of rooms available, as well as two common rooms.

Vacheindoon Royal Palace

The royal palace is home to the royal family and the location of the royal court. It is located at the heart of the city.


Political Information
Leader(s)Duchess Edajara
Societal Information
Crime LevelModerate

Valonia is the northernmost city in Loindai, sitting on the Orchid River, the border of Gostair. Across the river sits Selissa's Bay. Valonia is named for the beloved wife of long-ago King Yulion, who built the city in her honor.

Swirling Lace

Valonia is home to the most famous school of dance in Loindai, indeed in eastern Roaa. As Tunia's Academy of Song teaches music, the Swirling Lace teaches dances. These two cities draw many of the artistically inclined from far and wide.

Time of Night

The Time of Night is a decent inn run by friendly, if inquisitive woman named Mylia. She's happy to help out travelers with directions, food and drink, or small problems, and feels more than entitled to do so.

Storm's Wake

The Storm's Wake is a fine tavern that not only serves local favorites, but specializes in Gostairian imports.


Vextai is a city on the east coast, and thus tropical.


Voren is a city on the Sea of Riash.