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The Jade Stage: Main Page

Welcome to the Jade Stage wiki! This page marks a new attempt to archive and present information related to the Jade Stage, a setting involving the fictional world of Marebo, painstakingly detailed by Luminous Crayon.

Welcome to Marebo

Cities and Wildernesses

Marebo is an immensely broad, flat disc: vast oceans and lush island continents on one side, endless and forbidding deserts on the other. The six continents collectively referred to as the Known Regions are staggering under the weight of civilization-- thanks to the first growing pains of industrial revolution, big cities are springing up like mushrooms after a rain. As the dwarven empire of Cardannis wanes and the liriss empire of Formeriss waxes in power, proud kingdoms, vast crime syndicates, and fledgling democracies strive for dominance. Meanwhile, intrepid explorers tire of squabbling over scraps of the Known Regions' limited landmass, and seek their fortunes across the distant oceans, or in the bleak badlands of Underneath.

Orks, Humans, and All the Rest

Many sapient races arose at once, at the dawn of the Age of Breath, but the orks were matchless in their strength, their rapacity, and their powers of magic. When orkish armies made their bid at world conquest, only the combined strength of dwarves, boru, simocs, and goblins was sufficent to drive the orks to defeat-- and to extinction. Now only the orks' mighty stone fortresses and peerless metalcraft survive as testaments to their vanished skill, and modern powers and their agents fight for control of these priceless tools of power.

Just over two centuries ago, humans immigrated to Marebo across a magic road conjured by their greatest mage and explorer. Now cut off from any possibility of returning to the Old Country, these human exiles must find their place in a world where they are outsiders. Some natives welcome the human settlers, others exploit them, and an angry minority still insists that the humans are the orks reborn and must suffer the same grisly fate before it's too late.

Get Straight to the Action

Check out a list of sample Jade Stage adventures for inspiration, or create your own!

Read More about Marebo

There's more information about Marebo on this wiki-- much more. Browse the glossary or index, or choose a topic from the lists below:

  • Culture
    • Books -- Influential writings of Marebo's great poets and scholars.
    • Music and Art -- The aesthetic masterworks of inspired creators.
    • Religion -- The faiths that drive the ardent and hopeful.
  • Industry
    • Magic -- The structure and subjugation of supernatural forces.
    • Technology -- The fruits of scientific advancement.
    • Trades -- The useful work of Marebo's inhabitants.
    • Ork Steel -- The most coveted of the treasures that remain after the slaughter of the orks.
  • People
    • Races -- The nine sapient races of Marebo, their cultures, and their characteristics.
    • Individuals -- Noteworthy individuals of Marebo, past and present.
    • Creatures -- Mareban species which don't quite qualify as "people," for whatever reason.
  • Places
    • Maps -- Visual representations of the world.
    • Cosmology -- Marebo's disposition within the universe.
    • Geography -- Natural features on the surface of Marebo.
    • Nations -- Kingdoms, provinces, city-states, and other political entities.
    • Frontiers -- The untamed wildernesses of Marebo and beyond.
    • Ork Stone -- The strange towers and fortresses raised by orkish fire-tamers.
    • Indirai -- Information about the "Old Country" which the human settlers came from.
  • Politics
    • Current Conflicts -- Wars, threats of wars, and other strife brewing in Marebo.
    • Factions -- Societies and groups who wield power in Marebo.
    • History -- Calendars and significant events of the past.
    • Slavery -- Information regarding the practice of slavery in Marebo, its legality, and its opponents.
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