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The Intendant is the head of government within the Netai Confederation. Though it ranks only fifth in the "ceremonial order" of high Confederation offices, the Intendant is usually the most powerful individual in the government and commands extensive civil and military powers. As with most high offices in the Confederation government, only an Umbril may hold the post of Intendant.

The Intendant is selected jointly by the Princes of the Blue and Yellow, and the ability to make this selection is considered to be the most important of their otherwise very limited powers. The Intendant serves until it resigns or the Princes elect to remove it from office.


The Intendant leads the Deputation, the secret legislative circle raised from the ranks of the College of Envoys. As the Deputation's head, it also has the power to approve or reject new nominations to that body, which are made by the technocratic College of Seekers. The Intendant usually is able to use this power of approval to construct a friendly Deputation, but if necessary it can override a decision of the Deputation with the agreement of the Coronet of Aliens.

The Intendant also has the sole power to appoint new Intendant-Marshals, the high commanders of the Confederation's military (though the Coronet has veto power over these appointments). These commanders serve at the Intendant's pleasure, and may be dismissed at any time.

Notable Intendants