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Part of Guild Superheroes Project. Feel free to add to and expand this project and page.

This is the main hub for the Created By the Guild: Superheroes project. Here, you will find an index of all community superheroes, villains, teams, etc.



The setting is Earth, and features mostly real cities (though if you want to add a new city/country, feel free to.) In the fine tradition of comics, society is almost the same as it is now, with the exception of new corporations/organizations that exist within it. The only real difference is superheroes. Like the big comic companies, characters can have a wide variety of origins - genetic mutants, aliens, experiments gone wrong, technology, magic, training, etc. The wiki members create characters and organizations, or add to existing ones and weave them together. Feel free to go all out, or to just post a brief idea for others to enlarge - the idea here is to create something together and have fun!


  • User 1 creates character 1, and makes him a member of team 1 - listing a number of other members, some of which have brief descriptions on their own pages, others without.
  • User 2 enlarges the description of one of the members of team 1 (character 2), and edits character 1’s back-story to include a friendly rivalry between the new member and character 1.
  • User 3 creates a villain that has a history of opposition to team 1, and edits character 1 and 2’s pages to reflect this enmity.
  • User 1 enlarges another of the members of team 1, and creates an entirely new hero unrelated to the team - but still mentions that at one point came into conflict with the villain.
  • User 3 has an idea for a hero, so posts a short description.
  • User 1 expands upon user 2's description.

And we just go from there. Have fun!

Adding New Pages=

When you make a new page, just name it the same as your hero. For example, a page about "Kablammoman" should just be Kablammoman. Also, we have a temporary template to add: Template:Guild_Superheroes. To add it, just type {{Guild_Superheroes}} at the top of the page.


When you create a new concept, add it here, in the following format:

* {{L|concept_page|concept name}} ''Brief Explanation'' <br/>

If you have something upcoming, feel free to put it here and fill in the blanks later. Also, try and keep it in ABC order - it makes things easier to read.