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The Review Pages provide ratings of books, movie series, and anything else that might qualify for rating. Add your own ratings as desired; change the site rating total when you do. The site rating is the rounded average of all votes for the series, not individual items.

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Fantasy Series

Abe, Shana

The Drakon

CBG: unrated

Abercrombie, Joe

First Law Trilogy

CBG Average for First Law: Image:globe5.png

Abraham, Daniel

Long Price Quartet

CBG Average for Long Price: Image:globe5.png

Alexander, Lloyd

Prydain Chronicles

CBG Average for Prydain: Image:globe3.png

Anderson, Poul

King of Ys

CBG: unrated

Operation Otherworld

CBG: unrated

Three Hearts and Three Lions

CBG Average for THaTL: Image:globe3.png

Anthony, Piers

Apprentice Adept

CBG Average for Apprentice Adept: Image:globe4.png

Incarnations of Immortality

CBG Average for Incarnations of Immortality: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for Xanth: Image:globe3.png

Applegate, K.A.

Everworld Series

CBG Average for Everworld: Image:globe4.png

Asprin, Robert


CBG Average for Myth Inc.: Image:globe5.png

Thieves World

CBG Average for Thieves World: Image:globe2.png

Bach, Richard

Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah

CBG Average for Illusions: Image:globe3.png

The Bridge Across Forever

CBG Average for Bridge Across Forever: Image:globe3.png

Bakker, R. Scott

Prince of Nothing

CBG: unrated

Barrie, J.M.

Peter Pan

CBG Average for Peter Pan: Image:globe4.png

Barron, T.A.

Lost of Years of Merlin

CBG: unrated

Great Tree of Avalon

CBG Average for Great Tree: Image:globe3.png

Baum, L. Frank


CBG Average for Oz: Image:globe4.png

Bellairs, John Anthony

The Face in the Frost

CBG Average for Face in the Frost: Image:globe5.png

Berg, Carol


CBG Average for Transformation: Image:globe4.png

Berman, Judith

Bear Daughter

CBG Average for Bear Daughter: Image:globe3.png

Bertin, Joanne


CBG: unrated

Black, Holly

The Spiderwick Chronicles

CBG Average for Spiderwick: Image:globe3.png

Bradley, Marion Zimmer

Atlantean series

CBG: unrated

Avalon series

CBG Average for Avalon: Image:globe5.png

Colin McLaren series

CBG: unrated

Darkover series

CBG Average for Darkover: Image:globe3.png

Shadow's Gate series

CBG: unrated

Bradshaw, Gillian

Hawk of May

CBG: unrated

The Wolf Hunt

CBG: unrated

Brennan, James Herbert

Faerie Wars

CBG Average for Faerie Wars: Image:globe3.png

Briggs, Patricia

Raven Duology

CBG Average for Raven: Image:globe3.png

Brooks, Terry

Shannara series

CBG Average for Shannara: Image:globe2.png

Word and Void

CBG Average for Word & Void: Image:globe3.png

Bull, Emma

War for the Oaks

CBG: unrated

Brust, Stephen

Vlad Taltos

CBG Average for Vlad Taltos: Image:globe4.png

Bunch, Chris

Dragonmaster Trilogy

CBG: unrated

The Last Legion

CBG: unrated

Seer King Trilogy

CBG Average for Seer King: Image:globe3.png

Burbank, L.G.

Lords of Darkness

CBG Average for Lords of Darkness: Image:globe3.png

Burroughs, Edgar Rice


CBG: unrated

Butcher, Jim

Codex Alera

CBG Average for Codex Alera: Image:globe5.png

Dresden Files

CBG: unrated

Butler, Octavia

Wild Seed

CBG Average for Wild Seed: Image:globe3.png

Campbell, Alan

Deepgate Codex

CBG Average for Deepgate: Image:globe4.png

Card, Orson Scott

Alvin Maker

CBG Average for Alvin Maker: Image:globe4.png

Hart's Hope

CBG: unrated

Carey, Jacqueline

Kushiel's Legacy

CBG Average for Kushiel's Legacy: Image:globe4.png

Carl, Lillian Stewart

Lucifer's Crown

CBG: unrated

Sabazel Series

CBG: unrated

Carroll, Jonathan

Answered Prayers Sextex

CBG: unrated

Cherryh, C.J.

Fortress Series

CBG Average for Fortress: Image:globe3.png

Cochran, Molly & Warren Murphy

The Broken Sword

CBG: unrated

The Forever King

CBG Average for Forever King: Image:globe5.png

Cook, Glen

The Black Company

CBG Average for Black Company: Image:globe4.png

Tower of Fear

CBG Average for Tower of Fear: Image:globe2.png

Crowley, John

Little, Big

CBG: unrated

Davis, Bryan

Dragons in our Midst

CBG: unrated

Deary, Terry

The Fire Thief Trilogy

CBG Average for Fire Thief: Image:globe.png

de Camp, Lyon Sprague

Gavagan's Bar

CBG: unrated

Harold Shea

CBG: unrated

Pusadian Series

CBG: unrated

Devereux, David

Hunter's Moon

  • Cataclysmic Crow: 3 (surprised to see more than one CBGian has read this. Good premise, but doesn't use the genre properly)
  • Sdragon1984: 3

CBG Average for Hunter's Moon: Image:globe3.png

Donaldson, Stephen R.

Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

CBG Average for Thomas Covenant: Image:globe3.png

Douglas, Sara

Wayfarer Redemption Sextet

CBG Average for Wayfarer Redemption: Image:globe4.png

Drake, David

Lord of the Isles

CBG: unrated

Durham, David Anthony


CBG Average for Acacia: Image:globe4.png

Duane, Diane

Young Wizards

CBG: unrated

Eddings, David

The Belgariad

CBG Average for Belgariad: Image:globe3.png

The Dreamers

CBG Average for Dreamers: Image:globe2.png

The Mallorean

CBG Average for Mallorean: Image:globe2.png

Erikson, Stephen

Malzan Book of the Fallen

CBG Average for Malzan BotF: Image:globe4.png

Farland, David

The Runelords

CBG Average for Runelords: Image:globe4.png

Feist, Raymond

Riftwar Saga

CBG Average for Riftwar: Image:globe4.png

Flewelling, Lynn


CBG: unrated

Flint, Kenneth C.

Sidhe Series

CBG Average for Sidhe Series: Image:globe3.png

Freidman, Cecilia S.

Coldfire Trilogy

CBG Average for Coldfire: Image:globe4.png

Gaiman, Neil

American Gods/Anansi Boys

CBG Average for American Gods Series: Image:globe4.png

Good Omens

CBG Average for Good Omens: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for Neverwhere: Image:globe4.png


CBG Average for title: Image:globe5.png

Gardner, Craig Shaw

His "Humorous" Series

CBG Average for Humorous: Image:globe.png

Goldman, William

The Princess Bride

CBG Average for Princess Bride: Image:globe5.png

Goldstein, Lisa

The Alchemist's Door

CBG: unrated

Goodkind, Terry

The Sword of Truth

CBG Average for Sword of Truth: Image:globe2.png

Harlan, Thomas

Oath of Empire

CBG Average for Oath of Empire: Image:globe4.png

Harris, Deborah Turner

The Adept

CBG: unrated

Caledon Trilogy

CBG Average for Caledon: Image:globe4.png

Hawke, Simon

Dark Sun: Tribe of One

CBG Average for Dark Sun: Image:globe4.png

Haydon, Elizabeth

Symphony of Ages

CBG Average for Symphony of Ages: Image:globe4.png

Hill, Stuart

Icemark Chronicles

CBG: unrated

Hobb, Robin

The Farseer Trilogy

CBG Average for The Farseer Trilogy: Image:globe4.png

Fool's Trilogy

CBG Average for Fool's Trilogy: Image:globe4.png

Howard, Robert


CBG Average for Conan: Image:globe4.png

Jones, J.V.

Book of Words

CBG Average for Book of Words: Image:globe3.png

Sword of Shadows

CBG: unrated

Jordan, Robert

The Wheel of Time

CBG Average for The Wheel of Time: Image:globe3.png

Conan Chronicles

CBG Average for Conan Chronicles: Image:globe4.png

Kay, Guy Gavriel

The Fionavar Tapestry

CBG Average for Fionavar Tapestry: Image:globe4.png

Kerr, Katherine

Deverry Books

CBG Average for Deverry: Image:globe3.png

Keyes, Gregory

Age of Unreason

CBG Average for Age of Unreason: Image:globe4.png

Kiernan, Caitlin R.

The Five of Cups

CBG: unrated

King, Stephen

The Dark Tower

CBG: Image:globe4.png

  • Acrimone: 4
  • Ishmayl: 4
  • khyron: 3
  • Llum: 4
  • LordVreeg: 3
  • NinjaD!: 5
  • Steerpike: 4
  • Light Dragon: 2

Kurtz, Katherine

Chronicles of the Deryni

CBG: Image:globe3.png

  • LordVreeg: 3

Lawhead, Stephen R.

King Raven

CBG: Image:globe4.png

  • Stargate: 4

LeGuin, Ursula


CBG: Image:globe3.png

  • Acrimone: 3
  • Advachiel: 4
  • Ishmayl: 3
  • LordVreeg: 2
  • Pellanor: 4
  • Phoenix: 3
  • Raelifin: 3
  • Light Dragon: 1

Lewis, C.S.

Chronicles of Narnia

CBG Average for Chronicles of Narnia: Image:globe3.png

Lieber, Fritz

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser

CBG: Image:globe3.png

Lisle, Holly


CBG: unrated


CBG: unrated

Bard's Tale

CBG: unrated

Devil's Point

CBG: unrated

The Secret Texts

CBG Average for Secret Texts: Image:globe3.png

Llywelyn, Morgan

The Elementals

CBG Average for The Elementals: Image:globe3.png

Red Branch

CBG: unrated

Lovecraft, H.P.

Cthulu Mythos

CBG: Image:globe4.png

  • Light Dragon: 5
  • Joker: 4
  • khyron: 4
  • LordVreeg: 4
  • Steerpike: 4
  • Cataclysmic Crow: 4
  • Phoenix: 3
  • Raelifin: 3

Lukyanenko, Serge

Night Watch Series

CBG Average for Night Watch: Image:globe4.png


MacDonald, George

CBG Average for Lilith: Image:globe3.png

MacHale, D.J.

The Pendragon Adventure

CBG: unrated

Maguire, Gregory


CBG Average for Wicked: Image:globe4.png

Marillier, Juliet

Saga of the Light Isles (Wolfskin/Foxmask)

CBG Average for Light Isles: Image:globe2.png

Martin, George R.R.

Song of Ice and Fire

CBG Average for SoIaF: Image:globe5.png

McCaffery, Anne

Dragonriders of Pern

CBG: Image:globe3.png

  • Acrimone: 3
  • Lath: 5
  • Llum: 3
  • LordVreeg: 3
  • Pellanor: 3
  • Light Dragon: 2

McGarry, Terry


CBG Average for Illumination: Image:globe3.png

McKiernan, Dennis L.

Iron Tower

CBG Average for Iron Tower: Image:globe3.png

Meyer, Stephen

Twilight Series

CBG Average for Twilight: Image:globe3.png

Mieville, China

CBG Thread: Mieville Discussion


CBG Average for Bas-Lag: Image:globe5.png

King Rat

CBG Average for King Rat: Image:globe5.png

Modesitt Jr, L.E.

The Saga of Recluce

CBG Average for Saga of Recluce: Image:globe4.png

Moon, Elizabeth

The Deed of Paksenarrion

CBG Average for Deed of Paksenarrion: Image:globe5.png

Moorcock, Michael


CBG: Image:globe4.png

  • khyron: 4
  • LordVreeg: 3

Elric Saga

CBG: Image:globe4.png

  • Acrimone: 3
  • khyron: 4
  • LordVreeg: 4
  • Phoenix: 4


CBG Average for Hawkmoon: Image:globe4.png

Morwood, Peter

Horse Lords

CBG: unrated

Novik, Naomi


CBG Average for Temeraire: Image:globe5.png

Paolini, Christopher

Inheritance Cycle

CBG: Image:globe3.png

  • Ishmayl: 3
  • Llum: 4
  • Nomadic: 3
  • Stargate: 2
  • Steerpike: 1

Paver, Michelle

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

CBG: unrated

Pierce, Meredith Ann

Birth of the Firebringer

CBG: unrated

Pierce, Tamora

Circle of Magic

CBG: Image:globe4.png

  • Higgs Boson: 4
  • khyron: 3

Prachett, Terry


CBG: Image:globe4.png

  • Advachiel: 4
  • Light Dragon: 5
  • Cataclysmic Crow: 4
  • Joker: 5
  • khyron: 5
  • Llum: 4
  • LordVreeg: 4
  • Luminous Crayon: 4
  • Phoenix: 3
  • Ravenspath: 5
  • snakefing: 4
  • Stargate: 4

Pullman, Philip

His Dark Materials

CBG: Image:globe3.png

  • Acrimone: 2
  • Light Dragon: 3
  • Cataclysmic Crow: 4
  • khyron: 5
  • Llum: 5
  • LordVreeg: 4
  • Sdragon: 5

Rawn, Melany

Dragon Prince

CBG: unrated

Golden Key

CBG Average for Golden Key: Image:globe4.png

Sunrunner Saga

CBG Average for Sunrunner: Image:globe3.png

Rice, Anne

The Vampire Chronicles

CBG: Image:globe3.png

  • Acrimone: 3
  • Advachiel: 3
  • Ishmayl: 3
  • khyron: 3
  • Lath: 4
  • LordVreeg: 2
  • Pellanor: 2
  • Phoenix: 4
  • Sdragon: 2

The Mayfair Witches

CBG Average for Mayfair: Image:globe3.png

Rothfus, Patrick

Kingkiller Chronicles

CBG Average for Kingkiller: Image:globe5.png

Rowley, Christopher

Brazil Boketail

CBG Average for Brazil Boketail: Image:globe3.png

Rowling, J.K.


CBG: Image:globe3.png

  • Acrimone: 3
  • Advachiel: 3
  • Cataclysmic Crow: 5
  • Light Dragon: 3
  • Elemental Elf: 3
  • Higgs Boson: 4
  • Ishmayl: 3
  • Joker: 3
  • Khyron: 3
  • Llum: 4
  • LordVreeg: 4
  • NinjaD!: 2
  • Phoenix: 4
  • Raelifin: 2
  • Sdragon: 4
  • Stargate: 3
  • Steerpike: 3
  • Steve Landers: 3

Russell, Sean

Initiate Brother

CBG Average for Initiate Brother: Image:globe5.png

Moontide and Magic Rise/River Into Darkness

CBG Average for Moontide and Magic Rise: Image:globe4.png

Swan's War

CBG Average for Swan's War: Image:globe4.png

Saberhagen, Fred

The Book of Swords

CBG: Image:globe3.png

Salvatore, R.A.

Cleric Quintet

CBG: Image:globe2.png

  • Pellanor: 3
  • Phoenix: 1
  • Raelifin: 2

Drizzt Saga

CBG: Image:globe3.png

  • Acrimone: 2
  • Advachiel; 2
  • Elemental Elf: 4
  • Joker: 4
  • Light Dragon: 4 (If this includes the Entreri/Jarlaxle books then it rates a 4; if this only refers to Icewind Dale, then it rates a 3, if this refers to the thousand orcs series, it rates a 1 or a 2.)
  • Llum: 2
  • Pellanor: 3
  • Phoenix: 2
  • Raelifin: 2

Sanderson, Brandon


CBG Average for Elantris: Image:globe3.png


CBG Average for Mistborn: Image:globe5.png


CBG Average for Mistborn: Image:globe5.png

Stroud, Jonathan

Bartimaeus Trilogy

CBG Average for Bartimaeus Trilogy: Image:globe4.png

Tolkien, Christopher

Children of Hurin

CBG Average for Children of Hurin: Image:globe4.png

Tolkien, J.R.R.

The Lord of the Rings/Other Middle Earth

CBG Average for LotR: Image:globe4.png

Turtledove, Harry

Viddesos Cycle

CBG: Image:globe4.png

The Last Legion

CBG: Image:globe5.png

Light dragon are you sure this is by Harry Turtledove? The only "Last Legion" I know of is by Valerio Massimo Manfredi. Turrtledove's legion books were part of the Viddesos Cycle, according to Wikipedia.--Phoenix 17:31, 13 June 2009 (UTC)

Vance, Jack


CBG: Image:globe5.png

  • snakefing: 4
  • Steerpike: 5

Tales of the Dying Earth

CBG Average for Dying Earth: Image:globe5.png

Walton, Evangeline

Children of Llyr

CBG: unrated

Weiss, Margarett

Deathgate Cycle

CBG Average for Deathgate: Image:globe3.png

Weis, Margaret & Tracy Hickman


CBG: Image:globe3.png

  • Acrimone: 3
  • Higgs Boson: 5
  • Ishmayl: 2
  • Llum: 2
  • LordVreeg: 3
  • Pellanor: 3
  • Steve Landers: 4
  • Light Dragon: 4

War of Souls

CBG: Image:globe4.png

Wellington, David

Monster Trilogy

CBG: unrated

White, T.H.

The Once and Future King

CBG: unrated

Whyte, Jack

Camulod Chronicles

CBG Average for Camulod: Image:globe3.png

Williams, Tad

Memory, Sorrow, Thorn

CBG Average for MST: Image:globe4.png

Wolfe, Gene

Long Sun

CBG: Image:globe5.png

  • Advachiel: 4
  • LordVreeg: 5
  • Raelifin: 4
  • snakefing: 5

New Sun

CBG Average for New Sun: Image:globe4.png

Soldier Series

CBG Average for Soldier: Image:globe5.png

Wooding, Chris

The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray

CBG Average for Haunting of Alaizabel Cray: Image:globe4.png

Wurtz, Janny

Cycle of Fire

CBG Average for Cycle of Fire: Image:globe2.png

Zapkowski, Andrezej

Last Wish

  • Cataclysmic Crow: 4 (some interesting allusions to dark versions of fairy tales and some good ideas)
  • Halfling Fritos: 4 (The story of the Witcher. Interesting if not overwhelmingly so.)

CBG Average for Last Wish: Image:globe4.png

Zelazny, Roger

Chronicles of Amber

CBG Average for Chronicles of Amber: Image:globe4.png

Creatures of Light and Darkness

CBG Average for Creatures oLaD: Image:globe4.png

Lords of Light

CBG Average for Lords of Light: Image:globe4.png

Zindell, David

Ea Cycle

CBG: unrated

Varying Authors

L5R: Clan Wars Saga

CBG Average for L5R Clan Wars: Image:globe4.png