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This info is relating to the old Eclipse setting. I have uploaded the new map, but that's all for now

Eclipse, the world of the Skyfall Archipelago. Two empires dominate the Skyfall Archipelago: the Lunar Empire and the Solar Empire. Each claims descent from a god. For centuries these two groups engaged in a series of wars against each other. Their best hope for peace has come from the marriage of the Lunar princess, Ila, to the Solar Emperor, Kakudmi. This alliance remains nebulous.

Terrain and Climate of the Skyfalls

As the Skyfalls are a tropical archipelago, the temperature remains hot and humid year round. Hurricanes are an annual problem. Because many of the islands are volcanic mountains, occasional eruptions have caused troubles over the years. Rainforests cover most of the islands.

Flora and Fauna of the Skyfalls

The Skyfalls are home to many animals including anoas, sun bears, elephants, many species of monkeys, orangutans, clawed otters, birds of paradise, dholes, komodo dragons, dingisos, flying squirrels, mountain weasels, rhinos, rabbits, tigers, and tapirs. The seas around the isles house mantas, whales (blue, humpback, and sperm), dugongs, and a variety of tropical fish and sharks.

Tropical plants cover the isles, especially in the varied rainforests. Bamboo, rattan, sandalwood, and ebony trees make up these forests. The forests even house some carnivorous plants.

History of the Skyfalls

Main Article: History
Recorded history begins with the arrival of the solars on the Skyfalls. Once a small group of religious refugees, over centuries they grew into a dominate civilization. Over the past three hundred years, the true Solar and Lunar Empire developed and fought a series of four wars. Many of these wars have revolved around the Astral Temple; both sides believe that whoever possesses and understands it becomes closer to the gods.

The Solar Empire

Main Article: Solar Empire
The sun worshipers of the Solar Empire possess the greatest technology and economy in the known world. With their sun pact, their warriors can stand even against the lycanthropic legions.

The Lunar Empire

Main Article: Lunar Empire
The moon-worshiping lunars believe in freedom and family loyalty above all else. They see the solars as invaders and tyrants that must be conquered. And the moon-touched and lycanthropic legions may give them the power to do just that.


Main Article: Locations
The most important places on the Skyfalls are the cities of Kasusthali and Ayu, and the Astral Temple.


Main Article: Cast
A number of powerful individuals manipulate the world of Eclipse. From the cunning moon-touched to the nearly invincible Arun Guard, these people leave ordinary folk in awe.