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No matter how civilized we convince ourselves we have become, the truth is that we will always have that tiny animal within us; the one that screams for blood and craves excitement. The old civilizations of Past Earth recognized this and held their great blood sport games within the ancient arena of the magnificent Coliseum. But later we ignored our inner instincts and tried to control ourselves. Only boxers and soldiers could appease their instincts through what many wrongly call the “Golden Age” of humanity. Thrillseekers were left with crime as their only remaining option to appease the beast. But in this enlightened future we won’t ignore ourselves anymore, we won’t ignore the Truth. And this is why we, Charon Incorporated, have created Death Planet.

Death Planet is the Coliseum of the future, a giant battleground where fighters from the entire universe compete for fame and glory. Thrillseekers and mercenaries from all over the world journey to the world to enter the Game and a few exit it months or years later as wealthy public heroes. This is not only a Game for the rich and powerful. More than anything else, Death Planet is above else entertainment for the many billion citizens of the Galaxy. We here at Charon Incorporated understand the necessity of white collar jobs to maintain the peace and order of our beloved galactic society. We understand the fight of the common man. And most importantly we understand how they feel; how their inner beast screams to be released from the cubicle. And we accept it. So when you get home from your job, tune in to your favorite Death Planet team and indulge in the darker side of life. Let the Game begin.

-Charon Incorporated

The Project

Death Planet is a simple setting of over-the-top cinematic action and gory adventure in the distant future. It is not particularly serious, but does on occassion satirize reality television, bad movies, violence, entertainment and common decency. The setting is designed for roleplaying games and takes place on Death Planet; a hostile world owned by Charon Incorporated and the location for the world's most bloody and visceral reality television, subscribed to by billions of inhabitants in the Galaxy. The setting is perfect for futuristic dungeoncrawls and nonsense encounters as it is all a game, and Charon is quick to spice it all up a bit if they can get extra viewers. The setting at large is confined to a single galaxy (with FTL travel being possible), and you should feel free to add your own races, planets (should be pretty undetailed as they only serve as background drops), and odd weapons if you feel like it.


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