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In the Clockwork Jungle, a cult is any religious group or organization that venerates a specific creature, object, place, or other materially existing thing. They are differentiated from groups that worship an abstract deity or uphold a philosophy of life. "Cult" in this usage does not have any negative connotations; it does not necessarily indicate a group that is insular, extreme, or outside "normal" behavior, though some cults certainly are. Cults revering the Elder Wyrms, Aras Tay, Grandmother Mountain, and other universally recognized beings and places are quite widespread among regions and races, though different cults may differ substantially on matters of doctrine even if they share the same object of worship. Other cults are restricted to certain locations (like the worshippers of the Mentor), or exist largely within the ranks of a certain race.

The Saffron Moss has a cult following, which is small but very widespread. Its cultists, regardless of which organization or circle they belong to, are known as Saffronites.

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