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The Review Pages provide ratings of books, movie series, and anything else that might qualify for rating. Add your own ratings as desired; change the site rating total when you do. The site rating is the rounded average of all votes for the series, not individual items.

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Graphic Novels and Collected Works

Batman: Year One - Frank Miller

CBG Average for Batman Year One: Image:globe5.png


CBG Average for Bone: Image:globe3.png

The Dark Knight Returns - Frank Miller

CBG Average for DKR: Image:globe5.png

Discworld: The Last Hero - Terry Prachett

CBG Average for Discworld Last Hero: Image:globe5.png

The Punisher: Welcome Home, Frank - Garth Ennis

CBG Average for Punisher: WHF: Image:globe5.png

Watchmen - Alan Moore

CBG Thread: Watchmen Discussion

CBG Average for Watchmen: Image:globe4.png

Sandman - Neil Gaiman

Preludes and Nocturnes

CBG Average for Preludes: Image:globe5.png

Doll House

CBG Average for Doll House: Image:globe4.png

Dream Country

CBG Average for Dream Country: Image:globe4.png

Welcome to Hoxford - Ben Templesmith

CBG Average for Hoxford: Image:globe3.png

Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse - Ben Templesmith

CBG Average for Gentleman Corpse: Image:globe4.png