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The Review Pages provide ratings of books, movie series, and anything else that might qualify for rating. Add your own ratings as desired; change the site rating total when you do. The site rating is the rounded average of all votes for the series, not individual items.

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Carroll, Lewis

Alice Series

CBG Average for Alice: Image:globe4.png


The Divine Comedy

  • Phoenix: 2 (Still worth reading, especially Inferno)

CBG Average for Divine Comedy: Image:globe2.png

Defoe, Daniel

Robinson Crusoe

CBG Average for Robin Crusoe: Image:globe2.png

Dickens, Charles

A Christmas Carol

CBG Average for A Christmas Carol: Image:globe4.png

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

Sherlock Holmes

CBG Average for Sherlock Holmes: Image:globe3.png


The Iliad

CBG Average for Iliad: Image:globe4.png

The Odyssey

CBG Average for Odyssey: Image:globe3.png

Malory, Thomas

Le Morte D'Arthur

CBG Average for LMDA: Image:globe2.png

Milton, John

Paradise Lost

CBG Average for Paradise Lost: Image:globe2.png


A Midsummer Night's Dream

CBG Average for MSND: Image:globe3.png

The Tempest

CBG Average for Tempest: Image:globe4.png

Shelly, Mary


CBG Average for Frankenstein: Image:globe3.png

Stoker, Bram


CBG Average for Dracula: Image:globe4.png

Swift, Jonathan

Gulliver's Travels

CBG Average for Gulliver: Image:globe3.png

Unknown Authors


CBG Average for Beowulf: Image:globe3.png

Epic of Gilgamesh

CBG Average for Gilgamesh: Image:globe4.png