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This is a page of all the userbox templates available. You may put them in your user page so people will know what you need help with, or what you can help others with. The two "Official" templates need to be given by an admin. If I pick some more admins (which I may), then they can also give them out. I will be giving out the first batch of WikiCrew templates sometime next week (after the wiki's caught on just a bit more.

"Official" Templates
This user is an Administrator on The CBG Wiki.

Campaign Setting Completion Templates
Campaign Creation Level 0 I have just started this campaign, and may have little more to it than a name and some ideas.
Campaign Creation Level 1 I have some good ideas for my campaign setting, and am making good progress, but could definitely use some aid.
Campaign Creation Level 2 Solid progress is being made. My work is definitely incomplete, but at a testable phase.
Campaign Creation Level 3 I have only a few things left to complete in my setting - most of the important parts are either done or very close.
Campaign Creation Level 4 My setting is pretty much done. It is playable, and has had campaigns played in it. It could conceivably be considered for publication.

Fluff Ability Templates
Image:FluffIcon.png Fluff Level 0
This user has never written any fluff for an RPG and could use some tips.
Image:FluffIcon.png Fluff Level 1
This user has minimal fluff ability and would be grateful for assistance.
Image:FluffIcon.png Fluff Level 2
This user has created fluff, and has general knowledge of its methods.
Image:FluffIcon.png Fluff Level 3
This user is above-average in the fluff creation department.
Image:FluffIcon.png Fluff Level 4
This user has written volumes of good fluff, and can help others.

Crunch Ability Templates
Image:CrunchIcon.png Crunch Level 0
This user has never created a practical mechanic for an RPG.
Image:CrunchIcon.png Crunch Level 1
This user knows the basics, but needs a good deal of practice.
Image:CrunchIcon.png Crunch Level 2
This user has a reasonable handle on balanced mechanics.
Image:CrunchIcon.png Crunch Level 3
This is quite knowledgeable in creating mechanics.
Image:CrunchIcon.png Crunch Level 4
This user is a veritable Kap'n Crunch.

Silly Templates
This user has been mistaken for a vampire on at least one occasion.
Wiki Overkill
This user spends WAY too much time playing around on the CBG Wiki.
Image:Hammer_and_sickle.png AAAAAH MOTHERLAND!!!
This user is a proud representative of the motherland.