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The solar emperor. Kakudmi is benevolent and compassionate, a trait many solars feel makes him seem weak to the lunars. Though he disdains personal violence, like all solar emperors he poses the sun pact and is trained in martial combat. When not in court, he is often lost in meditation. To end the war, he agreed to marry the lunar princess, Ila. Despite his distrust of the lunars, he has grown to care deeply for his lunar wife, and adores their daughter Revati.


The daughter of Kakudmi and Ila. She is a child not yet two years old. She bears the dark hair of her mother, while her skin is lighter like her father.


The Radiant Queen. Sima is beautiful, as her office demands, with long golden hair and the bearing of one that believes herself the bride of a god. Though haughty she is perceptive, with a quick mind. She has little patience and quick to threaten those that displease her with her wrath.


Commander of the Arun Guard. A master warrior and strategist, Amshuman is the idol of children dreaming of glory and heroism. He earned distinction in the later years of the Fourth War for saving Emperor Kakudmi’s life. While he cares deeply for the emperor, he sometimes fears his liege lacks the resolve and hardness necessary to lead an empire.


Second-in-command of the Arun Guard. Shankara is at least as a good a warrior as Amshuman, but his youth and frequent recklessness lead some to question whether he is ready for his recently awarded command position. Nevertheless, Shankara is a model of dedication and valor.


Arun Guard. She is a friendly rival of Shankara, though she harbors some secret resentment that he was promoted to a position she felt she deserved, having served a year longer. Some have speculated that their parents might still try to arrange a marriage between them, but neither has expressed much interest in the prospect. In addition to mastery with the kampilan, she has a talent for dance and woodwind instruments.


Captain of the trade ship Sea Queen. Bendurana is an adventurer and a bit of a scoundrel. While he thinks of himself as above lunar pirates, he doesn’t mind performing a salvage whether he has claim or not. However, because of his success in hunting pirates, the solar court grants him considerable leeway. Despite this, many members of the court consider him a threat because he can prove so difficult to control.



The lunar emperor. A moon-touched of unmatched power and secret knowledge. Some whisper he is far older than any believe, that he has found a way to defy time itself. His family seems to have come from unknown stock when he rose to power ten years ago, in the wake of growing lunar dissatisfaction with existing leadership. He maneuvered the peace with the solars, realizing the lunars were not in a position to attain ultimate victory.


Lunar prince, son of Rahu. Ambitious and calculating, Kura is torn between bouts of cold logic and his flaring temper. His mastery of the rattan sticks is unrivaled. Despite his apparent detachment at times, he can also be given to sentimentality and some have even called him a romantic.


Lunar princess, daughter of Rahu. In order to secure peace with the solars, she married the solar emperor Kakudmi. While she did not love Kakudmi, loyalty to her family prompted her to agree to the marriage. Though it pleases her to know her daughter will become heir to the solar empire, she often feels lost in the solar court, separated from her own people. She takes solace from her cousin Chandi, who serves as her handmaid and confidante. Her feelings towards her daughter Revati are sometimes conflicted; though the girl resembles her, Ila regrets that her daughter will be raised a solar, and moreover, though she will not admit it to herself, she is jealous of the affection her husband showers on their daughter.


Rahu’s brother, an advisor to the emperor. Ketu has mastered many moon-touched abilities; few would dare stand against his power. Ostensibly loyal to his brother, Ketu has ambitions of his own.


Ketu’s daughter, and thus Ila’s cousin. She was sent to the solar palace to pose as Ila’s handmaid, but in reality she is there to spy on the solars. Chandi is a master of rattan stick fighting; with the superior speed and agility she gains from her moon-touched heritage she can outmatch a half dozen ordinary warriors at once.


Werewolf. Malin is the alpha of the werewolf bloodline, commander of the lycanthropic legions, and one of the most prominent of all therianthropes. Still, he bristles that therianthropes receive less respect than the moon-touched. He believes his people, holding the animal spirits, are in fact superior to other humans. Malin reports to Ketu, but the moon-touched’s hold on the werewolf is not as great as he may think. Rather than complex military strategy, Malin wins his battles with pack tactics and sheer ferocity. He knows the sight of hundreds of charging werewolves will strike fear into the hearts of any in his way and acts accordingly.



Merchant reporting to Pottala; master of a black market ring. Partigatiga chooses not to get directly involved with the Agni resistance, but he is more than happy to sell them supplies and weaponry at great discounts. Pottala always encourages him to give more, but Partigatiga feels he risks too much already, that his actions might endanger his family. Nevertheless, he can be a ruthless man; he does not kill, but those that work for him may take drastic steps to protect their interests, and Partigatiga turns a blind eye to their actions.


Leader of the merchant guilds of Agnis and representative to the solar court. Ostensibly a supporter of the Solar Empire, Pottala is in secret a fire priest and a leader of the Agni resistance against the solars. He uses cunning and trickery to separate foolish solars from their money and funnel it into the hands of his people.