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Welcome to the the CBG Wiki,
We currently have 1,921 articles
The Password is WelcomeToTheCBG

List of Settings at the CBG

Settings on the Wiki

Adveria - by Poseidon
Æsctír - by Cheomesh
Aertica - by Furor
Afterworld - by RevivalofHonor
Asura by sparkletwist
Broken Verge - by Crippled Crow
Calisenthe - by Acrimone
CeBeGia - The CBG's very own community project.
Celtricia - by LordVreeg
Clockwork Jungle - by Polycarp
Darastrix - by Higgs Boson
Death Planet - by Cataclysmic Crow
Discworld - by Kaptn'Lath
Echoes of Dreams - by Phoenix
Eclipse - by Phoenix
Eschaton - by Phoenix
Fractal Galaxy - by OmegaLimit
Godefell - A post-apocalyptic fantasy world full of monsters, both human and not. Made by Scholar.
Jaggerfell - A campaign by daggerhart, using a defunct version of Shadowfell, to send his old comrades through various forms of hell.
Jade Stage - By Luminous Crayon.
Kairo - By Polemist
Kaliir - by Stryker25B
Mare Eternus - by Nomadic
Memory Fading - A now defunct campaign by Ishmayl.
Oververse - A multi planet setting made by Eclipse.
Panisadore - Panisadore is a fairly homogeneous world on the surface of things, with many layers of complex and interwoven history, variety and intrigue, made by Silly Faerie.
Phaedorás - by Raelifin
Pirates - by Xathan.
Springtheory - by The Clockmaker
Threads - by Limetom
Urban Isolation - by Cheomesh
Valgora - by Hooper
Wake - by Eladris
Wonders - by Golem

Settings Not on the Wiki

The settings not hosted on the CBG Wiki are too numerous to list right here, so instead, you can find them on a separate page.
Homebrew Campaign Settings Not Hosted on the CBG Wiki

Requests for Updates

Please place any requests for updates to this list in the Discussion Page.

Other Items on the CBG Wiki

Community Projects

Mythological Resources - Phoenix's massive project for putting every single mythological resource IN THE WORLD onto the CBGWiki.
Community Superhero Project - This is the main hub for the Created By the Guild: Superheroes project.
Arena - Post information about your various arena characters. (currently defunct)
Conlang - A Constructed Creole based off of Latin, Farsi, Irish, and the Tocharian languages.
New English - A community-based thought project, in the form of a constructed language.

Other Original Creations

Review Badges - A list of all settings that have review badges.
Ultimate Classes - A list of Ultimate Classes, created by Szatany on the WotC message boards.
Flaws and Traits - A list of flaws and traits, originally maintained by Szatany at the WotC boards, now hosted here.

Other Useful Pages

Important Templates - Wiki-wide templates in need of help.
Userpage Template - A template for providing some basic information on your user page.
User Box Templates - Templates to throw up on your User Page.
Location Template - This is a template that can be used to give location information in your setting.

News on the CBG Wiki

New Updates - Minor updates to individual projects can be found on this page.

May 23rd 2011

  • The wiki's image uploading problems are ongoing. We have diagnosed exactly what is going wrong, but, unfortunately, it isn't anything that we can fix ourselves. The hosting provider will have to be involved. Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to have this resolved soon.
  • Update: Apparently, the hosting provider is us. I didn't know that! I (sparkletwist) have logged in to the shell and I believe I've fixed the image uploading. Please let me know if you have any problems.

February 8th 2011

  • The CBG is currently engaged in a game of Lexicon. For those interested in joining, or even simply reading the articles you can find more about it here.

11 April 2009

  • This is a very important announcement.
Yesterday, ten new accounts signed up to the wiki, none of which (as far as I can tell), are members of the CBG. I am assuming they are spam accounts and blocking all of them. If you signed up yesterday or today (April 10th and April 11th, 2009), you need to send an email to fallen_ishmayl (at) yahoo (dot) com, and let me know your user name, and I will unblock you.

15 March 2009

  • Phoenix has created a new ranking system for the CBG for all our favorite books, games, movies, etcetera. Please Voice Your Opinion. Don't forget to save all changes as "Minor Updates" to help people who are searching specifically for campaign information!

21 January 2009

  • Wow, first news in over half a year. It's good, fun, and big news though. We now have a fully functional WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor to use with our wiki. To access it, all you have to do is go to your preferences (link at the top of any page), and click on the "Gadgets" tab. Then, select the WikEd Editor and save. Now, any page you create or edit should have a full WYSIWYG editor at the top. Enjoy!

14 June 2008

  • After much discussion on the nature of whether or not to use a CCL on the site, and what type of license to use if we didn't choose a CCL, a decision has finally been made. The CBG Wiki has officially adopted a Creative Commons Legal License that will protect both the authors, as well as the administrators of the Campaign Builders' Guild. Due to the highly sensitive nature of this decision, we are offering a 15-day grace period in which anyone may choose to remove any content they have previously put up on the site with no hard feelings, and no legal repercussions. Please keep in mind, a CCL is a very good thing for this site, and will protect everyone involved. If you have any questions or concerns, you should definitely read up on the discussion page mentioned above, and then ask questions. The most important thing to remember is that this license really does fully protect any author with any work they put on the site. Happy posting.

11 June 2008

  • I have implemented a new user welcome message. Anyone who has not yet filled out their User Page should get a welcome message - I've set the script to run once every 48 hours, so if you fill out your User Page before it runs, you won't receive the message. It's nothing fancy, it just says "welcome," and points out the current most important discussion on the site, about the CCL.

29 May 2008

  • Please do not use the AuthorProtect extension - it has had to be temporarily enabled to fix some errors it caused, but it will not be staying on. If a page is protected while the extension is available, and then the extension is taken away, your pages will remained locked, unable to be changed even by an admin!!! So do not use the function.

28 May 2008

  • The AuthorProtect extension has been currently disabled, since it seems to have a problem allowing authors, and even admins, to unlock pages after they've been locked. Feel free to discuss whether or not we even need it.

26 May 2008

  • There has obviously been some styling done here on the wiki over the last few days. If you like it, feel free to send your compliments (and cash!) to Ishmayl. If you don't like it, please assume a hacker is responsible. It's probably for the best...

21 May 2008

  • Please check out the page created by sparkletwist on Page Creation Information. It will help you use the new templates installed so that we can better organize the wiki.

Hot Topic

The Creative Commons License and Your Protection
What started as a simple question of "Why did you remove your stuff," has blown into a full discussion on Creative Commons and the chosen license for this site, and its effect on those who post here. It is highly recommended that you read up on the discussion and give your input as to what the final decision should be.
A Note on Wikiquette
Please make sure to use wikiquette when making non-content-related edits on a page of yours. What does that mean? It simply means that if you are making changes related to spelling, grammar, or formatting, and not making changes of content, please always click "Minor Edit" before saving, so that those viewing Recent Changes can filter out your changes if need be. And to help even more, please always click the "Show Preview" button, to make sure everything looks right before even saving the page.
Your Opinion Counts
Here at The CBG Wiki, we need to come up with a set of guidelines to manage our day-to-day business. Some matters will not require a group decision at all (editing article information, categorizing articles and building new pages), some will be better served by group input (Templates currently being created, for example, could be one of these), and some should require some sort of formal decision-making process before being instituted (changes to policy, for example). As a start, we'll utilize approval voting to narrow the field of possibilities; you may support as many options as you like, and the one with the greatest number of supporters at the end of a certain period of time will be what we go with. If two are close, we'll revise and try again. Anybody have a problem with that?