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North American



  • erqigdlit - vampiric monsters same as Inuit adlet


  • adlet - blood-drinking monster spawn of woman and red dog
  • Amarok - giant wolf that hunts those that wander alone at night
  • A-Mi-Kuk - grotesque monster
  • apopa - ugly dwarf spirit similar to kobold; mischievous but not violent
  • Atshen - cannibal spirit
  • az-i-wu-gum-ki-mukh-ti - walrus dog
  • ijiraq - bogeyman; kidnaps children
  • ikalu nappa - mermaid
  • ikuutayuuq - monster that drills holes in people
  • Imap Umassoursa - sea monster
  • ino/inua - general name for spirits, both animate and inanimate
  • ishigaq - tiny faeries
  • Katyn Tayuuq - giant female head that can enter people's homes
  • Katyutayuuq - female humanoid monster with breasts and genitals on her head; follows humans seeking scraps
    • Tunnituaqruk - male counterpart; have oversized tattooed heads
  • keelut - malevolent hairless dog
  • kikituk - drake
  • kingmingoarkulluk - little people that make music
  • Miqqiayuuq - faceless giant hairy monster that lives in frozen freshwater that disturbs people trying to draw water
  • qiqirn - easily frightened giant bald dog
  • paija - one-legged female faerie
  • pal-rai-yuk - long water monsters with two heads, six legs, three stomachs, two tails, and spined ridges; live in swamps and estuaries
  • qisaruatsiaq - woman that turns into wolf with human head
  • tinmiukpuk - the Thunderbird; giant eagle that eats caribou
  • Tizheruk - giant water serpent; seven foot head; tail flipper
  • tornak - guardian spirit that guides a shaman; takes form of human, bear, or rock
  • tornit - giant ancestors of Inuit
  • tuurnngaq/tuniq - giant class; construct buildings of living rock; aggressive towards humans
  • Ugjuknarpak - giant mouse with prehensile tail it uses to pull under kayaks; impervious to weapons; very vast, good hearing
  • Wentshukumishiteu - water elemental that protects the young


Kawaissu Tubatulabal

Great Basin



  • paiyuk - evil water elks that hunt men
  • siat - cannibal giants
    • bapet - female form; kidnap children; breasts filled with poisoned milk; killed only with obsidian arrow



  • A-senee-ki-wakw (Abenaki) - stone giants created by and destroyed by Gluskab
  • asban (Abenaki) - raccoon spirit
  • Atosis (Abenaki) - a snake man; blinded by Moosbas
  • elves of light - pure supernatural creatures
  • manitou - spirits of places, concepts, people
  • Meshkenabec - sea serpent slain by Manabozho
  • Pamolai (Abenaki) - bird spirit of weather
  • Piasa - water monster; red eyes, bearded human face; green scaled body with poison-barbed tail; fishman of whirlpool
  • wendigo/windigo/windago/witiko - cannibal spirit that can possess people; people turn into windigos if they eat human flesh; spirit of gluttony


  • Rainbow Crow - most beautiful bird, sent as messenger to heaven


  • onditachiae - humanoids with turkey heads; seen during storms
  • Yenrishi - water lion in Lake Erie


  • Big Heads/Flying Heads - disembodied flying heads with fiery eyes; straggly hair; hunt human prey
  • Deohaka - guardian spirit of corn, beans, squash
  • gahongas - grotesque dwarfs that live in rocks and lonely waters
  • gandayaks - dwarfs of plants and guardians of freshwater fish
  • honochenokeh - collective benevolent spirits; invisible helpers of mankind
  • jogah - dwarfish nature spirits
  • jokao/stonecoats - cannibal giants with stone-plated skin; born of winter
  • ohdowas - dwarfs that guard or control venomous underground creatures
  • stone giants - cannibal giants; primordials; defeated by thunder god; same as Abenaki A-senee-ki-wakw


  • apotamkin - long-haired big-toothed bogeymen
  • Ice Giants/Kiwahkw - cannibal giants
  • mekumwasuk - brightly dressed, ugly little people standing 3' tall; live in woods but guard churches; cause misfortune to those that stare at them
  • nagumwasuk - ugly little people standing 3' foot tall which are usually invisible
  • Wiwilemekw - giant horned crocodile sea monster; horns hold its magical powers
  • Wuchowsen - giant bird that sits on rock at north of world; flutter of his feathers causes wind


  • migamamesus - little forest people that dance in moonlight
  • skadegamutc - forest devils that shriek and blend with shapes of trees



Ozark Mountains

  • bingbuffer - lizard monster that lives in mountains
  • moogie - lizard monster
  • snawfus - pure white deer with magic powers



Northwestern Coast

  • amhuluk (Oregon) - lake serpents that metamorphize into more powerful creature
  • Atunkai (Oregon) - grizzly bear that fell into amhuluk well and was turned into an otter monster
  • Black Tamanous - giant cannibal that survived cleansing of Earth



  • Asin - cannibal girl

Coeur d'Alene

  • stcemqestcint - tree people that wear buffalo skins; stinking skin; turn into trees to hide from humans



Nez Perce

  • Wishpooshi - giant, clawed beaver that drove others away from its lake


  • sisiutl - two-headed sea serpent with one human head in middle



  • Hakulaq - giant female sea monster; its children imitate human children so humans rescue them, then Hakulaq follows and accuses humans of stealing her babies and drown them
  • Was - monstrous otherworld being



  • horned alligator - water monster; horns were magical and could be used to heal or enhance war


  • canotila - tree faeries
  • Cetan - the hawk spirit
  • Mi-Ni-Wa-Tu (Teton) - giant river monster with red fur; one-eyed, horned big head; long tail with saw-toothed ridges
  • unhcegila - dragon serpent
  • unktehila - dangerous water reptiles destroyed by thunderbirds
  • waukheon - thunderbird
  • wakinyan/waukkeon (Dakota) - thunderbird class; vary in color; fight Unkteh



  • Lenapizka - amphibious lake monster called "True Tiger"


  • indacinga - giant monsters that can uproot trees or lodges



  • to kas - horned water serpent; eat people



  • Ani Hyuntikwalaski - spirits that cause lightning fires in tree hollows
  • anitsutsa - the Pleiades
  • iron-fingered demon - demon with iron finger that lives in a cave; feeds on lungs and livers; impersonates people to get into house
  • nunahe - faerie folk; spirits
  • yumwi - race of little people
  • Thunder Boys - thunder/storm spirits that inhabit the sky or rock crevices; sons of Kanati and Selu
  • Tsul 'Kalu - hunting spirit (sasquatch?)


  • Kashehotapolo - humanoid monster; tiny head; lives in marshes; screams and runs when it sees people
  • nalusa falaya - humanoid monsters; hairy, pointed ears, wizened faces; offspring can detach skin and travel as glowing beings and cause malevolence towards humans



  • human snakes - humanoids that spread evil among mankind; snakes that take human or hybrid form
  • Hvcko Capko/Long Ears - gray bodied monster with horse tail and wolf head, with giant ears; stench, disease; lives in rocky places
  • stikini - humans that have thrown up internal organs and turn partly into horned owls; draw hearts out of mouths of sleeping humans
  • stvkwvnaya/tie snake - giant serpent dragons with single horns



  • g'an - mountain or plant spirits
  • gahe/the mountain people - healing spirits that inhabit mountains (type of kachina)
  • hactci - spirit children of Black Sky and Earth; first beings that create world, underworld, and sky





  • herok'a (northern forests) - benevolent earth spirits (hornless)


  • nantena (Tinneh) - little people of earth, air, or water; can be good or evil


  • apci'lnic - knee-high people that steal children and can turn invisible (possibly teleport)
  • Estas - fabulous bird that saved mankind with gift of fire
    • Kaneakeluh (Kwakiutl) - bird that brings gift of fire
  • Haietlik - lightning serpent that eats whales; sent by thunderbirds
  • halfway people - mermaids
  • Hinqumemen - living lake; chases anyone that takes its water away and engulfs them
  • jenu - hairy cannibal giant
  • mamagwasewug - little faeries; sometimes benevolent, sometimes not
  • Miskena - giant fish serpent; head and forefins of sturgeon
  • Missipissy - giant fish-serpent; Master of Fishes; similar to or same as Great Lynx; guardian of sturgeons
  • nahgane - scary bush giants that abduct people; bogeys
  • Ogopogo - lake monster; looks like log with horse's head, with saw-toothed ridges; serpent
  • Oyaleroweck - lake monster; Great Serpent of Lorette
  • Ponik - forty-foot long lake monster that looks like upturned canoe with horse head and saw-toothed ridge
  • qiqion/qiqirn - semi-bald dog; causes convulsions; flees from men
  • Snee-Nee-Iq (Kwakiutl) - a Narnauk (malevolent hybrid); female cannibal that eats infants; lives in mountains
  • Tcinto-Saktco - giant serpent with deer horns; may be white, blue, or yellow
  • tcipitckaam/unicorn serpent - horned serpent with horse head; likes in lakes; may have legs
  • Tsemaus - giant river fish with sharp dorsal fin
  • Yagim/Iak Im (Kwakiutl) - shark-like sea monster that causes disasters



  • wanagemeswak - river spirits so thin they can only be seen in profile



  • ahuizotl - otter-like lake monster with human hands (including on tail); eats human flesh
  • centzon huitznahuas - evil gods
  • centzon mimixcoa - star gods
  • centzon totochtin - rabbit gods of drunkenness and licentiousness thrown at moon; 400; linked to Xochipilli
  • chaneque/chanekos/chanques - elemental/nature sprites; scare out people's souls (Maya alux); dwarfs or forest guardians; may cause illness
  • Cihuateteo/Ciuateotl/Ciuteoteo/Civateteo - spirits of women dead in childbirth; travel with setting suns and cause disease and sexual misconduct; spirits of lust that serve the serpent woman (Cihuacoatl); vampire-witches
  • Cipactli - fish-crocodile sea monster; gods created Earth from her body (like Tiamat)
  • nagual - guardian spirit or familiar
  • tzitzimime - star demons; monsters from above


  • wihwin - fanged water horse that preys on humans during hot months

Caribbean Islands


  • Xan - fabulous monster (unknown description)


  • baka - cannibal demons in human form
  • cigouave - lion with man's head (like manticore)
  • legarou - combined vampire and werewolf


  • liwa - evil water spirits that drag humans under; appear as amorphous white mass underwater



  • alux - sprites (like Aztec chaneque); aluxob are knee-high but usually invisible; associated with natural places (rivers, caves, etc.)
  • saiyamkoob - first people; dwarfs; built early cities in darkness
  • Vision Serpent - bearded serpent, two heads; communicates with mortals as emissary of spirit realm


  • andura/hoga - lake monster
  • balam - jaguar spirit or guardian spirit in general; guardians of four directions
  • bruja - vampiric witch; thwarted by rice or wheat
  • cadejo - good or evil (white or black) giant dogs with goat hooves
  • civateteo - vampire witch; evil noblewoman that dies in childbirth; attacks children
  • la llorona/weeping woman/woman in white - weeping ghost woman
  • quinametzim (Tlaxcala) - giants of distant past; warred against mortals; destroyed by humans
  • quaxates - vampire that makes women cry before biting them
  • tlahuelpuchi - vampire; born that way; shape-shifter


South American

  • Ihuaivulu - seven-headed fire-breathing monster that lives in volcanoes
  • were-jaguar - similar to jaguar-man



  • abchanchu - vampire that draws in victims by pretending to be helpless old man
  • achachilas/acaila - nature spirits that look old; live underground and control weather
  • anchanocho - evil disease spirit of whirlwinds; may suck blood of sleepers like a vampire
  • hapinunu - flying female demons that trap humans in their breasts; some similarities to harpies
  • mallcu - any spirit


  • anchunga - long-haired evil spirits of the dead (or demons)
  • asema - living vampire or witch
  • bade - encantado feast spirits
  • boitatá - fiery serpent; can't see in daylight, sees all at night
  • cacy taperere - fiery-eyed dwarf; one leg, red cap; household spirit
  • Caypor - ugly red-skinned forest demon with shaggy hair
  • cucuy - bogeyman
  • Curupira - flame-haired forest spirit that lives in trees; protects forest from man; backwards feet, shaggy hair, red face
  • encantado - spirits between men and angels that live in spirit world; associated with saints, ancestors, or old gods
  • exu - possessing demons that can be propitiated with rum; derived from Yoruba demon Exu
    • ezu - similar or same as exus
  • guia - guiding spirit
  • headless mule - fire-breathing headless mule; usually ghost of sinful woman
  • igpupiara - mermaid
  • jaracaca - vampire monster; takes blood, but not enough to kill; turns into smoke; spits madness-causing venom
  • lobishomen - vampiric monkey, 2” tall; has sexual relations with men
  • lobison - dog/pig were-beast
  • maret - guardian spirits which appear as animals
  • minata-karaia - monstrous tree people
  • Orehu (Arawak) - evil nymphs/mermaids that drown men
  • pishtaco - vampire that attacks sleepers; may take their form
  • Sinaa - half-human, half-jaguar; rejuvenates when he removes skin
  • Yacumama - river serpent in Amazon; attacks those that pass nearby
  • yara/iara - immortal water nymph or siren
  • yurupari - monstrous ogre


  • xexeu - giant birds that assemble black storm clouds like thunderbirds


  • alicanto - desert bird; brings luck to miners; wings shine like metal; like in caves, feed on gold & silver; also may lead men to get lost like a will o' the wisp
  • amchimalghen (Araucanian) - invisible nymphs that attend on each person
  • calchona - evil white dog
  • camahueto - bull with unicorn horn
  • cherufe/cherruve - giant cannibal; lives in volcano; causes earthquakes; takes sacrifices; or possibly spirit group of snakes with human heads that serves thunder god
  • chivato - monstrous humanoid; child turned into cannibal by witches; fed by a servant that captured young girls for them
  • chonchon/chonchonyi - transformed sorcerer; head with ears as wings; drain life from sick
  • colo colo/colo-colo - serpent that can turn into winged rat, or mouse-rooster; causes disease
  • encerrados (Spanish name) - gray-skinned cannibals formed when witches sow up orifices of abducted children
  • fox serpent/vulpangue/glyryvilu - water serpent with fox head; preys on humans
  • guirivulu/fox-snake - puma with fox head, tail that ends in claw; lives in deep pools and attack anything nearby
  • hide - water monster that looks like giant cowhide
  • huallepen - sheep with twisted legs and calf head; lives in pools of water; mates with cows; a pregnant woman that sees one will have child with twisted legs
  • huecuvu - shapeshifting demons that cause disease; servants of thunder god Pillan
  • invunche - beast man that drains blood like vampire; pelt inflated like a balloon
  • lampalugua - giant lizard monster with giant claws; eats people and cattle
  • patagones - supposed race of giants
  • peuchen - blood-sucking creature that can turn into animals
  • pihuechenyi - giant winged snakes that drink blood at night
  • Trauco - forest goblin; attracts women; deadly gaze
  • trelquehuecuve - minion of invunche; water monster with flat skin like cowhide, with eyes and claws on edges that sucks humans underwater
  • walichu - evil disease spirits
  • wekufe - evil spirit; disturbs balance, gives powers to sorcerers, make people sick


  • patasola - one-legged vampires that appear as beautiful women to lure men into forest
  • tunda - vampire woman that lures people into forest (sometimes appears as a child's mother); can appear as double, but with wooden leg


  • Amarum - water boa spirit
  • igupiara - evil invisible water spirits that pull humans into the depths
  • iwanci - shapeshifting demonic serpents; anacondas that can enter trees
  • pasuk - familiar spirit in shape of insect or animal
  • tin-tin - vampire demon that seduces and impregnates young girls
  • wakani - bird familiar spirits


  • Ao Ao - cursed monster; sheep with fangs or peccary; hunts humans


  • kanaima - evil spirits in general; demons that shadow victims and kill them


  • huaca - any supernatural, especially nature spirits


  • jaguar-man - were-beast; at night use sorcery to stalk prey as jaguars
  • Sa-Yin (Toba-Pilaga) - lake monster that is a man-horse like a centaur


  • Iemisch - fox with prehensile serpent tail which can constrict like boa


  • anchancho (Collao) - evil spirits of disease
  • auki - mountain spirits served by vicunas and Ccoa; called upon to heal sick
  • awki - nature spirits that inhabits knolls
  • ccoa - cat monster with gray body, fiery eyes; causes foul weather
  • larilari - collective fearful spirits that live in Andes and harm humans


  • apuku - dwarf people of jungle clearings
  • bakru - little spirits; half-flesh, half-wood; large heads, bodies of children; make pacts for souls


  • boraro - white hairy-chested men with giant ears and phalluses; no knee joints, backwards feet; cannibals; forest demons



  • ewaipanoma - headless race of men
  • gamainhas - collective spirits of water and forest
    • mauri - benevolent water spirits
  • saraua - evil forest spirits (collectively)
  • sayona - female spirit that draws men into affairs


  • hunessai - freshwater and plant guardian spirits