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A World In Shadow

This world has only come into existence in the past few weeks so it is still very much a work in progress. New information will be added as soon as I make it up :) The Basic Overview is given from Alexius Carthwall, The Cartographer by Trade's point of view.

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  • Basic Overview:

Afterworld is a world in which the former glories of an age of magic have been demolished by an onslaught of otherworldly creatures. Now much of the world lays in ruins and what few points of light in the darkness still glow, cling together to fend off the overwhelming shadows.

Being one of the few who still remain alive, I remember the time when the sun wasn’t covered by the dust and ash that keeps the world perpetually in a state of shadowy existence. I remember the enormous cities and towering spires before their defenses were destroyed by the magic eaters and their buildings turned to rubble by invading forces. I remember a time when common folk did not have to fear the shadows that stalked the night and would tear the flesh from your bones in an instant. I remember a world before Afterworld, a world where people dreamed of attaining higher things, a world where people didn’t hide inside their small towns for fear of their lives and slowly wither away.

And yet remembering it only calls back the pain of what has been lost. That world is gone. Our previous lives are gone. Everything is gone, except the small points of light amid the sea of darkness. The world has changed, and with it, we must change. Man must once again fight to avoid its own extinction in the new place we call Afterworld.

They called her Shian, The Witch of Darkness, yet no witch was she. Shian was a being of pure darkness, who had once been banished from this world, locked away in an infinite void from which she could not escape. Well should I say a void from which she wasn’t supposed to be able to escape? Many believe that one or more of the gods helped her escape, and in some way or another that might be true, but as for her actual release, I know for a fact that it was the iniquity of men that caused it.

Research through the library of Kinor has shown me a great many things that make me cry in both joy and sadness. What you read below is a recount of the events that lead to the fall of my beloved world.

  • Story of Creation:

The universe before creation is often described as The Endless Void, a time in which literally nothing existed in the blackness of space except, some people argue, magic. At some point, scholars’ hypothesis, that enough magic gathered at one point that it sparked a reaction, and in that very instant the Endless Void shattered into 17 planes of existence and a being materialized in each. These were called The Ajal, or the First Gods. Trapped in their endless voids, the gods sought to find reason in life, and slowly they built each void into an image of what life meant them. Yet even as their creatures grew and took on lives of their own, the gods were alone in their stature, and finally the god of what will eventually become known as the material plane, set to work on a way to discover if he truly was the only of his kind.

The final Consummation of his efforts was something he called Amara, an artifact the size of a world, and into it he poured the pure essence of his power. So much of his power did he put into the object that he worried he would not survive the outcome, yet his desire to see another of his kind was too great.

When the Artifact reached its full potential a burst of pure magic flowed forth from the object on a scale never before seen on any of the planes. The magic swirled and crackled violently through space as the God tried to hold his control over it. Slowly 16 Shimmering disks began to take shape and settle on the surface of Amara which now lay covered with cracks from the release of force. After assuring his creation stable, he became the first god to set foot on another plane.

Most gods were overjoyed to see others like themselves, yet some despised the knowledge that there were beings equal to them in power, and in a short amount of time gods began to push their beliefs and ideals on each others planes. It became apparent that before a fight broke out, something had to be done. The answer was the First Council of Gods, a gathering in which some scholars say went on for eons. At its end, the Council came to three decisions that would define the known cosmology. One, that no god may set foot upon another gods plane of existence; Two, all of the gods would give a small bit of their power to create a new being to act as a gate keeper between planes and a never ending plane of air in which all gates must pass to act as the gate keepers home; and three, that a plane would be created in which all gods could meet and hold council.

When the god of the material plane returned, he was so happy with the outcome, that he began work to turn the artifact, he called Amara into the shining example of what life meant to him. A world in which anything can happen and anyone can do what they like, beings choices are their own, and so are the consequences. Amara grew quickly and soon the only hint of what it once was lay in the cracks upon its surface through which latent magic seeped to the surface. The races of the world called these lines of magic ley-lines.

The rules set forth at the First Council of the Gods worked well, but were not perfect and soon enough it seemed as if the gods were constantly in council with each other, arguing over one thing or another. Finally gods began creating beings to watch over their planes while they were away. These beings had powers very similar to their creators, but on a lesser scale, and by the time intelligent races came around and civilizations began to grow, the Ajal had been forgotten, replaced by the gods they had created. Where did the Ajal go? No one is sure. Some say they still argue to this day, while others say they finally decided to search out what the true meaning of their existence is. Yet in the end, no one knows for sure, for as we stated before, this is all just a hypothesis.

Campaign Creation Level 1 I have some good ideas for my campaign setting, and am making good progress, but could definitely use some aid.