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Central African

  • obambo - ghost that lives in bush, but can get relative to build house for him


  • abada - unicorn creature
  • Adroanzi - children of Adroa; gods specific rivers, trees, and so forth
  • ambize/hogfish/angula - sea monster around delta of Congo; fish with pig or ox head, human hands, flat beaver-like tail
  • andandara (Azande) - evil wildcats that have intercourse with women; women birth both humans and more cats
  • djok - general name for lesser spirits
  • migas - giant river monster, flat bodied; tentacles that grab and pull people under
  • Mokele-Mbembe - water monster on coast; like elephant with single horn and crocodile tail; similar to groot slang
  • Rainbow Serpent (also Dahomey, Nigeria, Haiti) - first creature created (Aido Hwedo), carries supreme god on its back; its tracks become rivers; Congo serpent is malevolent and lurks in rivers


  • emela-ntouka - elephant killing beast; rhino-like, semi-aquatic

East Africa


  • bouda - possessing demon
  • buda (Abbyssinian) - potters or ironworkers that could turn into were-hyenas, wolves, or other animals. Same as bouda?
  • sao (Abbyssinian) - disease spirits


  • ramanga - living vampire that served royalty
  • Tompondrano - giant sea monster covered in crocodile-like scales; head glows in dark


  • Pamba - water monster; mouth big enough to swallow canoe; turns water red


  • balubaale (Gandan) - general name for spirits (most of which are nature spirits)
  • chwezi - nature gods
  • emandwa - guardian spirits of a tribe
  • emizimu - guardian spirit of a family
  • kakua kambuzi - tree spirit similar to a dryad

North African


  • Abtu & Anet - two fish that swim in front of sun god's ship
  • akhekhu - four-legged serpent
  • bennu - Egyptian phoenix; blue/white heron with feathered crest; holds soul of sun god; original form of the sun; its call sets creation in motion
  • cynocephalus - dog-headed men
  • ghaddar (Islamic) - offspring of Iblis
  • ka - a person's soul or guardian spirit
  • mafedet - lion with serpent head and neck
  • Nehebkau - man that ate scales of Apep and became hybrid with snake scales and scorpion tail; guards underworld
  • oroboros - cosmic dragon that eats its own tail (represents eternity)
  • petsuchos - live crocodile worshiped Sobek; mummified and replaced when died
  • shai - personal guardian spirit
  • sphinx - lion with human head; temple guardians; Greek story made sphinx vicious killer and riddler
  • The Swallower - creature that swallows hearts (same as Ammit); a hippo or crocodile
  • Uraeus - giant poison-spitting serpent that coiled around disc of Ra
  • were-crocodile - also found in Zambia and especially Indonesia


  • earth djinn (Moroccan) - spirit of earth
  • grine - djinn that inhabits parallel world; linked to a human, born when that human is born, like a guardian angel
  • harun - snake water spirit
  • jnun - toad djinn; not destructive
  • mebeddel - djinn changeling
  • tree djinn (Moroccan) - spirit of trees
  • water djinn (Moroccan) - spirit of water

South African

  • mantindane - dwarf vampire that can turn invisible
  • obe (Basutu) - witch's familiar
  • lightning bird - has special powers, manifests as lightning strikes
  • rompo - jack rabbit with human ears, skeleton body, badger arms, bear legs; eats corpses and croons


  • kishi - two-headed hill-dwelling monsters; front head is handsome, rear head is hidden hyena face



  • kongamato - wyvern with 3'-4' wingspan; red-brown; likes in swamps and capsizes boats
  • lightning monsters - hybrids with hindquarters of crocodile, head and forequarters of goat; live in heavens and descend to earth on lightning then rebound to heaven unless their celestial cord breaks trapping them on Earth
  • were-crocodile - also found in Egypt and especially Indonesia


  • abatwa - tiny people that can hide behind grass blades; sensitive about their height
  • impundulu - lightning bird, summons thunder; vampiric black and white bird; can take human form to seduce women; possibly type of female vampire
  • Inkanyamba - horse-headed serpent
  • tikoloshe - one-armed, one-legged evil water dwarf; water baboon; feeds on energy through sex; tries to charm first, then uses force; super speed

West African

  • bitabohs/hitabohs (Gabonese) - evil tree spirits that destroy humans
  • dongo (Songhoi) - weather spirits that cause thunder flashes
  • dyinyinga (Sierra Leonean) - nature spirits of rivers, forests, rocky places
    • ndogbojusui (Sierra Leonean) - white-skinned, long-bearded malevolent nature spirit
    • tingoi (Sierra Leonean) - beautiful woman; benevolent
  • ombwiri - tree spirit similar to hamadryad; guardian spirits
  • owenga/uvengwa (Guinea) - vengeful ghosts or dead sorcerers that attack living for blood; ; shapeshifts, often into cyclops
  • yumboe (Senegal) - Two-foot tall faeries; white skin and silver hair; live beneath hills and come out to dance in moonlight


  • obayifo - vampire (in Dahomey it's asiman); can possess people; suck blood of children; emit light at night
  • mmoatia - little people guardian of the forest
  • sasabonsam - giant cannibal (ogre); feet point in both directions and it uses them to grab travelers; live in forests or trees; drain blood like a vampire; red skin from blood, bloodshot eyes
  • shamantin - wife of a sasabonsam; lives in forest; more gentle than their husbands


  • jengu (Sawa) - mermaids or water gods; similar to West African Mami Wata
  • mingehe (Lele) - forests spirits which may be good or evil


  • abiku - evil forest spirits that draw life from babies; can possess
  • asiman/azeman - vampire; same as Ashanti obayifo
  • aziza - helpful faeries; give good magic and help with hunting
  • Da - cosmic serpent (the Rainbow Snake)
  • groot slang - elephant with serpent tail that lives in caves
  • vodu - supreme beings; nature gods


  • abonsam - evil house spirit that hates noise
  • adze - vampire that can turn into firefly


  • bori - disease spirits or vampires; may appear headless or with hoofed feet; repelled by iron
  • juju - bad spirit or demon that inhabits a fetish
  • otgiruru (Herero) - angry ghosts
  • zin - evil water spirit, possibly water djinni; appears as dragon
  • zoa - tutelary ancestor spirits (similar to Slavic domovoi)


  • bossu - evil spirit of dead criminal; three-horned man
  • loa - spirit messenger
  • zombie - reanimated corpse


  • ijimere - little people of deep forests and wild places
  • orisha - spirits that give humans personalities and moods; guiding spirits; similar to angels