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Low-Magic Dungeons and Dragons Edition 3.5 Campaign Setting. Aertica is my attempt to create a world with a great deal of historic realism while maintaining a subtle, but crucial fantasy element. Rather than a magic saturated world of wizards and dragons, I have chosen to craft a gritty world of action and conflict punctuated by interjections of the supernatural and the fantastic. I have tried to create a setting where you are confronted with horror and the darker side of fantasy. Aertica should never become comfortably fictional or politically correct, it should be a world that awes, shocks, horrifies and eventually endears players toward its violent tyrants and quiet farmers. I've spent the last few years deciphering all this from my daydreams, nightmares and delusions, so if it seemd slightly disjointed- it is, but you should be able to enjoy it anyway. -Furor


Aertica is a massive plane with three moons, and nine habitable continents. It is the homeworld of the Valhara, a race of metaphysiological creatures whose mastery of "arcana" allowed them to reshape their primeval physiology and the world around them. For eons the Valhara carefully tended the ecological health and vitality of Aertica, creating lush environments filled with fantastic creatures. In the ages leading up to human encroachment, the Valharan hegemony spread to nearby inhabitable planes, incorporating their unique inhabitants into the complex matrix of the Valharan metaphysiology.

Two Eons ago, during the last alignment of the three moons, the Autarch and his fleet stumbled upon the vast richness of Aertica as they sailed the astral seas in search of a new home. They brought animals of many shapes and sizes, grains, and other plants that they released into the wilds of Aertica. They planted crops and built houses for the new families they were going to build.

The first Valhara that attempted to communicate found themselves incapable of connecting with the alien psyches of this new creature. They had only ever met creatures who fought for protection. In these newcomers they saw only violence, cruelty, and cancerous resource depletion. Seeing this would change their world forever, and likely kill their species, the Valhara attacked the Autarchal fleet and dragged their flying ships out of the sky. They became more like the humans they despised.

Since the beginning, two eons of war have ravaged the face of Aertica and shattered both species. Mankind, though nearly victorious, has been transformed by the power of the Valhara into myriad subspecies who vie for hegemony. Most of the great engines of the Autarch, the great and powerful machines that mankind brought with them, lie silent as the knowledge of their creation has left humans. The rest serve new masters, reclaimed by the survivors to serve new agendas.

The Valhara, broken by the sheer mass of human expansion have become like the gods, demons, and angels of myth. Some of them attract legions of worshipers, others plot to destroy mankind, while the rest have lost the intellect and reason that once drove their actions.

Now, just as Aertica seems to finally have quieted, comets bearing warlike Valhara from a distant plane have begun to pockmark Aertica. The fall of Valharia to the fuligen claw, the rise of Laovicea in the Aoside sea and a hundred other similar occurrences have lead the scholars, diviners, and friendly Valhara (guardians) to fear the coming of a new full-scale war between the great races. And this at a time when mankind is more divided than ever.

Mechanics An overview of the system-specific rules modifications used to roleplay within Aertica

Races An overview of each race, the mechanics regarding character creation using that race, and the general cultural and anthropological information relevant to the race as a whole

History An overview of the major historical events that shaped Aertica as it is today

Culture An overview of cultural and linguistic groups that transcend national boundaries as distinct ethnicities

Geography A systematic political overview of Aertica

Ecology An overview of the unique flora and fauna of Aertica (e.g monsters and the like)

Economy An overview of the commercial relationships both internal and external of the nations and peoples of Aertica

Religion An overview of the unique pantheons and theisms present in Aertica

Organizations An overview of extranational groups and organizations prevalent in Aertica

Current Events A "newspaper" of sorts, outlining the most recent occurences of importance

Interesting Characters Profiles for the influential and original people and creatures that inhabit Aertica