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Welcome to the Adveria Main Page. This is my attempt to migrate the information on my fictional world, Adveria, from the thread to a more eye pleasing format.

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Not much is known about the history of Adveria. What has been recorded only dates back eight hundred to a thousand years, but relics of a world that existed before have been found throughout the world. Captain Silvertooth found ancient texts that detailed a long forgotten fighting style and the people of Delkun discovered the secrets of magic and were able to bring the arcane arts back into the world. Exploration is one of the key aspects of Adveria. A new land has been discovered with two more large islands within close proximity. Undiscovered caves and dungeons hold untold secrets off the past.

The world is still in its infancy, nations are still vying for territory. The dwarves of the south have been displaced, because of the expansion of Tirein. Kerdith and the other nations are trying to settle the uncharted new lands, hoping to discover countless treasures. Tirein is also watching the race for distant treasure, waiting for the right moment to continue its expansion.