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Superfluous Crow:
Luke 2:1-3In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. (This was the first census that took place while Quirinius was governor of Syria.) And everyone went to his own town to register.

Since we are pretty awesome ourselves we get to be the Romans, and our town is of course So what I'm proposing is ...
[cue dramatic music]

We have lots of settings here, but since our primary focus is on building them, we should probably consider counting which ones are alive, and which aren't. Respect the dead and all that.
So, if you have updated a setting in the last month, write a small description of it, 5-10 lines or so should suffice, and let us know of its presence. Feel free to add links and other necessary things to it. I will then continually update this thread so we can keep count.
Only actual settings qualify, so brainstorms do not count before they get their own full-fledged thread. (you don't count the unborn children)

So to clarify, if you have updated a setting in the last month (or you do it someday in the future) ...
1) Write a small blurb
2) Post it here
Easy as that.
 Current Count:

Ordered List:[list=1]
*Ansolon by Eladris
*Arga by Leetz
*Broken Verge by Cataclysmic Crow
*Cadaverous Earth by Steerpike
*Calisenthe by Acrimone
*Celtricia by Vreeg's Coachwhip
*Clockwork Jungle by Polycarp!
*Crystalstar by Sparkletwist
*Death from the Depths by Pair o' Dice Lost
*Dilandri by Stargate525
*Eschaton by Phoenix
*Gloria by Light Dragon
*Island City by Khyron1144
*Jade Stage by Luminous Crayon
*Knife's Edge by Kindling
*Mare Eternus by Nomadic
*Mesopolis by Cheomesh
*New Dawn of the West by AslanC
*Panisadore by Snargash Moonclaw
*Pinnacle by Sarisa
*Reth Jaleract by Kindling
*Savage Age by Ghostman
*Teleleli by Age of Fable
*Tephra by the Crakmono
*The Saga of the Seven Swords by XXsiriusXX
*Three Worlds by Kapn Xeviat
*Tu'loras by Lath
*Urbis by Jürgen Hubert
*Valgora by Hooper
*Wake by Eladris
*Xell by Steerpike
*Xiluh by Rorschach Fritos

 Waiting for Descriptions: Seraphine's stuff  

I'll Start:

 Broken Verge
 Genre: Dark anachronistic philosophical fantasy with a twist of odd  
A harsh world suffering as much from the bad weather as from human folly, the World of Broken Verge currently finds itself undergoing a dramatic transformation; a renaissance. Turmultous times are ahead and forces and coincidences converge to decide the fate of the known world and humanity itself.

The World is a motley amalgam of elements both fantastical, satirical, and mundane; It is a world of monsters, plagues, lunatics and wars, but also of idealism, hope and faith.

So come visit the World Exhibition near the vast city of the Sprawls, cross the Winter Channel and walk with the Mosshulks, summon creatures of abstract thought, battle an electrical mummy, wage war on the corsairs of the Leviathanic sea, and engage in the intrigues of the corrupt court of Khiere.
The world has been reborn and is yours to walk.

Celtricia, World of Factions
Genre: Mature Fantasy + complete system

The Feel of Celtricia
Imagine living on a continent that was so big no one you had ever met knew the size of it, with huge open spaces between settements.  Imagine struggling in an existence where civilized folks crowd together for safety, where tribes of humanoids range around the wildlands between cities, where ferocious predators stalk herds of giant herbivores, and where the night is often terrorized by walking dead searching out the unprotected living.

At the same time, this is no feudal world.  Temples heal the sick as often as not, and magic replaces the need for some technology, and this magic, while not overly powerful, is present enough to allow time for philosophy and politcs.

The last impression that Celtricia should give is the weight of ancient civilizations over everyone.  The most indifferent farmer has heard legends from the past referenced while at temple, and has passed ruins or seen ancient buildings in a town, while scholars pour over the incomplete and patchwork written works of over eight thousand years of recorded history.

Celtricia is built for a social-heavy game of politics, networking, and the accumulation of power.  Characters often explore the layers of historical ruins, but as a means to power, not as an end.  

Savage Age
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery

Enter a rugged world where Mankind struggles in the murky twilight between civilization and barbarism, between decadence and ignorance. It is a world wrought in the hellish fires of conflict, driven by base ambitions and greeds, by savage lusts and passions. There, gigantic empires rise like hulking titans to dominate and enslave entire nations, ruthless warlords haunt their borders like wolves ready to pounce at the slightest sign of weakness, corrupt sorceries and strange cults meddle with forbidden arcane secrets Man wasn't meant to know, primitive tribes and primeval devils skulk in the unforgiving and unspoiled wilderness, and unspeakable terrors from pre-human cycles slumber beneath the lightless depths of the seas and the earth. It is a world in a Savage Age; the age of undreamed luxuries and sophistication mingled with unparalleled horrors and brutality.

Matt Larkin (author):
Genre: Historical Fantasy/Alternate History

A historical fantasy set in the equivalent of the 1st century BCE. The Earth is much like the historical Earth, with places and characters renamed after or drawn from mythology. All the named players in the world are characters from mythology, as are all supernatural creatures. The world itself is fairly mundane, but the underworld is a surreal realm home to various spirits. On Earth, the only significant supernatural influence comes from the siddha--men with the blood and power of gods who are variously hated, feared, worshiped, or hunted.

The metaplot revolves around the coming the Eschaton--the end of time. Every religion tells us of a last battle, a time when the world descends into darkness, a time when there will be no more time. The Destroyer has been incarnated. It is not prophecy. It is History. The end is coming.


Genre Abstract.

 The setting is a dream for the players. The only consistant thing (as of yet) is the city of Pinnacle and resources known as stones, divided into two categories : Bloodstone (HP) and Magistone (MP). Other than the city, players continually encounter the four Absolutes, who act as gods in this setting, defining the natural laws.  


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