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Hitler made a deal with the Devil.
Stalin harnessed the power of the Mind.
The War Began.

1939. Today. (Analogous to real-life warfront)

The World Is Crumbling
-The five massive demon Gogs launch rocks thousands of miles distant, while winged Magogs drop flaming masses of molten stone at London in the Blitz.

-Fiery Imps and Dusky Caulbeasts menace people on the streets of Paris; the imps prod people with their staffs, the Caulbeasts stab unwilling victims and fill the backs of their necks full of their seed. Once several months have passed, the cauls burst and the victims fall deathly ill while Caulbeasts flutter out, tchting and seeking blood.

-Hellscent dogs sniff for hiding humans, and Grey Men slip through cracks, examining hiding holes.

-Succubi, and Incubi ride with the Nazis on Nightmare beasts, inbetween the Fuhrer's tanks and jeeps.

Nazi Classes

Inside your body is a demon; the demon possesses super strength. Sadly, it lacks social skills.

Make skeletons arise from the ground and do your bidding.

But Things Elsewhere are Changing
-In Russia, Stalin is preparing to betray Hitler. His great Marshall, Zhukov, has successfully ingested the ether and now his orders can be relayed lightning-speed to the minds of designated squad leaders. This improvement in technology allows for amazing tactical coordination.

-Russian Scientists too are preparing gigantic mobile Tesla Coils that will wrack the enemy with thousands of volts of deadly pressure, and which will disable tanks.

-In Siberia, however, strange manifestations have been appearing. Aleksander Solsenytzhen was the first to "manifest" the powers. After a long period of meditation, he fell into a coma, in which he later described as his soul "dying a strange little death." When he emerged from his sleep, he no longer needed to eat to maintain his strength or to breathe. He remained quite corporeal, but he became a sort of super-slave, more efficient than any around him. He was moved from Siberia to interior facilities for scientists to examine why he had undertaken these strange properties. Other Russians in Siberia also manifested similar abilities around the same time. No one knows why, but a special task force has been dispatched, armed with the latest in technology to examine and test the prison zone. Feliks Dzerhinski, head of the KGB has told them, in no uncertain terms, that failure to discover the mystery of the "Ghostification" is not an option.

-Perhaps the strangeness in Siberia is tied to the disquiet in the elements. Mir farmers have reported hearing whispers in the night and of seeing strange apparitions of towering moving pillars of ice.

Russian Classes

Elementalist In Stalin's deepest laboratories in the Urals, these scientists attempt, by use of their minds, to manipulate the elements with magnetic forces in their minds. They have been able to shape gallon-jugs of water, and to move columns of flame-- but most can only do minor "parlour-tricks." A player elementalist is someone special, someone who can divert rivers, or who can direct flames. It should be noted that they can not increase decrease the mass or the amount of water, or flame, or ice that they can control; they may only manipulate or move it.

Ghost Does not need to eat, or breathe, most metals "bend" around their skin- but a bullet, fired at sufficient strength will still penetrate their skin. These people act somewhat etherial, and seem at times to be not fully present in either mind, body, or spirit.

Send thoughts to others by use of your mind. Read people's minds.

Ancient Holiness Has Arisen In China
-In China, the Japanese have pressed forward, assisted by their Devilish allies- the Pit Lords and Fiends, the Hengyoku, the Nailbeasts, and the Wraithburdens. But the ancient Gods beneath the Chinese soil have felt the imbalance of life. The Yin and Yang of the Earth has been disturbed. The roll of the I Ching has come up all negatives for far too long. The land did tremble, and from it emerged the Eight hundred and Eighty-Eight Dragons, the Yellow Emperor, the floating Yin and the Active Yang.

-Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kai-Shek) has the Yellow Emperor at his side- the great magician and herbalist who can turn water into wine, and who can provide fish and loaves to feed hundreds.

-Mao Zedong in his northern stronghold consorts with the Dragon Lords great and small, led by Nuwa- the repairer and creator dragon, plotting how best to position the Communists to destroy the vile demons and take back the Country.


Chinese Classes

Think Houdini.

Dragon Seer
-Geometrical Designs control the earth- earthquakes, can make flowers bloom

Hundred Faces
-A master of disguise. Can come across as a man, a woman, an old person, a young one. Knows the secret of actually reshaping body fat and size.

Demons Have Also Joined the Japanese
The Kamikaze or Divine Wind has blown through Japan, scuttling the fleets of their enemies and shutting in the Russian fleet at Vladivostock. The time to strike preemptively against the Soviets may soon arise.

But along with the Kamikaze came the hell-beasts known as the Oni (who hate the Chinese and their dragons), who made a proposition to Tojo- which Tojo accepted, and began his atrocities in China.

Far above the skies of Japan float the hungry human-eating Gaki spirits who consumed thousands in Nanjing, and dance the crazed Oni demons which have horns of an ox, the beard of an ancient, and the teeth of a tiger, and which gain strength from smoke and burned flesh.

In the forests of China, the Tengu demons, lurk, springing out and yapping at the heels of Chinese folk whose souls they can read. The demons attack only those who deep in their hearts fail to collaborate with the Japanese- leading to the term "Japanese Running Dog" as an insult for collaborationists.

Surrounding Japan's seas, the Naga demons patrol the waterways. These lengthy serpents can cast magical incantations to make metals heavy- which has led to many a ship sinking thousands of leagues.

And of course, all fear to invade Japan because of its household spirits that inhabit all items in the house that are over one hundred years old. The Tsukumogami will come to life and batter to death all intruders. Imagine, if you will, a sofa knocking an invading Australian over the head, or a fork lodging itself deep in a New Zealander's eye.

Japanese Classes

Things get done when you are around. You get meetings, you move troops, you requisition supplies.

Fanatically loyal, you have given up your individuality for the glory of the Emperor. You do not tire, you do not fall down due to loss of blood. Even after you die, you may slay tens around you in dying throes.

You can call down the smoke of the Oni to obscure things, or to cause people to fall over in hacking fits, poisoned or drained of strength.

In Iran, the Ismalii Seveners' were proven correct. The seventh Imam's son, Muħammad ibn Ismā'īl al-Maktum, who was said to be in occlusion until the end times has emerged, riding on a gigantic lion. Those who held true to the faith are granted special powers to manipulate the Flame and the Wind. Together, they walk on air and blow the flames against their adversaries, setting aflame oil fields and reconquering Iran from its ineffectual puppet-Shah.

Iranian Classes

-Mastery over Flame and Wind

-Bonuses to Luck Rolls, Can See Future Events

In India the elephants and the monkeys began speaking Hindu-tongues. The dogs and the cats and the cattle began speaking of their past lives. Now, the monkeys wear tuxedoes and the Elephants, tophats. Jawalarahu Nehru has emerged as their spokesperson and the colonialist British have surrendered much of their wealth.

Indian Characters

-You are a walking, talking animal. You are as intelligent as a human and possess all typical powers of your kind. However, you are a bit stronger, a bit faster, and a bit better than the non-Indian sort of your breed. You also remember fleeting details of your past lives.

Palestine and Eastern Europe The Zionist movement has produced perhaps the greatest weapon to be used against the Nazis. Through kaballah and the use of numerology, Jewish diviners have found a way to form dirt into automatons, ready for instructions. In concentration camps, the knowledge is passed, through letter drops, and brilliant Jewish scientists form the dirt into creatures, bake them, then place instructions in their mouths. Many Jews have escaped from camps through use of these tiny Golems. In Palestine, Mortimer Sandcross, an Ashkenazi Jew is perfecting the design of gigantic seven-foot tall Golems that will one day march against the Nazis.

Jewish Classes

-You are especially innovative in creating pitfalls and traps for the unwary, with even the simplest tools. You also are known for creating the most wondrous jury-rigged MacGuyver devices.

-Can create an automaton that will perform simple orders if has access to mud, dirt and a kiln.

America has largely escaped the gathering strangeness. But rumor has it that somewhere, perhaps near Chicago, the "Manhattan Project" is being undergone- where human beings exposed to radium, polonium, curium, and other elements can temporarily exhibit massive displays of strength, or feats of speed, or flight, or fortitude, or endurance. The project, however, is still in its infancy. Americans shudder, wondering at the newfound strangeness of the world.

American Classes

-Has one "Super" trait. Some have two

The Caribbean is a land of voodoo ceremony and smoke. The haze of ganja fills the entire islands and everyone is continually happy and high. The dead walk and sleep with the living and the Juju dolls torture enemies. The islanders are considering striking out and expanding their influence, getting revenge on their colonialist neighbors- but alas, everyone turns in to sleep but six hours after waking.

Caribbean Classes

Can place hexes, curses on someone who is within audible hearing distance.

-Can command Zombies and can make newly dead (3 weeks) rise from the ground.

And Of Course... In Europe
-Some say the Second coming has Come, that the Rapture is at hand. Pope Pius IX has been filled with the power of the holy spirit and he has ordered Mussolini into the Vatican city state. When Mussolini exited, he broke his pact with Hitler and bowed down before the Pope.

Miracles have been performed, and some claim to have seen Seraphim and Cherubim floating in the halls.

All across europe, clergymen and sisters have found themselves infused with Godly powers of healing and other superhuman feats.

Southern European Classes

-The Pope, Cardinals, Bishops
-Resurrection, Mass Cure Wounds, Mass Bless, Mass Remove Disease, Mass Inspiration. But can only cast very infrequently.

-Monsigneurs, Priests
-Fast Healing, Remove Disease, Cure Light Wounds, Endurance. Can cast frequently.

Itinerant Preacher/Missionary
-Entangle, Unentangle, Cure Light Wounds, Speed
OR; -Tongues, Glibness, Cure Light Wounds, Walk on Water

-A layperson who manages church finances, helps conduct business
-Glibness, Cure Light Wounds, Inspiration

Monk (Brother/Sister)
Hide, Mass Hide, Walk on Water, Mirror Image (Shimmer), Detect Intentions, Mask Smell, Muffle Noise

Sister Hellene

Sweat dripped from the Sister's brow and dirt covered her face. She had lain, face-down in the dirt, immobile for over two hours, but at last the Nazi troop column had passed. Only three of the men, Lieutenants marching out from the column, had stepped on her. Next time she would have to hide farther from the road. Slowly, she turned her head and looked down the road. She listened. There was no sound of boots, no sound of songs, no sound of cursing, nothing but the chirping of birds. She rose, and brushed the dirt from her face with a quick wipe. She looked down the Rue Carascoa, where the soldiers had gone, and sighed. Then she headed onto a small forest path, towards her cottage. Hide

When she neared her house, she saw someone peering into her windows. She tensed, and halted, then noticed that the peeping-tom was a tiny child, about eight years of age. Still, she was concerned; some of the little boys had become tattle-tales for the NaziDemons- who were always sure to provide the sweetest candies.

She sucked in her breath and prayed to God, asking the intervention of him through his Angels and Saints to tell her the intentions of the little one, were they good or were they ill-- and if they were ill, were they selfish or were they demonic, were they encouraged by others, or were they of the child's own decision, did they wish her harm or good or nothing, did they wish her property harm or ill or nothing. She prayed, and God answered her prayer.  Detect Intentions

She saw the child again in new light, and she knew the child was scared, he had come searching for her; he had escaped from a school-yard, and he was afraid.

She went over to the child and greeted him.

* * *

The Child was Jewish, his name was Lester. The Sister took him in and gave him tea, then disposed of the bag in a large battered wooden can that sat in the room's corner, next to a dresser. The child told her his story; of how the Headmaster was rounding up all the Jewish children to hand over to the Demons.

* * *

Sister  Hellene heard a knock at the door. She took the child by his hand and placed a finger over her mouth. "Hush." She urged. "Wait in this garbage pail. Do not move."

Once the child had climbed into the pail, the sister placed a cover on top of it, and mouthed a short prayer to Saint Anthony, to hide the child and to keep him silent. The prayer was answered and the child's every movement, every creak, was muffled. Muffle Noise.

The Sister went to the door and opened it. At the door was a winged woman, dressed in leather and wearing black, spiked gauntlets. The woman stared into the Sister's eyes, then smiled a sardonic smile. "You love Children, no?" The woman asked.

The Sister blinked. "Of course."

"Ah." The woman nodded, and pushed past the Sister. Behind her stood two tall, blond SS guards.

* * * (Fill in later)

The woman, frowning, left the home. "I heard the conversation, woman-" She threatened, placing a long black-painted fingernail at the Sister's throat. "You are hiding people."

The sister looked back to the room; the table had been moved, and floorboards upended, but the child had not been found.

In Scandanavia, It Is Ragnorak
The coming of the end has arrived. Trolls have emerged from the Strand and Fjords and are strangling Nazis in their pill-bunkers; Norwegian heroes ride super-quick Schlepner-Steeds across the landscape, Niessa Gnomes play tricks on Nazis, sprites and faeries place flak in the air so thick that Messerschmidt planes cannot properly navigate. And deep beneath the earth, the Flame Dwarves labor in their kilns to forge wondrous weapons which are distributed to a chosen few champions.

In bitter cold Finland, the Bitterfrost has struck, freezing Soviet soldiers and tanks. Amidst the tundra, the Icingmen (living icicles... "Jack Frost" and "Frosty the Snowman"), Suomi Birds (Birds that exhale snow and ice), and Snorri Elves (long-nosed elves with skin like the blubber of walruses) patrol the border and spread the growth of their holy iceshelf. Fire is anathema to these creatures, and they have killed both Finns and Russians for blaspheming the sacred frost.

Far near the arctic circle, the Green Man tends his garden and distributes warmth to those who make it to his land of woolly mammoths and wonder. Fat and jolly Kris Kringle too makes his home near that of the Green Man, along with the KlutterKraften Elves, who once built toys, but who now craft skis that are distributed to the long-locked onion-hair-wearing Snorri Elves and the Finnish snow soldiers.

But alas, all is not good in Scandinavia. When the Trolls arrived, so too did the Ice Giants- Lokis' breed, to aid the Nazis. Along with the Ice Giants comes Fenris the wolf, the Duregar (deep dwarves), the hell-spiders, the Jormungand serpent, and the flesh-eating dark elves. Scandinavia is a particularly dangerous place.

Norse Characters

You can rage, and even after you are slain, your muscles continue to slash and hack.

An ancient warrior from the past, you have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and returned to battle evil. When you are slain, you reform 1 day later, completely healed and with all of your weapons. Alas, however, you may only reform near the remains of your skull's right eye-socket.

The sappers can, like a dwarf, strike the earth, then absorb themselves into any cave beneath it. The sappers may only meld through stone or dirt or mud if there is a close cavity (1000 feet) on the other side.

Your songs inspire courage. You weave ideas and hopes.

You possess one of the wonder weapons, forged by the flame dwarves. The weapon only functions for you, and it is unique in the world. Some weapons are a hammer that shakes the earth, a sword that grows and shrinks, a glittering mirror-shield that reflects all bullets.

Floating on the sky, the all-female Valkyries can appear from nowhere, and strike. The successful assault on the German Heavy Water Plants in Norway is attributed in part to the harrying of the Valkyries.

In Canada, the Streams are Whispering
Sleepy Canada slumbers while the rest of the world explodes into change. Many here do not even realize the extent of the alterations. Although, from time to time, when people look to the sky, they swear they can see changes in the borealis.

In Canada, cigar-shaped canoes manned by natives cross the watery sky while exploding firework-light illuminates their discursive path. In the taiga, wonderfully woolly mammoths and hairy, buck-toothed giant beavers lurk sight unseen in the farthest reaches of the Northwest Territories. Walruses the size of school buses wander the waters, and giant cetaceans frequently attempt to mate with Canadian Ships whose wood can sometimes be said to speak through mastheads (Though most dismiss the words as creaking sounds, because the language spoken is that of native Inuits).

The babbling brooks speak in ancient tongues, and spread gossip to those who understand.

Many in Canada seem to be afflicted with the "Rip Van Winkle" disease and fade out both of memory and of existence, only to appear weeks later. They are not missed, and are immediately remembered when they return. For example, a wife may disappear for three months, to find that her husband remarried, not remembering that he had ever been married in the first place. Or a child may disappear, but none will worry because it is as though the child never existed.

Canadian Characters

You can talk to the streams, the wood, the rocks. And you can interact with other Dreamtalkers in your dreams.

The Skywatcher can see hidden things and has strange visions of both the present and the future. The Skywatcher can see massive two headed grey creatures fly in the sky, far above, and extract people from the land with tractor-beams; the Skywalker can see disguised demons, or angels, the Skywatcher can see truth and falsehood. The Skywatcher can see ghosts, but not converse with them. The Skywatcher can see all these things, and more.

In Britain, The Bogs are Bubbling
The ancient has returned to Britain. Several people have discovered ancient Druidic rites, and are attempting to cast the rune-stones to discover the secret behind the Germans' Enigma-Code.

But Britain is also besieged by its own hell. In the Bogs and swamps, Boggorol, "Things", Will-o-the-Wisps, Mudcrunchers, and Moor-Dogs run. In the lakes, the carnivorous Loch-Ness Monster and its cousins have emerged from millions of years of sleep. The Spring Heeled Jack prowls the alley-ways of London, springing and descending on its prey. Sometimes, the Spring Heeled ones prowl along with the Ripping Jacks, hook-handed horrors.

Phantom Banshees wail across the pond in Ireland, driving men mad. Faeries and Spriggan will sometimes help, and sometimes harm. London's decree is that, given their danger, all Faeries are to be boiled on sight.

At sea, Dryads and Naiads and Mermaids have come to many a man's rescue whose boat is capsized.  Those on sinking the Lusitania were rescued by the efforts of Mermaids and dolphin-creatures.

The Mermaids constantly harry U-Boats and the dreaded Hell-sharks, but their efforts are regrettably failing.

Conversely, the dread Each Uisge, the long-limbed Kraken, and the hairy Kelpie drag sailors and those who go near the water to their doom.

British Characters

Secret insight into truth against lies, and the ability to commune with nature.

The ability to shift shape into a bear, a wolf, or other hairy land animal.

Eastern Europe
The greatest Hell on Earth is Eastern Europe.

Skulls mounted on bloody spikes talk and snap and bite, and headless bodies crawl across the land. Nothing here can definitively die, and blood always pours out of all orifices of things that should be slain.

The basilisk chickens bring the closest thing there is to death. Any who stare into their eyes become stone creatures, which the basilisk quickly consume.

Caul-Beasts particularly menace this part of the world as do demonic Tatzelwurms, and over 147 varieties of giant spider.

Even the Nazi humans dare not walk into Eastern Europe, which was to be their Liebesraum. They leave it to their Demonic allies to first tame the land. Battles in the Balkans have dragged into a long and deadly slog as when one side begins to make some headway, a basilisk chicken will wander toward the battlefield, or a tribe of crawling cadavers will overwhelm a Demonic position.

Eastern European Characters

Gypsy Witch
Disguise, Mislead, Misfortune, Curse, Hide

After consuming blood, you gain super strength, speed, and flight and the ability to change form into a bat. But as the blood is used, your powers gradually diminish.


-Captain America Movie (America)
-Command and Conquer: Red Alert (Russia)

-Hellboy (For the Aesthetic)
-Stalin v. Hitler
-Skycaptain and the World of Tomorrow (For the Aesthetic)

Gloria remains the main project... This idea just came to me...
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Dramatis Personae


Feliks Dzerhinksi. The Spymaster
(1889 - )
-Fast with his gun and even faster to blend into the shadows; Feliks was the founder of the Checka, Stalin's secret police and his ruthlessness knows no bounds. He is also notable for having undergone the Psionic experiements to create the Checkastroika, and not having developed Psionic abilities, but for bizarrely not dying either. Instead, something else happened to Feliks. When he is around metal, it levitates around him, like a bubble. While reviewing the troops with Stalin, he once had a tank float upright behind him for nearly a block before anyone dared say anything.

Scientists speculate that Feliks possesses a constant magnetic field around his body. It is unknown if the experiment that created his magnetism can be reproduced.

Out of Character

Power: Magnetic Field
Loyalties: Stalin - Strong

Rasputin. The Mad Russian.
(22 January 1869 '“ )
-Rasputin, a secret Bolshevik spy and magician who was close to the Czar and who contributed to his downfall survived over twelve assassination attempts (mostly through anticipating the evil thoughts on the minds of his would-be assailants and then taking steps to foil the plots before he was in danger), and the Russian Revolution to move to prominence in Stalin's Scientific Corp. Rasputin's experiments into the mind were vital toward the eventual creation of the Checkastroika, the small and elite Psionic mind-reading detachment of Stalin's secret police.

Out of Character

Power: Mind Reading
Loyalties: Stalin - Weak ; Rasputin - Strong ; Molotov- Moderate

Comrade Vychyslav Molotov. The Diplomat
-Glib-tongued and one of the shrewdest diplomats, Molotov has survived intrigues both at home and abroad. It is rumored that he jovially dines with Nazi Devils in the morning, happily treats with European Seraphim at noon, and then unconcernedly sups with Russian psionicists who read and extract Molotov's his every thought and every memory just before the sun creeps below the horizon.

Molotov however, has found a way to conceal certain things from the psionicists. He only relays to them what he wants them to hear.

It is rumored among the "Free World" that Molotov has made a deal with the Devils to shield his mind, or to gain special powers. But the Nazis suspect that Molotov has gained Angellic powers from the Europeans. No one knows if they can wholly trust him-- but all know that they do not want to be his enemy.

Out of Character

Power: Concealment from Psionics
Loyalties: Stalin - Moderate ; Rasputin - None ; Molotov - Moderate
Nazis - None ; Europeans - None ;

Playable Characters in the Hell of Eastern Europe
-Slavic characters always have a drawback in addition to a power.

Josip Broz

Josip Broz
With a necrotic hand grafted to his arm by a gypsy woman, he has been restored to full functionality. The arm, partially chewed off during an engagement with the zombie armies of the Viscount of Transylvania, was tied off with a tourniquet and completely sawed off before infection could set in by the would-be savior of the Slavic peoples himself. Broz, a dashing figure, stands at the head of the Slavic resistance.

Out of Character

Power: Sinewy necrotic hand that has twice the power of an ordinary man. Tendons in the hand can also stretch and twist in absurd geometric shapes.

Drawback: Gypsy Curse. There is always something wrong with every gypsy blessing. If he does not kill a demon every twenty four hours, his arm will struggle against him, thinking that he has turned to the side of the zombies and vampyres and walking dead..


A former homemaker, while sweeping, Vasilisa found her house and her husband assaulted by skeletal goats. She dropped the broom and ran back home to grab her crosses and her charms and rushed to save her husband, who was being trampled, but she was too late. The goats then turned to her. She shook the charms, but did not dissuade them, so she bent down to grab her broom and shoo the goats, like a good Slavic housewife would do. She whacked a goat on the nose and it cowered, then the others fled. Now, wielding her broom, and bearing a no-nonsense mien, she stands at Josip Broz's side, elevated to a Queenlike-status in the Slavic resistance.

Out of Character

Powers: Sweeping Away - Her broom can shoo away and discipline skeletal and undead animals and animal-like creatures. Spiders and vermin also tend to melt in her presence, as though they have been swat. Her home cooking and herbal remedies keep away the Black Plague, the Creeping Weeping, and the Red Death. She spends much of her days herding skeletal beasts and brewing strong teas and soups for the Slavic soldiers.

Drawback: Ethereally Attractive - The undead seek her out, for they can sense her great beauty. Undead human beings make a bee-line for Vasilisa if they are anywhere in her vicinity.

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The Bestiary

Demonic Creatures in the West

Caulbeasts - Caulbeasts stab unwilling victims and fill the backs of their necks full of their seed. Once several months have passed, the caul's burst and the victims fall deathly ill while the Caulbeasts flutter out, tchting and seeking blood.

Dark Elves - Carnivorous
Duregar (Deep Dwarves)
Fenris the Wolf
Gog - The five massive demon Gogs launch rocks thousands of miles distant,
Grey Men - Slip through cracks, invading hiding holes.
Hellscent Dogs
Ice Giants
Magog - Winged Magogs drop flaming masses of molten stone at London in the Blitz.
Nightmare Beasts

Jormungand Serpent

Demonic Creatures in the East

The Smog


Opiates - The nightmares come with withdrawal. The Opiates take the form of torrid lovers who drain strength and health from their partners. But the partners feel quite happy after joining the opiates... and addicted. The Opiates leave after one melding, and then their partners are left longing and pining. Their hearts beat faster every day, and they see psychadellic colors and visions everywhere. Friends seem to be giant cockroaches, precipes look to have glass bridges built across them, and the world is constantly topsy-turvy, upside down and spinning. Those touched by Opiates often rage against the world as they search for their vampiric lovers. Unless an intervention is carefully coached, those touched do not live long.

Pit Lords/Fiends
Tentacle Demons

Nature Creatures in Britain; the "Mad Angels"

Lawn Gnomes

Each Uisge
Loch-Ness Monsters

Ripping Jacks - Hook-handed horrors.
Spring Heeled Jacks - Prowl the alley-ways of London, springing and descending on its prey. Sometimes, the Spring Heeled ones prowl along with the Ripping Jacks, hook-handed horrors.

Phantom Banshees

The Hell of Eastern Europe; The "Mad Demons"

Basilisk Chickens
Crawling Bodies
Snapping Skulls
Spiders - Over 147 varieties

Angellic Creatures

The Aerilim "Footsoldiers"
The Aerilim is the common angel.

Chayot "Throne Angels"
The Chayot are angellic manifestations of honor, justice, and power. They do not manifest as creatures, but as objects- such as the seat of God, the Throne of an honored one, the mallet of Justice, or the Sword of Truth.

The Chayot are driven in their goals. Once a mortal comes in contact with a Chayot and is adopted, the Chayot will bind themselves to that mortal.

It is not uncommon to see mortals, floating on thrones, fly through a battlefield on strike missions against Nazi high command. The Chayot will twist and turn to avoid the Messerschmitds and German air force, and will bash against enemies, trying to crush them.

Cherubim "The Peacemakers"
The Cherubim are God's diplomats. They also are the most magical of his creations. The Cherubim can accomplish great tasks with but a wave of the hand. But they are loathe to act. Every magical action they take does two things. One, it hastens the end of the world, and two, it results in the demons gaining extra power- for the power at the center of the world is that of entropy- at the beginning everything God created was good, but the more the world is interacted with, interfered with, the more cosmic entropy decays the world.

Perversely, the more the Cherubim interfere to save the world, the weaker becomes the angels' hold on that world. Therefore, they are loathe to involve the supremely powerful Cherubim in any disputes, save diplomatically as a bargaining threat for short-term gain.

Hashmallim "The Manifestations"
The Hashmallim are found in the air, in the water, in the earth, and in the flame. They are not often encountered in direct conflict, but they can have great effect on the tide of battle. The Hashmallim can strip water of its nutrients, can carbonize oxigenated air, can make flames fall flat or fan them greater, or they can poison the earth. They can do all these things, but they can never have a direct effect on sentient beings in the world. Still, their indirect effects can be quite powerful.

Malakhim "Messengers"
The Malakhim messengers float around the battlefield, healing and delivering messages. They are superhumanly fast and often take the form of doves.

The Ophanim The MBT (Main Battle Tank) of the Angellic Armies is controlled by the Ophanim. The Ophanim ride on fiery chariots that burn the earth, and in their wake sow and plant new seeds that quickly grow into forests or jungles with the multifarious bloom of life.

The Ophanim are grim growers and steady assailants. They ram their chariots into enemies, piercing their sides with flame-- ending old and bringing new to life.

There are only few Ophanim, but they are universally dreaded and feared by the Demonic hordes.

With grand and glorious serrated wings, the seraphim and their poison prick thousands of demons. the angellic Airforce is thankful to have the Seraphim-- Despite the creatures' foul temper. Many suspect that if any angels are likely to fall and betray the side, it will be the Seraphim who have bonded with the serpents of the ground and who can sympathise with their fallen demonic brothers who failed in their revolt against God thousands of years in the past.

The Seraphim also carry quivers full of steel tipped arrows that penetrate even the toughest demonic armor.

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Greater Detail

The German Resistance
Not all agree with Hitler's pact with the Devil and the Demons. Some have organized themselves into resistance organizations. The most notable are led by General Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox in northern africa. Rommel believes the demons to be distasteful to life itself and has met with Egyptian priests and Moslem Imams in the conquered territories to determine how to extricate Germany from its terrible blood pact.

The Imams have given Rommel a book of words. The book, on its cover, has the arabic Aleph in bold green type, surrounded by a white outline. inside the book are prayers to Allah. They do not know if the prayers will be answered, for Allah wills as he wills, but they hope that the book's pages will help rommel and his allies in their times of need. Rommel has distributed pages to several of his co-conspirators, and some have fallen into evil hands. It seems that some of the prayers at least, have been answered.

The Egyptians then suggested that the demons should be put on a project to examine the pyramids. The demons did so and ancient curses rained down upon them in the Valley of the Gods. Demons are stricken with boils, swarmed by locust and more as long as they are in the maghreb desert of northern africa. Many demons have left the warzone, and more human soldiers have been transfered in. Slowly, Rommel is being rid of the demons. But the mummies, osirons, scarab beetles and more also harass Rommel's men-- though not in as deadly fashion.

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Mummies, Osirons, Scarab Beetles ; The Aleph Book; Rommel

Some Resist in Japan
Not all agree that General Tojo and the Oni-Spirits are the proper rulers of Japan. Some say that the Emperor fell under their sway and has been ensorcelled. They do not like the extreme brutality of the demons, nor do they think that the demons respect the Japanese people-- they fear that after the war is finished, they too will be enslaved.

In Japan the resistance is very much cloak and dagger. Ninjas skulk in alleys, procuring deadly and sanctified extracts from thousand year old trees, cracking open millennia-old stones and digging deep to find petrified wood and amber to squeeze in order to reach the ancient blood and body of Japan- ancient blood and spirits that can be used to frighten, demoralize, and slay the otherworldly demons.

By coating their swords in the land's fluids, the Ninja can instantly slay most demons. But few are slain, because the DemonWatch at night keeps a close eye on all locals. Still, the resistance exists and with every member who is slain by a demon, two more join the cause.

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Ninjas, DemonWatch, The Essence of Japan

Radiating Power
Mineralologists led by Leonid Kulnik hard at work just north of the large Lake Baikal, in the Valley of Death discovered the remains of the Tunguska Comet which struck the ground in 1908 and which set the earth aglow.

The comet's phosphorescent gases, lights and vapors set the world aflame, allowing people in Britain to read by the night-sky glow for several nights after the impact.

The Minerologists' work has allowed them to recover the gases, and Russian chemists have isolated them in a vaporous form that when breathed, causes a subject to glow and shimmer. A side byproduct that has been discovered however, is that when aglow, the subject exhibits extreme magnetism. The magnetism, however, is not ordinary magnetism. Instead the magnetism is keyed to attract and to extract the radioactive elements from ordinary objects and the earth.

Radium, Polonium, Uranium, Astatine, Radon, Francium, Actinium, Thorium and Protactinium float in ball-form mushes around the glowing subject. The elements constantly circle and sicken both the subject and those surrounding them. Scientists, however, have been working on a Radiation suit that will render the subject immune to the glowing radiation.

When the suit is complete, the Radiatomensches will be very deadly weapons in the Russian arsenal, and when the Russians eventually discover how to properly build a pile to cause nuclear reactions- the Radiatomensches' extractative skills will be very much in demand.

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« Reply #4 on: June 20, 2009, 08:17:13 PM »

Reserved #4... Might as well.

Spawn of Ungoliant

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« Reply #5 on: June 20, 2009, 08:19:45 PM »

Cool!  Very pulpy. Will Rasputin figure at all (noting the Hellboy influence) or did he actually die in 1916?

Reminds me a bit of Godlike.

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« Reply #6 on: June 20, 2009, 08:22:58 PM »

I never played Godlike or Scion, but they seemed intriguing.

It might be interesting to have Rasputin hang around, considering his longevity and near-inhuman vigor. I will need to consider just what he must have been...

Oh, and of course- I cannot believe I forgot this:
Inspiration- Hitler v. Stalin. (This will blow your mind).

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« Reply #7 on: June 20, 2009, 11:58:09 PM »

Heh I love how Lenin features as a minor character.

« Reply #8 on: June 20, 2009, 11:59:00 PM »

This looks very interesting. When I started reading I was more than a little skeptic but for some reason it made me keep reading and now I find it pretty cool. Definitely looking forward to reading more.


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« Reply #9 on: June 21, 2009, 05:25:48 AM »

Like Biohazard, when I started reading this looked very much like another "Second World War plus Magic" thing, but the way you've fleshed it out and given seemingly as much focus to the non-European theatres makes it stand apart from other attempts I've come across in the genre. Keep it up!

Also, on a technical note, I like the layout. It makes it very easy and even almost exciting to read.

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« Reply #10 on: June 21, 2009, 07:37:50 AM »

It's good to see Golems return to their roots ^^
India sounds sorta comical; of course, many elements in this setting could add quite a comical edge to WW2.
... Do the Chinese have an alliance with Jesus? Or is it just some veeery similar Chinese myth i don't know of?
I would have liked to see some more differences in Europe; Nordic einherjar, valkyries and berserkers, Excalibur unearthed and wielded by Churchill, Greece might see the return of their heroes from Hades, and everyone loses contact with Transylvania, etc.  

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« Reply #11 on: June 21, 2009, 09:09:04 AM »

CC makes good points, more variation in Europe is a must (especially as not all of Europe is Catholic)

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« Reply #12 on: June 21, 2009, 10:20:09 AM »

>>... Do the Chinese have an alliance with Jesus? Or is it just some veeery similar Chinese myth i don't know of?"

Well, the chinese did have the younger brother of Jesus Christ:

But The Yellow Emperor is who I was thinking about --

"The legend of his victory in the war against Emperor Chi You at the Battle of Zhuolu is seen as the establishment of the Han Chinese nationality.

Among his many accomplishments, Huangdi has been credited with the invention of the principles of Traditional Chinese medicine. "

Notably: "Huangti serves as the hero in Jorge Luis Borges' story, "The Fauna of the Mirror." British fantasy writer China Miéville used this story as the basis for his novella "The Tain", which describes a post-apocalyptic London. "The Tain" was recently included in Miéville's short story collection "Looking For Jake.""

I seem to have confused him a bit with Shennong, who invented agriculture.

The breaking of the loaves was sort of a joke on my part- but the reference to Jesus was intended- there is a distinct notice that the "end times" are arriving. The Christians have seen Hell Break Loose, and the Moslem Occluded Imam has returned. The Chinese, however, as I understand it, do not have a myth of the "end times"; and frankly, China does not really have a "religion" as it is considered in the west (It is easy to be a Buddhist and a Daoist; or a Buddhist and a Confucian)- so I figured I could get away with basically having Jesus' second coming be in China. It may be a little controversial-- but still, I endorse no one religion as being "true"; it's just what works for the story's intrigue. smile And it is even more amusing that Jesus did not return among the Christians or the Jews, but instead came to "unbelievers" as one of their own famous people.

As far as I'm concerned in GodSmack- there may very well be only one God- but if that is the case, then he had his hand in creating every religion-- so they are all fairly important.

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« Reply #13 on: June 21, 2009, 10:53:51 AM »

you know, I normally look down on class-systems.  But as they are used here to define cultures from the top down, it really helps.

But I cannot believe you crushed all the european classes together.  I wanted to see what you'd make of finland...

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« Reply #14 on: June 21, 2009, 12:03:35 PM »

This may be a crazy idea, but maybe you could throw a personification/avatar of General Winter in the mix. Not that it has anything to do with religion, but I think it might fit well with the theme.

You could also have the Kamikaze (the divine wind, not the suicide pilots) manifest from time to time in aid of the Japanese.

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