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Author Topic: Neo-Terra: Racial Ideas (WIP)  (Read 204 times)
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The humans that began migrating over into Neo-Terra during the World Wars found themselves in a familiar yet alien world. They were shocked to discover hominid species, and so far no one knows exactly how early humans came into this world. It shouldn't be possible to bend the universe and tear holes into other dimensions through natural means.

The humans that have evolved in this world come in enough variety that it became necessary to use new species classifications.

Homo Sapian Neo: Humans exist in this world, and they share enough genetic similarity that while scientists have classified themselves seperately, it's mainly as a way to keep Neo-Terrans from being lumped into the same assumptions that would come with Earthlings.

Homo Nani: Dwarves were bred by dragons to become miners in order to more efficiently mine out resources, primarily gold and fine metals. However when the prehistoric Dragon Civilization fell, the dwarves were left to their own devices. The primary dwarven civilization has a distinct culture of medieval industrialism. Dwarves own all of the major Iron and fine metal distribution on the continent. They seem to be trying to develop healthy relations with the Earthling colonies. Obviously as a means to get their hands on technological assets, but could also have other more insidious undertones.

Homo Acutis Auris: Elves in contrast to dwarves were bred for mystical purposes. Mainly to keep the other hominid races in check on behalf of the dragons. Elves have evolved a keen sense of entitlement, but they are very intelligent. and most importantly have much longer life spans. Reproduction is much slower though so their populations are always too low to maintain a large civilization.

Homo Acutis Auris Arbor (Lignum/Tenebris):Fae Trees are sentient trees with the supernatural ability to warp their environments around them and enduce local fauna into serving it's purposes. While this could be seen as a parasitic relationship, there are benefits for the fauna that find themselves under the influence of the trees. Two groups of Elves have evolved around influences of Fae Trees.

The first group are Woodland Elves, who act as warrior guardians for the trees. They are given more free will over themselves than other creatures, but they

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