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Home of the Tri-Star Republic, the land of the Ethorium Expresses and the mighty Sauran Beasts, Montasuma is a world of magic wielding frontiersmen that range from heroic lawmen, wild cowboys, vile desperadoes, orderly militias, or humble pioneers and all of these wildly disjointed folks have one thing in common; they are trying to tame the fearful and mystical land that they call home from the "savage" druids, and wild and unpredictable mystified landscape they are trying to tame.


Major Factions:

The Tri-Star Republic: The land of Montasuma is primarily composed of three states: New Havenworthe, Desvelado, and South Marlonta.

  • New Havenworthe: When the first Netherians settled in this realm, they were fleeing from a tyrannical regime, and all that had traveled to this land all craved the same thing; Freedom. This sense of liberty continues to permeate through the cultural development of the Tri-Star, but it all began in what would eventually be known as New Havenworthe
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