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496  Campaign Creation / Homebrews / Usage relationship between the forum area and the wiki area on: February 20, 2008, 10:17:11 PM
I'm just starting out trying to make use of this site and it's resources (as well as the other two alliance sites - esp. PlotStorming) and I'm getting confused by the amount of new information - as in "how to," without any clear guides as to what needs to be done and how it all works together best. I started a new wiki page (Panisadore:Main_Page) but don't really understand the structure of what the wiki software produces to know what to do next. I see a lot of campaign settings listed here in the forum, but only find two listed in the wiki projects. Are most people simply posting material in the forum threads for review/critique but not compiling any of their setting in the wiki host? How do you get your setting listed in the projects on the wiki host? I'm not at all familiar with using online project structure/formats (such as building a wiki) and could use some general help here. I'm also wondering how the web hosting for CBG can best connect to the PlotStorming web hosting for creative writing related to my campaign project. I would like to smoothly inter-relate the two areas of effort with minimal redundancy. Any guidance here would be appreciated.

Have Fun, Play Well,
Amergin O'Kai
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