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1  Campaign Creation / Meta / Re: XXXzone - Extraterrestrial Elimination and Experimentation on: May 25, 2016, 11:45:32 PM
Base Management and Building
Base management requires building facilities in a limited area. Facilities cost funding and manpower days to construct. Bases have a limited area to construct in, and though excavations can increase the area by adding more floors, digging deeper and deeper become progressively expensive. The small base size is important to reduce the visibility of the XXXzone program to both spies, enemies and civilians.

Facilities have a specific shape and orientation, and while they can be rotated to face any of the cardinal directions, their layout cannot be mirrored.

The first base the XXXzone Program begins with is already set up with a Runway and its Radar Tower on the Surface, two Elevator units, a single floor of underground Excavation with a Command Center in it, three Air Craft Hangers, a military style Barracks, an Armoury, and a Residence for scientists and engineers. The base is also staffed by your revered commander, our head of research, six officers, three air traffic controllers, a five man team of radar technicians, five engineers, and a grumpy overworked janitor.

To determine how long it actually takes to build a facility, divide the Manpower Days it takes to build the facility by the number of Engineers assigned to complete the task, and round the reminder up to the nearest increment in hours.

Surface - 10 Days - 1 Free with each base - IMG
7x7 Area exposed to the sky to build more facilities on. 1 per base.
A relatively small space for a military base, but it should suffice for our needs.

Elevator - 30 Days - 1F - IMG
1x1 Structure, spans two layers.
An engineering marvel, this facility allows people and vehicles to change what layer of the base they are on. Can be partially overlapped vertically to save space and still allow access to deeper layers beneath the surface. Also has stairs for those who want a calm walk or bun building workout.

Excavation - 150 Days - 1F times the layer beneath the surface - IMG
5x5 Area underground to build more facilities in. Cannot overlap or touch other Excavations horizontally.
While more cramped than the surface, our advanced mining technology allows us to dig deeper and hide the true depth of the forces and facilities we will have. Given time.

Command Center - 60 Days - 3F - IMG
Five Square Cross (3x3) Facility. Each base must have one, and only one per base. Vehicles cannot pass through it.
The heart of our extra-governmental operations, this facility is required to manage our strategic assets and direct our operatives in the field of battle. Each base we build requires one to link our operations seamlessly. The communications antenna isn't too elaborate and can be placed anywhere on the surface, though preferably on top of the Radar Tower. Has a build in residence for the bases' command crew of 12. The cost includes the salary of these fine Officers.

Runway - 20 Days - 1F - IMG
7x1 Structure. Each base needs one, and only one, on the Surface.
A flat level area of tarmac meticulously painted and lit for managing airplane traffic on the ground. Has multiple actual runways to launch or land multiple planes from.

Radar Tower - 20 Days - 1F - IMG
1x1 Facility. Each base needs one, and only one, on the Surface, adjacent to the Runway.
This tower has everything needed to keep an eye on Radar and manage air traffic in the area. Has enough residential facilities for the crew of five technicians and three air traffic controller. The cost includes hiring the staff.

Aircraft Hanger - 30 Days - 1F - IMG
2x1 Facility
This facility has everything needed to house a single aircraft and maintain it. While a base doesn't need a hanger for plans to land on the runway, it is needed if a plane is to stay in the base and allow other traffic on the runway, and isn't going to immediately leave after picking up or dropping off cargo. Vehicles can pass through it.

Automobile Depot - 30 Days - 1F - IMG
3x1 Facility
A large garage with enough room to house and maintain up to three land vehicles. Like Tanks. Naturally, Vehicles can pass through it.

Barracks - 20 Days - 1F - IMG
Z-block (3x2) shaped Facility
A spartan facility that can comfortably house up to thirty field operatives. Has all the amenities for keeping soldiers happy, healthy and entertained. Vehicles cannot pass through it.

Armoury - 30 Days - 1F - IMG
Short T-Block (3x2) shaped Facility. A base needs at least one to arm operatives and vehicles.
Description and Benefits. Can store up to five metric tonnes of weaponry and ammunition. Comes with a lock on the door. Vehicles cannot pass through it.

Residence - 30 Days - 2F - IMG
S-Block (3x2) shaped Facility
A well designed and spacious facility that can house ten Scientists and Engineers comfortably with up to date furniture and entertainment. These pampered lab operatives require more gentle accommodations than the rugged field operatives, but they ware worth the effort since they provide valuable in house work that the combat oriented operatives aren't trained to do. Vehicles cannot pass through it.

Storage Room - 5 Days - Free or 1F for Temperature Controlled - IMG
1x1 Facility
A small area with that can be used to store miscellaneous tools, materials, and artifacts. The Cold Storage Room can be used to store biological materials. Like corpses. Vehicles cannot pass through it.

Laboratory - 30 Days - 1F - IMG
T-Block (3x3) shaped Facility
This large facility has all the beakers, bunsens, ovens, centrifuges, vats, prongs, hermetically sealed rooms, and things that go "bloodoopoodoopoo" that every scientist needs to perform Science. This entire facility is enough to keep up to fifteen lab operatives busy on a single project simultaneously. Some projects may require Engineers to perform the research. Vehicles cannot pass through it.

Engineering Facility - 45 Days - 2F - IMG
Short U-Block (3x2) shaped Facility
A series of rooms, tables, furnaces, foundries and metal presses. This facility has everything needed for a team of engineers to manufacture anything we have the blue prints fore. Because of the engineering skills that went into designing this facility, up to three projects can be worked on at once, and can keep up to twenty engineers busy working on them. Some projects may require a Scientist to provide specialized knowledge from their field of expertise. Vehicles can pass through it.

Vehicle Assembly - 90 Days - 3F - IMG
Short L-block (2x2) shaped Facility
Everything needed to have ten engineers working on building, upgrading or repairing a vehicle. Vehicles can pass through it.

Training Gym - 30 Days - 1F - IMG
J-block (3x2) shaped Facility
At this facility operatives can use the various resistance machines and treadmills to improve their Strength, Endurance and Agility, or learn abilities related to those attributes, up to the level of six in each of the attributes. A Scientist of the Biology Class must be assigned to this facility to supervise and direct the trainees to achieve any results. The facility can also be used recreationally by the operatives to keep in shape. Vehicles cannot pass through it.

Class Room - 15 Days - 1F - IMG
O-block (2x2) shaped Facility
A state of the art facility that operatives take courses in to improve their Charisma and Intelligence, or learn the related abilities, up to the level of six. Any Scientist or Engineer can be assigned to teach courses to operatives, but the different classes will have different courses to offer. Vehicles cannot pass through it.

Firing Range - 30 Days - 1F - IMG
L-block (3x2) shaped Facility
A long hallway with animatronic moving targets for training operatives to improve their Perception, and a lesser extent Agility. Perception and related abilities can be improved up to level 6, while agility can accidentally be improved up to level 4 Vehicles cannot pass through it.

Missile Silo - 120 Days - 3F - IMG
O-block shaped Facility six layers tall. Top layer must be on the Surface.
A facility that is used to build and maintain a large rocket with which to launch an ICBM or Satellite from. If the area beneath the surface layer of the silo hasn't been completely excavated yet, 1F must be payed and 80 man power days must be spent to clear the area out. Vehicles cannot pass through it, however a vehicle can be loaded onto the rocket from the second layer of this facility. The Missile Silo has stairs to grant people access to the different layers, except the surface. The surface layer is camouflaged to look like baseball diamond.

Surface to Air Missile Battery - 30 Days - 1F - IMG
1x1 Facility. Must be placed on the Surface.
Has a lot of missiles that go whoosh and boom. Don't let your plane get hit by the missiles or it will fall from the sky!

Starting a new base costs 10 Funding Tokens, and takes 320 manpower days to complete. This includes clearing and preparing the Surface, putting in an Elevator, digging an Excavation, and putting in a Command Center, a Runway, a Radar Tower and a single Hanger.

2  Campaign Creation / Meta / Re: XXXzone - Extraterrestrial Elimination and Experimentation on: May 25, 2016, 07:55:50 PM
Creating and Improving Operatives
When you best isn't good enough, get better.

To generate a new operative, assign to each of the Seven Base Attributes a roll of 1d4+1 in order, then compute the Derived Stats. Follow up by giving the new rookie a suit of Last Chance Body Armour and an eight item utility belt, a Billpup small assault rifle and up to 7 magazines of 20 rounds of standard ammo each, an SAP pistol and up to 5 magazines of 20 rounds of standard ammo each, and up to three Frag grenades. Finish them up with a name, gender, and a blurb about how and why they joined the XXXzone program, and they are ready for their first mission.

Or more training.

Operatives and enemies alike have attributes scores and special abilities. As the game progresses, the extraterrestrials are bringing more advanced technology and personnel into play. New technology can be researched but better operatives don't grow on trees. Regular troops are bettered by training programs in special facilities (or blind luck). Training an attribute or ability requires the appropriate facility to be built and uninterrupted time spent in a training regime.
  • Training to improve an attribute by single point takes Three Days plus an additional Three days for each point of the attribute the operative already has.
  • Learning a new ability requires Three Days for each point of the minimum attribute score is required to learn the ability.
This exception is the Luck attribute itself, which is improved by spending 1F and sending an operative on a one week gambling binge. With favourable fortune, they will return with a better Luck score and/or the Funding Token back. Abilities that require Luck can be trained in various facilities.

Base Management - blah blah blah, my head hurts

Training Gym - costs 1F to build, 4 units J-block
At this facility operatives can improve their Strength, Endurance and Agility, or learn abilities related to those attributes, up to the level of six in each of the attributes. A Scientist of the Biology Class must be assigned to this facility to supervise and direct the trainees to achieve any results. The facility can also be used recreationally by the operatives to keep in shape.

Abilities, Strength:
  • Melee Charge - STR 2 - If you spend at least twice as much AP as one of your melee attack options to move, you may perform a melee attack at the end of your movement.
  • Improved Charge - STR 3 - If your spend your full AP in a turn to move then perform a melee attack using the Melee Charge ability, your attack's DT is reduced by 10%. Must learn the Melee Charge ability before this one.
  • Steady Aim - STR 3 - Reduce the recoil of every gun you use by 3%
  • Very Steady Aim - STR 4 - When you use the aim action with a gun, then use the Burst Fire or Spray Fire mode, the first attack roll you make with this action doesn't suffer the recoil penalty. Must learn Steady Aim first.
  • Strong Back - STR 4 - Increase your Carrying Capacity by 10kg, and your Maximum Capacity by 25kg
  • Herculean Back - STR 5 - Increase your carrying capacity and max capacity again by the same amount.
  • Atlas Strong - STR 6 - You can move up to twice your max capacity in mass, but must spend tree times the AP per square to do so.
  • Iron Fist - STR 5 - You may use your Unarmed Attacks with the same effectiveness as a weapon. The Iron Fist is a melee weapon your are always able to use, and being disarmed of it requires literally being disarmed.
    • Iron Fist - DT 40%, STR 4, Weight 0 - Training
      PUNCH!!! - 2 AP
  • Chi Strike Palm - STR 6 - Reduce the DT of your Unarmed Attack or Iron Fist by 10%, and successful wounds force a Fortitude Check to avoid 1d3 turns of being Stunned and three turns of being Disoriented
Abilities, Endurance:
  • Toughness - END 2 - The first 3+END Minor Wounds you take are ignored. They drain no AP, incur no penalties, and heal over in a day.
  • Improved Toughness - END 3 - The first 1+END/2 Severe Wounds you receive and succeed Willpower checks for drain no AP and incur no penalties. Must have Toughness to learn Improved Toughness.
  • Walking Shooting - END 3 - Half of all AP you spend on shooting guns during your turn can be recycled and spent only on movement.
  • Aqualad / Aqualass - END 4 - You can move as easily in water as you can on land. You can spend 1AP instead of 2AP to swim one square. The game master also won't count how long you can hold your breath anymore.
  • Poison Resistance - END 4 - Your bonus to Fortitude Checks against Poison is now 35 instead of 20
  • Fast Healing - END 5 - Your Minor Wounds heal in 1d3 days instead of 1d6, your Severe Wounds heal over in 3d8 days instead of 4d8, and your Mortal Wounds heal over in 3d10 days instead of 4d12.
  • Chi Breath Iron Body - END 5 - If you spend 4 AP to start this special breathing technique and do not move that turn, until your next turn you gain a 20% damage resistance against attacks that do no automatically pierce your armour, and Melee attacks against you also take a -20% penalty on their attack roll until your next turn.
Abilities, Agility:
  • Run and Gun - AGI 2 - Up to half the AP your spend on movement in a turn can be recycled and spent on using a gun's firing mode.
  • Action Boy / Action Girl - AGI 3 - You gain 2 more AP you can use each round. If you have 4 Agility, you can gain train some more to gain a second iteration of this ability.
  • Shadow Attack - AGI 3 - Gain a 10% bonus to your Sneak Score. When you attack an enemy that is unaware of you, gain a 10% to your attack roll.
  • Silent Attack - AGI 4 - Gain a 10% bonus to your Sneak Score. When shooting at enemies with a suppressed weapon, decrease its DT by 5%.
  • Sneak Attack - AGI 5 - Gain a 10% bonuse to your Sneak Score. Successful melee attacks against enemies who are unaware of you have their type of wound improved to the next tier. Glancing hits become Minor Wounds, a minor becomes a Severe Wound, and severe become Mortal.
  • Quick Draw - AGI 3 - Any AP spent on movement can be recycled to perform the Draw Item action.
  • Action Reload - AGI 4 - Any AP spent on movement can be recycled to reload a weapon.
  • Moving Target - AGI 5 - If movement during your turn draws reaction fire, the accuracy of those attacks is reduced by 10% and your have a 10% damage resistance.
  • Akimbo - AGI 6 - Any AP spent to use a weapon in one hand can be recycled to use a weapon in the other. The Spray Mode can be used with two Pistols, using twice ammo of a Burst Fire Mode from each pistol.
Abilities, Luck:
  • Grim Reaper's Sprint - LCK 3 - An attack that kills an enemey can have it's full AP spent recycled and used for movement.
  • Bloody Mess - LCK 4 - Your successful attacks draw out more than the normal amount of blood. The DT of all weapons you use is reduced by 2%.
Class Room - costs 1F to build, 4 units O-block
A state of the art facility that operatives take courses in to improve their Charisma and Intelligence, or learn related abilities, up to the level of six. Any Scientist or Engineer can be assigned to teach courses to operatives, but the different classes will have different courses to offer.

Abilities, Charisma:
  • Poster Boy / Poster Girl - CHA 2 - Not only are you photogenic, but there's something about you that with the right pose that says "Give me money. I'm awesome." If only we could do recruitment posters. Increase the funding the XXXzone program gets ever month by one token.
  • Schmooze the Boss' Boss - CHA 3 - By bringing you along to Security Council meetings to mingle with the politicians we can increase our funding for the month by another token. You have to already be a Poster Boy/Girl to do this.
  • Femme Fatale / Homme Fatale - CHA 3 - You appear as charming as you are dangerous. You are more 20% persuasive to neutral combatants in the field, and the DT of your weapons decreases by 5% when attacking humans.
  • Teamwork! - CHA 3 - When you perform a similar action as an ally who also has this ability, you gain a 10% bonus on any d% roll to perform the action. This also gain the benefit of this ability as they also have the perk!
  • Mark Target - CHA 4 - You can spend 4AP to point out an enemy to your allies, and until lose your focus from this target (such as losing sight of them, or you doing something other than attacking them or moving) allies gain a 20% to hit them with their attacks.
  • Inspire Allies - CHA 4 - If you spend 4AP and say something inspiring, you can motivate your allies better. Any ally within four squares of you when you use this ability may re-roll a single Willpower Check they have failed within the past Turn.
  • Authority Aura - CHA 5 - Friendly Combatants you encounter in the field are 50% more likely to consider you their superior when met instead of ignoring you or treating you like a civilian. You also can direct panicking civilian to run in specific direction away from danger, instead of letting them pick a random direction and running into more trouble.
  • Calming Aura - CHA 5 - You have the uncanny ability to calm panicking civilians, and only need to spend 4 AP to do so.
Abilities, Intelligence:
  • MEDIC! - INT 2 - You have been trained to provide first-aid and triage in combat. You pack and use Med-kits more efficiently, each one you carry having 3+INT/2 uses instead of just one, and using one only takes 3d6 AP instead of 4d6. Requires a Bio-chemist to teach the course.
  • Combat Surgeon - INT 4 - Your knowledge of human anatomy makes you a more dangerous enemy. Melee attacks upon human with blades you perform have their DT decreased by 10%. Requires a Bio-chemist to teach the course.
  • Mechanic - INT 3 - You can tinker and jury rig repairs to damaged vehicles, the time needed and chance of success dependent on the location, type and severity of the damage. Having a tool kit and spare parts would certainly help. Requires an Engineer to teach the course.
  • Hacker - INT 3 - Your are trained in electronic espionage, and can attempt to hack any computer you can reach to illegitimately access data storage. Hacking a computer across the internet takes 3d10! hours. If you get a portable computer to bring with you in the field, you can pre-load it with data-mining and encryption breaking software to make hacking much quicker, taking 3d10! AP per attempt if you can connect your computer to the target machine. You gain a Hack score of 25+5*INT. Requires a Computer Scientist to teach the course.
  • Scientist - INT 4 - You have gained a diploma in a field of your choice and can contribute to the XXXzone program as more than a field operative. When not on a mission or convalescing from Severe or Mortal Wounds you can count as a scientist of the type of your choice. Learning this ability requires another Scientist of the same type to teach the course.
  • You can train to gain the Scientist  ability a second time and become a scientist of a another type, but the INT requirement increases to 5, and you can still only research as one type of scientist at once.
  • Field Researcher - INT 4 - To you there is no such thing as safe science. Even if on a combat mission or convalescing from Severe Wounds you count as contributing valuable scientific data to a research project.
Scientist Classes:
  • Material Chemist
  • Bio-chemist
  • Classical Physicist
  • Nuclear Physicist
  • Computer Scientist
  • Sociologist
  • Engineer - Technically an Engineer is not a Scientist, as Scientist experiments to learn about the laws of the natural world while am Engineers applies scientific knowledge to invent a world yet unknown. Engineers can do scientific research just as Scientists can apply what they learn to perform feats of engineering, but the disciplines are very different.
Abilities, Luck:
  • Loot Drops - LCK 2 - Enemy equipment is less likely to be irreversibly damage, more likely to be salvageable for research purposes.
  • More Loot - LCK 3 - Enemy equipment is even more likely to be recoverable, and sometimes they will carry extra ammo they haven't gotten a chance to use.
  • "Thank you, Stranger!" - LCK 5 - In every battle, there is now a chance that there will be additional allies. Maybe an old hunter from the woods, or an ornery alligator in that pond, or some street thugs just around the corner, or even just an extra squad of soldiers in the army base. Whoever they are, the helpful strangers are appropriate to the area they are encountered in and competent in a fire fight.
Firing Range - costs 1F to build, 4 units L-block
A long hallway with animatronic moving targets for training operatives to improve their Perception, and a lesser extent Agility. Perception and related abilities can be improved up to level 6, while agility can accidentally be improved up to level 4

Abilities, Perception:
  • Lockpicker - PER 2 - You don't need keys. Tumble locks can be bypassed with a successful Locksmith attempt. Roll d% and add your new Locksmith score of 50+5*PER, and if the result is over 100 you pick the lock. Each attempt takes 3d10 AP
  • Tactical Scouting - PER 3 - If you can see an enemy, you can determine the weak points in their armour. You can spend 4 AP observing a previously unknown enemy and determine their armour's Damage Resistance as well as it's minimum AP requirement to penetrate. (The GM will tell you the value.)
  • Grenadier - PER 3 - You know how to optimize the location and timing of your explosive weapons for maximum effect. Grenades and bombs you use get a 15% bonus on their explosion's attack roll and automatically deal full damage to terrain features.
  • Explosives Expert - PER 4 - You know how to get the most out of an explosion. Reduce the DT of any explosion you cause by 5% and increase its Armour Penetration Type by one category.
  • Dead Eye - PER 4 - If your gun has a scope replacing its sights, you don't need to use it to gain the benefit of the aim action with the weapon.
  • Lion's Eye - PER 4 - If you have taken the aim action, and the target gains concealment, you can still shoot at them with all your bonuses and they do not gain the benefit of any concealment until you actual lose track of them. They still benefit from their cover, though.
  • Guardian - PER 5 AGI 3 - You don't suffer the 20% accuracy penalty when making reaction fire from overwatch.
  • Sniper - PER 5 - You can use the Aim action consecutively and stack the benefits a number of additional times equal to half your AGI for the next shot you take. Any shots with the same gun that follow count as only having a single Aim action taken.
  • Eagle's Eye - PER 6 - If you take the aim action, you do not suffer accuracy falloff for a number of squares equal to your PER score, up to the optimal range of the weapon.
Abilities, Luck:
  • Executioner - LCK 4 - If you attack an enemy that has already taken a wound that they do not ignore for whatever reason, you gain a 10% bonus on the attack rolls.
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Had a play test with my regular D&D group. They kinda like the game, though the regular DM insisted on making a non-standard character. This led to adding a new weapon to the game. A couple of rule changes are in order, and I need to quickly come up with better rules for levelling up and gaining wealth.

In the first scenario featured a Zhetan in Power Armour and some hover drones hiding in a log cabin. One of the players moved their player out of cover and got focus fired by three drones. Taking a mortal wound and dying at the end of their next turn, she decided to pull all the pins on her grenades and charge the lone xeno controlling the hover drones. The other characters tried to flank the Zhetan during the whole battle.

In the second scenario, the team needed to bust in a heavily guarded warehouse, escorting a VIP to hack the computer system and steal some Intel. Instead of shooting their way through, they managed to sneak in and gank a single guard, hack the computer and snuck away. They used the guard's grenade to make it look like he accidentally pulled the pin and killed himself like an idiot to cover up their entry.

In the third scenario, the team had into clear out some Boorus Hive monsters from building a nest in a completely different warehouse in a completely different country. The identical layout was a coincidence, not an effect of my laziness, really.

Rule changes:
Determine Wounds - need to redo the description to explain that there are four categories of wounds; minor, severe, mortal, lethal.

Under Wounds:
Minor Wound - Taken when receiving the barest of hits, each Minor Wound wracks the entity with pain and taxes their bodies. Entities that take a Minor wound must pass a Will Power Test or lose half their max AP in the following round (round leftovers up). A second Minor wound in a round forces a second Will Power Test to avoid losing the rest of their AP. Successive Minor Wounds begin incurring a stacking 10% to all successive attack rolls, will power tests and fortitude checks until healed.  Minor Wounds each take 1d6 days to heal.
Severe Wound - Taken by solid hits that deal severe damage but don't hit anything immediately vital. Every time this type of wound is taken, the victim needs to succeed on a Willpower test or be stunned, losing all their AP in the following turn to wracking pain. Furthermore, each proceeding Sever Wound taken incurs a stacking -20% penalty to all Attack Rolls, Will Power Tests and Fortitude Checks until healed. Severe Wounds each take 4d8 days to heal.
Mortal Wound - A vital part of the entity has been hit and is likely dying. First, a Mortal Wound forces a Willpower Test from the victim or the entity passes out from the shock of pain. Second, this type of wound forces the victim to make a Fortitude Check to avoid bleeding out and dying in 1d4 turns. Additionally, each successive mortal wound taken during a turn incurs a stacking -50% penalty on all attack rolls, will power tests and fortitude checks until healed. Mortal wounds each take 4d12 days to heal.
Lethal Wound - The entity has been struck in a part needed for immediate function, and must pass a Fortitude Check or die instantly. Additionally, they must pass a Willpower test or be rendered unconscious from the shock. Like Mortal wounds, successive Lethal wound that is survived incurs a stacking -50% penalty on all attack rolls, will power tests and fortitude checks until healed, and each take 4d12 days to heal.

Then need to add a note: If an entity has taken enough penalties to take 100% penalty of on rolls they are disabled and out of combat unless they are treated with a med-kit or brought back home and properly healed.

Shotguns have been adjusted. They have more have a static range and don't blast pellets in a cone (except the sawed-off).
All guns need to have their STR requirement reduced to make it easier for rookies to use them.
Now have rules for Suppressors and "Silent" weapons
4  The Works / The Dragon's Den / Re: [Forum Game] Crush My Wishes on: March 29, 2016, 09:06:43 PM
Granted! You now have a normal taco. It's being held in reserve by a street side food cart in Mexico City, so you're gonna have to go get it.

I wish I knew what to wish for.
5  Campaign Creation / Campaign Elements and Design / Re: XXXzone Campaign Setting on: March 28, 2016, 03:05:29 PM
There are two standard Zzhetan invasion procedures when attacking inhabited planets.

The first involves having the Armada repeatedly and strategically bombarding hard targets from orbit with precision to disable a society’s military, government and law enforcement before dropping pods full of combat drones to capture whatever inhabitants remain for enslavement. Most Zzhetanz never see combat in person, only through remote viewing through drones. Only when a planet’s inhabitants manage to resist capture for extended periods do Zzhetanz soldiers enter active combat, and even then are the accompanied by a small cadre of drones.

The second invasion method is what the Zzhetan’s call Bio-cleansing, and the Empire requires permission from the Star Lords to perform. In this case, the Zzhetan armada will bombard a planet’s population centers with kinetic mass weapons in addition to precision strikes. Following that, the armada will unleash hordes of combat drones specifically programmed to hunt down all life forms above a certain size or of a certain shape.

Thankfully, the Humans of Earth don’t have to worry about a Zzhetan Invasion. What Humanity may face is having Earth declared a World of Strife by the Empire. This will mean that Zzhetan soldiers will visit the planet with the intent to cause chaos and engage local military forces in combat. In these instances, a Zzhetan soldier will drop down to the surface in a pod and attempt to achieve an objective as a mock-up for what they would perform during a real invasion. Worse, the better our troops perform, the higher the danger rank our planet will receive, encouraging more experienced and better equipted Zzhetans to show up.

Zzhetans are smaller in stature than humans, standing an average of 125 centimeters, and physically comparable in scale. What makes their soldiers dangerous is their use of superior technology and seamless cybernetic enhancements.

The first piece of hardware you will notice is a form of powered armoured exosuit, which they can easily control through a neural-uplink provided by their backpack like implant. These come in models that are simply plated environment suits to fully functional body replacers with extra limbs, and what you encounter will depend entirely on that Zzhetan’s preference.

The second important piece of technology Zzhetanz employ is robotic drones. Every Zzhetan has at least a single drone that they control using a combination of direct neural link, again through their Pack, and the drones’ simulated intelligence. Combat drones come in many forms, from small weapons platforms, to e-war or c-war units, to large multi-purpose battle units. Drone AIs are programed to put their owner’s survival before mission objectives. All drones have articulated limbs that allow them to move over many terrain types, and most also have some form of hover technology.

While Zzhetan weapons technology is far above our own understanding as of now, they use primarily kinetic weapons comparable in effectiveness to our own ballistic weapons. The difference is in their use of computer assisted targeting and mechanically assisted recoil compensation.

Zzhetan Combat Doctrine states that soldiers and drones should abstain from melee combat, however powered exosuit fists are easily capable of breaking through concrete with only a small amount of time and minimal effort from their wearer. Additionally, many veterans will equip their exosuits or drones with extra limbs that include built in melee weapons.
6  Campaign Creation / Campaign Elements and Design / XXXzone Campaign Setting on: March 27, 2016, 12:56:27 PM
I'm going to post idea I have for the alien races or alternate campaign settings here.


Zzhetanz, as described by Mizrin.

“I will insist you put those extra ‘Z’s in the written form. You sound more respectful when you pronounce all the ‘Z’s.

“So, my race,” he says with a bit of trepidation. “Perhaps I should start with what creature we evolved from. I believe your planet has a similar category of creatures called spiders, though there are many differences. For one our progenitors were much bigger, closer in size to your gorillas. Our ancestral race also had an endoskeleton, not an exoskeleton, a common element you’ll find across the space faring races.” He then points to his face. “As you can see I have lips and a tongue, features this creature had in addition to venomous fangs, which I lack.”

“This creature was a solitary predator with a penchant for making tools and elaborate traps. I’m not a historian so I don’t know the specifics, but eventually these creatures started gathering in colonies and developed husbandry and eventually evolved enough intelligence to grasp the concepts of genetic engineering and baking.

“My race, as you can see with, is not large like those gorillas you have. I am actually the smallest of my kind, so do not take my lack of stature as the norm. I also only have four limbs instead of eight, an intentional design feature. Eight limbs is entirely too much for most people, so my species made some changes.” He points to his backpack. “We still have the brain capacity to use all these limbs, which is where this thing, my Pack, comes in. We Zzhetanz are a genetically engineered cyber-organic species, and interfacing with this machine requires a significant amount of neural processing power. It has also replaced many bodily functions of life sustaining organs that we no longer have, as well as being a primary interface for a lot of our technology.”

“A good example would be our version of what you call the Internet. My race has little use for terminals, hand held or otherwise, as my Pack would allow me link to our radio-telepathy network. This isn’t the same as the Psionic-Telepathy network those glowing bastards have, it’s much better.”

“Our society is an Military Empire, ever expanding and seeking new worlds to colonize. We were very aggressive conquerors for a time, until the Armadas of the Star Lords defeated us repeatedly. Now we have much more rules on what type of worlds we are allowed to colonize or conquer, one of which is that when we encounter a planet with a biosphere we must leave it be for a set amount of time to see if intelligent life could evolve from it. Then there are numerous rules for if there is intelligent life on the planet whether we may invade it, and permission from the Star Lords.

“I don’t want to talk about the Star Lords right now.

“Oh, I don’t know all the rules, but I know this planet isn’t on the list for a very big reason. It’s in a something called a Madness Zone, an area of the universe that not even semi-intelligent life can enter or develop without adequate protection or some sort of outer-dimensional psychic entity possessing it and rendering it mad. I’ve upgraded my Pack to protect me, but it was very costly. I didn’t expect to encounter an intelligent species in this zone.

“In anycase, we were talking my Race, not your adorable little planet.

“Our society is split between two castes, the Technicians and the Warriors. There’s a subtle difference in genetic expression that becomes apparent during our incubation period and this determines what sort of caste we will be in during our entire lives. This also determines what sort of Pack we receive after hatching. I am a warrior caste Zzhetan, and have a Warrior’s Pack. It is a lighter more streamlined machine, but just as modular and configurable. The real difference between my Warrior Pack and a Technician’s Pack are that my Pack has software for interfacing with weapons and combat vehicles, while a Technician’s Pack has software geared towards logistics and resource management. In any case, both our Pack allow us to access the Network as well as interface with drones, whether they are combat drones or worker drones. Those are autonomous robots we employ to do menial tasks such as maintenance, repair, sanitation, scouting or fighting.

“Our leadership is composed of the Imperial Council, a group of thirteen venerable Zzhetans chosen for… um… huh, I’m not sure how they are chosen, I just know that there are always thirteen of them, and the retirees often take up teaching positions in the academies. Anyway, the council is the final authority on everything in the empire, and only step in to make decisions when the protocols they or their predecessors have designed are not working. They also get to decide whether a planet can be put on the list for invasion or colonization to run by the Star Lords.”

“Beneath them are the Commanders and the Grand Controllers. I believe you call your warrior caste commanders Generals. That would be the best analogy I could make for all the Commanders, they are Zzhetanz who are given command of a large number of lower ranked Zzhetanz from different castes for large projects. The invasion of a world with a race nearing the space faring
Technological level would be given to a Commander from the Warrior Caste. While the terraforming of a barren world or colonization of living world without intelligent life would be given to Technician caste Commander.

“The Technician caste also has Overseers, who are ranked below Commanders. They are usually tasked with long term projects such as asteroid mining, or planet shrinking. No we don’t have some magical way to shrink planets, it’s just a term we use instead of mining, since the planet actually appears to shrink as the project continues, and we only shrink Liquid or Gas planets, like those you’ve named Jupiter and Neptune.

“Now, Controllers are not Zzhetanz, they are Cyber-Organic Supercomputers. They do a lot of the administrative assistance for all of our race. They keep records of our activities and findings and remind us about protocols we have to follow as well as gather complaints we have about protocols. They also run simulations of our society and make suggestions to the Imperial Council for changes.

“No, the Controllers are not secretly controlling our entire society by manipulating the Council, that is just stupid. There has only ever been one Controller gone bad, and it was early on. It was put in charge of a reproduction center, and instead of doing its job, it instead genetically lobotomized all the Zzhetans there and made the Packs those hatchling received extensions of itself. All the other Controllers actually made numerous suggestions to prevent that disaster from happening again, and implementing those changes has prevented it!

“Anyway, there are number of ranks throughout the castes that Zzhetanz can aspire to reach. Each with more responsibilities and rewards than the previous. One thing I would note is the lowest rank of a Technician Zzhetan is that of what you call Superintendent, since they can have drones do all the menial labour a janitor would do.

“Yes, some of our Warrior caste Zzhetanz do enter the law enforcement field of work. They usually do this when the no longer wish to be part of the Military but the Academies have no need for more teachers. No, Warriors never become Technicians nor vice-versa. Despite being the same species, our brains are too different to make the shift from violent destruction based problem solving to constructive engineering.

“It is unlikely that that my race will mark down your world for invasion anytime soon. What is more likely to happen is this planet be declared a World of Strife, and assigned a Controller to manage visiting warriors. These planets are combat zones that the Warrior caste of my race uses as an alternative method of gaining promotions. A World of Strife is a place where low ranking warriors that are not currently working are allowed to go to and engage in random violence with the locals. If they survive and complete an object given to them by the Controller, then their performance is reviewed by a board of officers and hopefully impress them enough to earn a promotion to the next rank.

“Having a higher rank means having more resources and better equipment available to you, and having better stuff means being more effective in your missions. Most often warriors get promoted when there is a vacant position of the hierarchy that needs to be filled and there isn’t a Warrior of sufficient rank without work to do, which can lead to promotion stagnation, which is why this system was developed. The Imperial Council also doesn’t have to inform the Star Lords about planets we declare as a World of Strife since we don’t conquer, destroy or colonize the star system, we only technically visit.

“Why am I here? Despite my record breaking grades upon graduating from my academy I was not promoted to the first working rank of the warrior caste. I am three-quarters the height of the norm for my race, you see. For a long time I existed in a sort of bureaucratic limbo where I was getting a student’s stipend, had no obligations, but also no privileges so I was just accumulating money for sitting around using the simulators younglings use. I decided to enter retirement and discovered an interesting legal loophole. While I still get my previous rank’s stipend, a student’s, I am also be able to purchase all the equipment I was allowed to use of that rank. Academy students are allowed to use any equipment their teacher purchases and assigns them to learn to use. And as a retiree I am also a qualified teacher allowed to purchase equipment I was allowed to use in my previous rank, which could be anything any teacher could have allowed. I am now the only Zzhetan legally allowed to purchase anything my race can produce. Not even those on the Imperial Council can actually purchase some things, only commission their creation and order their use.

”Not that I can afford any of it. Even after all the time I took being unable to spend money I still barely had enough to buy and fuel my starship.”
7  Campaign Creation / Meta / XXXzone - Extraterrestrial Elimination and Experimentation on: March 24, 2016, 10:13:36 PM
It's been a long time since I have posted here, but this is a little thing I've been working on in my spare time for the past couple of weeks. I've been exposed to too much Fallout and Xcom recently.

------- xXx -------

You enter the dim office for your interview. You aren't sure what your new job will involve, but a rookie fresh from boot camp like you know that when you a general tells you you've been selected for an experimental program you know that mum's the word. Sitting at the desk is your new commander, his silhouette and, his white gloved hands and the reflection of the light from the door's window in his glasses the only things you can see.

A short raspy inhale prelude's the man's course voice. "Welcome, recruit. I've already reviewed your dossier, and am impressed with the results of your training. While you are untested in battle, I believe you will be instrumental in the coming campaign. I only have one have one question. Are you willing to believe in Extra-terrestrial lifeforms?"

You blink for a moment to process what he's asking. The military as a rule denies the existence of space aliens for lack of evidence. To ask this means going against policy. You can only nod, strangely confident he has proof.

"Good. Welcome to the Ex-zone program."


XXXzone is primarily a tactical combat game designed to emulate the modern era or soldiers armed with guns taking cover and shooting at enemies in cover. What you need to play the game are a set of polyhedral dice, though the most important one going to be used are the percentile dice as it's used for shooting and hurting enemies as well as will power tests against fear, pain and mind control. You will also need a way to keep track of entities in battle, like a battle mat, a bunch of blocks, some markers and a few models of the right scale to fit on the battle mat.

All entities in the game have six attributes. Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, and Agility. Player controlled characters have an additional stat called Luck. All of these attributes affect game play in small ways and normally range from 1 to 10 (though you can play with zeros).
All entities also have several derived statistics calculated at character generation and occasionally adjusted between battles.
  • Accuracy - Starts at 85 and the entity gains a 5 point bonus for every point of Perception they have,
  • Action Points - Explained below,
  • Encumbrance - Two stats representing how much an entity can carry. Humans can carry 25kg plus an additional 10kg for every point of Strength they have comfortably in battle. Humans can still move if they are carrying 50kg plus 20kg per point of Strength and 5kg per point of Endurance, but can't use weapons or move quickly,
  • Fortitude - How resistant an entity is to poison attacks and dying from mortal trauma. This stat is a straight bonus of five times the entity's Endurance plus twice their Strength. Humans and most other entities get a 20% bonus to against Poison,
  • Sneak - How hard the entity is to detect. This stat is equal to five time's the entity's Agility attribute.
  • Sight - How far an entity can reliably see. Entities have a base 100% chance to see anything within fives squares plus one square per point of Perception, afterwards, the chance to see an entity that is Moving Cautiously drops by 5% per square of additional distance. The actual chance is modified by the any enemy's Sneak stat and where the spotter is facing at the time,
  • Willpower - The entity's ability to grit their teeth (or beak or whatever) and shake off the effects of pain or psychic attacks, or the strength of their psychic powers if they have them. This stat is equal to five times the entity's endurance plus their intelligence and twice their charisma.
All entities have a number of action points available to them every round, which they spend to perform actions. The base number for player characters is 6, plus 1 additional AP for each odd numbered point of AGI a character has. Using a weapon has a different AP cost dependent on what kind of weapon is being used, while attempting to heal someone, hack a computer or quietly unlock a door has a variable AP cost rolled with each attempt.
  • Moving Quickly - 1AP - Move a single square on the battle mat,
  • Moving Cautiously - 2AP - Move a single square on the battle mat with a decreased chance of being spotted by enemies.
  • Interact - 1AP - Pushing a button on a panel, opening a door or pulling the pin out of a grenade,
  • Hunker Down - 2AP - Take a better position in cover, getting double the benefits of any adjacent cover, but being unable to take anymore actions for the rest of the round,
  • Draw Item - 1AP - Pull an item off a belt, harness or bandoleer,
  • Stow Item - 1AP - Put an item on a belt, harness or bandoleer,
  • Shoot - xXx - Spend AP to use your weapon. The cost depends on the type of weapon fired and the firing mode used,
  • Overwatch - xXx - Declare Overwatch when there is left over AP to save them for shooting enemies that move on their turn, however there is a 15% accuracy penalty to do so,
  • Aim - 2AP -Spend a moment carefully lining up the weapon at a single target and gain a 20% accuracy bonus against that target until either a new target is shot at or the shooter decides to move quickly to a new position.
Shooting is once of the most common actions taken, and while the AP cost varies, hitting enemies and causing wounds or killing them follows the same seven steps.
  • Count Distance to Target - First add up the squares between the shooter and the target, then reduce the shooter's accuracy by 2% for each square.
  • Roll to Hit - Roll percentile dice (d100), add the shooters adjusted Accuracy score and subtract the target's Agility attribute. If the resulting Attack Roll is over 100 then something is hit, though not necessarily the target.
  • Consider the Cover - Now take into the consideration all the intervening cover between the shooter and the target. Cover provides a penalty to the Attack Roll as determined by its type, though the target only gets half the benefit from cover they are not immediately adjacent to. Subtract from the attack roll each value of cover starting with the piece closest to the shooter until the resulting number is below 100, at which point that piece of cover is hit instead of the target.
  • Consider the Target's Armour - Just like cover, armour reduces the chance to be injured by attacks. Subtract the Armour Rating from the remaining attack roll and if the result is still over 100, then the target has been injured. In either case, the Armour loses a Hit Point.
  • Determine Wounds - Now subtract from the remaining attack roll the weapon's Damage Threshold adjusted by the target's Endurance attribute. If the result drops the attack roll below 100, then only a Minor Wound is dealt. But if the result is still over 100, then subtract the weapon's adjust damage threshold again and if this final result is still over 100 then a Mortal Wound is dealt and the target is likely dying, else the final result drops below 100 and the target takes a Severe Wound instead.
  • Check Special Effects - Some attacks and weapons have special effects, in which case you need to follow the rules specified by that attack to determine if something unusual happens.
If you are throwing an item, like a grenade, step 1 and 3 of the shooting process is different.
  • Count the number of squares between the thrower and the target then subtract from that the thrower's Strength score. Now reduce the shooter's accuracy by 5% for each remaining square.
  • Step 2 is the same as before. Of course the thrower can target and area instead of an entity, so you don't have to take in consideration anything's Agility score.
  • Because thrown objects follow and arc and not fly in a straight line, ignore all intermittent cover except that which the target is benefiting from. Of course the thrower can just target an area instead of a creature, so there may be no need to consider armour.
As noted in the shooting rules, there are three types of wounds an entity can take, each worse than the last.
  • Minor Wound - Taken when receiving the barest of hits, each Minor Wound wracks the entity with pain and taxes their bodies. Minor wounds incur a stacking -10% penalty to all further percentile die rolls in battle until healed, except Fortitude checks to avoid death. Minor Wounds each take 1d6 days to heal.
  • Severe Wound - Taken by solid hits that deal severe damage but don't hit anything immediately vital. Every time this type of wound is taken, the victim needs to succeed on a Willpower test or be stunned, loses a turn to wracking pain. Furthermore, each Sever Wound taken incurs a stacking -25% penalty to all further percentile die rolls in battle until healed, except Fortitude checks to avoid death. Severe Wounds each take 4d8 days to heal.
  • Mortal Wound - A vital part of the entity has been hit and is likely dying. First, a Mortal Wound forces a Willpower Test from the victim or the entity passes out from the shock of pain. Second, this type of wound forces the victim to make a Fortitude Test of begin to bleed out and die in 1d4 rounds. Thirdly, if the injured entity hasn't passed out from pain and/or die of vital fluid loss, they take a -50% penalty on all further percentile rolls during the battle. Mortal wounds each take 4d12 days to heals.
Regardless of whether the wounds are Minor, Severe or Mortal, of if they have passed Fortitude checks to avoid dying, if an entity has accumulated enough penalties from wounds to have a total -100% or greater to their rolls, they fall unconscious and are considered disabled until they are treated by another entity with medkit or similar ability.

A couple of weapons, notably the Flash Bang Grenade and Incendiary Grenade deal no damage directly but instead affect anything hit with a status effect.
  • Stunned - Often caused by taking a Severe Wound and failing a Willpower check, the entity affected by this condition is unable to act for the duration of the effect.
  • Disoriented - Caused by the Flash Bang Grenade, an entity affected by this condition has trouble moving. They take a 50% on aim checks and Willpower checks, movement costs twice as much, they cannot use the aim action, and they cannot interact with devices (like opening a door or pulling the pin on a grenade).
  • Poisoned - This condition is caused by creatures as poisonous as Dart Frogs or more venomous than most snakes. A Poisoned entity automatically takes a Minor Wound at the end of its turns until the condition is removed. This condition can be removed by medkits, or may wear off on it's own. A variation of Poison is Lethal Poison which will kill the victim if they are rendered Unconcious by the Poison and then fail a Fortitude check.
  • Toxified - A worse version of the Poison condition, victims take a Severe Wound at the end of its turn until the condition is removed. Medkits work on Toxified, as does time, though the later is unlikely. And just like poison, there is a Lethal Toxic variation.
  • Unconscious - Often caused by the entity taking a Mortal Wound and failing a Willpower check or taking too many wounds, unconscious entities are unable to act. They may be able to be revived by medkits, but must pass another Willpower check to wake up.
  • Dying - The entity has failed a Fortitude check from taking a Mortal Wound and will soon die. Alternatively, they could have been rendered Unconscious by Lethal Poisoned or Lethal Toxified condition.
  • Dead - The entity is dead. It has expired. It is an ex-entity and has passed on.

And now here some pre-generated Characters as examples. I'm not entirely certain how I want to have characters level up, but I do want it more free-form than the class based system from Xcom. I'm also having trouble figuring out enough special abilities to fill out a chart like fallout 4 has so I'm leaning more and more with going for a classic fallout system with arbitrary perks/abilities. You may recognize these characters as they exist in an alternate universe.

8  The Works / The Dragon's Den / Re: Magic Vending Machine on: July 11, 2015, 03:43:42 PM
Receives: The Sandman

Inserts: The Sandbag
9  The Works / The Dragon's Den / Re: Magic Vending Machine on: July 09, 2015, 05:09:59 PM
Receives: A bucket of tomatoes, olives, vinegar and lettuce.

Inserts: Sentient starships that don't get out the spaceport very much.

(also, that video is not available in my country)
10  The Works / The Dragon's Den / Re: Magic Vending Machine on: July 09, 2015, 12:36:59 AM
Receives: A five minute segment on X-Play covered by Adam Sessler.

Inserts: Weeping guitar solos.
11  The Works / The Dragon's Den / Re: Magic Vending Machine on: July 01, 2015, 11:33:02 PM
Recieves: A clergyman's daughter.

Inserts: A fist full of dollars
12  The Works / The Dragon's Den / Re: The Rogues' Gallery on: July 01, 2015, 11:20:41 PM
Hello, everyone. I'm a old member that just remembered what a great place this is to find creative and interesting people to toss ideas around with. I'm not sure how long it has been since I've been around here.
13  The Works / The Dragon's Den / Magic Vending Machine on: April 20, 2011, 01:04:45 PM
Receives: Demi Moore

Inserts: 10 foot pole
14  The Works / The Dragon's Den / Magic Vending Machine on: April 14, 2011, 10:01:40 AM
A Veggie Burger with extra bacon.

Sterling silver jewellery box filled with semi=precious stones.
15  Campaign Creation / Meta / Candygirls, The Collectible Battle Card Game on: April 05, 2011, 01:08:05 PM

Note: Valleys and Spires

The people of Kartoffelnreich had a proud history of being conservative, pious individuals well respected for their ability to ration food and survive harsh economic conditions. With the introduction of the potato, the people had more reliable food source, and were then able to put time into doing other things. With a ton of free time on their hands, the Kartoffelns began building large decorative towers on the higher peaks of the mountains. When other kingdoms tried to conquer them for their new wealth and productivity, the towers became more pragmatic in design and doubled as defensive archer emplacements as well as works of art.
An old kingdom led by an ancient King, the Kartoffelnreich is situated in the great mountain chain that dominates the center of the continent. Over the centuries, they have repelled countless invasions from the rivaling Kingdoms. The kingdom itself formed some five hundred years ago when the clans living in the mountains banded together to celebrate their love of potatoes. Switching their agricultural base from wheat that barely grew at high altitude to the hearty potato, the then new kingdom became very prosperous.

When the first CandyGirls where being developed, the Kaiser of Kartoffelnraich ordered for a large battalion of them, knowing they would change the face of war in the near future. CandyGirls of the Kartoffelnreich follow their patron Kingdom's battle strategy, negating the strengths of enmies while ranged support whittles away at the enemy. With the greater supernatural powers of the Neopilitan Succubi and CandGirls, there are some truly fearsome abilities to contend with.

Favored Card Abilities: Accurate, Ghosttouch, Penetrate, Juggernaught, Brave, Poisonproof, Insomnia, Defender, Blessed.

Republic of Zucchini

Note: Died with their pants down

The Zucchini Royal Guard commissioned the Wizards to create an army of creatures to combat the Spinach Inquistion. When the King heard of this, he ordered the Wizards to make an army of Succubi convincing them that it would make a more ironic foe for the Inquisition. When the first batch was complete, the King had his personal guard reassigned 'somewhere else' and replaced them all with a harem Neapolitan Icecream Golem Succubi. The rest of the Nobles, being a bunch of idiotic sheep, followed their leader's example and acquired harems of their own. After three weeks of silence, the actual governing body discovered the disaster that had befallen the Royal Family of Zucchini; done in by their own lack of self control. The Kingdom simply shrugged, took all the money they could find in the vaults and moved on.
The Republic of Zucchini was officially formed after the Neapolitan Succubi consumed the entire royal family. However, since the family hadn't actually ruled, instead wasting the Kingdom's wealth engaging in all forms of hedonism for several generations, the shift wasn't much of a problem. The Kingdom has had a rich history for being the cultural center of the continent, despite initiating and losing many wars. The Zucchini Kigndom funded the original research to create the Neapolitan Succubi because of a treaty that stated that no 'Man Zucchini' could stand against the Spinach Inquisition. The Zucchini Kingdom quickly signed away the money to create the CandyGirls when the Neapolitan Succubi went rogue, hoping to contain the problem before it got out of hand.

The Zucchini have always been proud of their efficient military, and their CandyGirls reflect their approach to combat. Powerful, specialized soldiers that can function amazingly on their own or in teams. The Zucchini Military funds their CandyGirl soldiers and trains them as they would proper knights, equipping them with armor and giving them the best weapons their artisans can craft. CandyGrils are ill suited for mortal combat, but have a place on the battlefield nonetheless.

Favored Card Abilities: Armor, Boost, Double Strike, Juggernaught, Evade, Blessed

Spinach Empire
A theocratic society the is controlled by the Jalapeño Church, the Spinach Empire is a very densely populated realm of vineyards, rice patties, orchards of various kinds and other farms. It continually growing wealth has been attributed to the induction of the populace into the Jalapeño Church, though historians outside the Empire know otherwise. The Church itself took control of the Kingdom by converting one heir prince and exalting him as a bishop, then burning the ruling Queen as a heretic. The Spinach Inquisition was then formed to 'purge' the Kingdom of more Heretics and Hedonists. The populace itself has always been content in their place, growing food, making crafts, and paying their marginal taxes, even before the induction into the monastic lifestyle. The only excitement would come from the occasional Witch Hunt by the Inquisition.

With the crumbling of the Inquisition, the Church scrambled for a source of warriors to combat the Neapolitan Succubi. While they tried to reason with mercenary troops and attempt to pull strings with their few allies, the problem was solved by the general population when they incorporated stray CandyGirls into their families to protect themselves from wandering Succubi. After the Succubi were banished, the Church attempted to expel the CandyGirls on the ground of them being impure manifestations of pure temptation. However, the general population was adamant about having their adopted sisters and cousins executed for saving them for actually dangerous monsters, and the Church no longer had the Inquisition of to enforce their decision, so they dropped the issue. After a few generations, the Church's attitude towards CandyGirls was completely turned around, and fearing invasion from other Kingdoms, the CandyGirls were incorporated into the new military. Uncertain what to do with them, the Church let them train themselves before signing up for military duty, with interesting results.

Favored Card Abilities: Flying, Phasing, Poison, Curse, Regen

A collection of tribes that live in the driest region on the continent. The terrain is mostly rolling hills of prairies that occasionally have droughts and rolling dunes of sand dotted by the occasional oasis. The people that live in the region have no set government, but are nonetheless united by their common desire to prosper in The Peaceful Lands of Golden Powder. The Spinach Inquistion left them alone for most of its existence, which suited the Yamyam people well. Then the Succubi started to get out of hand, a spur of generosity and empathy took a hold of some tribes, and many young men flocked to the Spinach Empire to fight. They returned with CandyGirls in tow, and quickly assimilated the 'pretty girls with useful skills' into their society.

While the YamYam people have no large government or official army, many people volunteer to be trained in combat to help protect the tribes. Usually, it is a pack of young men led by a charismatic man that encourages his followers to heights of heroism that makes the soldier of other kingdoms think twice about their decisions. This strategy is applied to their CandyGirls, who benefit most from strong leaders and teamwork.

Favored Card Abilities: Boost, Boost All, Heal, Heal All, Armor, Endure, Penetrate

Kingdom of Lettuce
While considered a smaller Kingdom, the Lettuce Royal Family has always prided itself on both it's near anonymity among the other kingdoms, and it's ability to have a strong economic presence on the world stage. The Kingdom itself has always had a mystical history, and has always used this mystique to entrigue the other Kingdoms and Empires to appreciate it.

The secretly acquired a batch of CandyGirls before they were used against the Succubi in a bid to acquire actual military power. While the gambit wasn't a complete success, they did ensure they wouldn't be left out of the group of major players. The CandyGirls themselves have taken on the traits of some of the darker aspects of the Lettuce Kingdom, emulating creatures of the night from the fairy tales.

Favored Card Abilities: Flying, Endure, Phasing, Drain, Heal, Curse, Hex
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