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1  Campaign Creation / Roleplaying / Legend of the Sea Wraith [IRC] on: April 13, 2014, 10:39:01 AM
Legend of the Sea Wraith
Legend holds that the crew of the Sea Wraith were once brigands and raiders who discovered that by turning their sights on the enemies of civilization, they could reap even greater rewards than any amount of pillaging could yield from peasant towns. Driven by their own lust for wealth and power, these raiders-turned-antiheroes became explorers and, most importantly, protectors of humanity.

At its core, hack and slash gaming is all about killing monsters, taking their stuff, and growing more powerful.  While role playing certainly has its place and greatly enhances such games, at the end of the day, it's all about the loot.
This game centers around the group of raiders – be they pirates, highwaymen, reavers, or otherwise – who founded the legend of the Sea Wraith.  Their tale begins after they have become capable adventurers thanks to years of hooliganism, and having recently struck on the notion of attacking monsters instead of people, decide to begin looking for an inhuman target to raid.


System: GURPS 4e.
Location: #thecbg_rp
When: Sundays, exact time TBA.
The Cast
Players should choose one of the following pregenerated characters below.  I don't mind some tweaking, but this should be done in a timely manner prior to the game's commencement via Personal Message or contacting me directly via Google Talk.

Large, strong, and unpredictable – these define you.  Where others rely on skill at arms, you muster brute strength through your profound connection with the chaotic emotions roiling beneath your thick hide.  They let you shrug off blows that would otherwise fell a man while cleaving warriors from brow to groin with your long axe.

Bladestorm Warrior
Where the weapon master specializes in a single weapon and the veteran is a jack-of-all-weapons, you have mastered the art of fighting with two weapons simultaneously – specifically, the sword, the axe, and the thrown spear.

At home in the wilderness, you are the go-to person for traveling by foot.  You can get any party from point A to point B safely.  While other combatants could best you in close combat, you make optimal use of your speed and significant skill at archery to pepper them before they can ever reach you.

The opposite of the weapon master, you are a generalist – any weapon he picks up is deadly in your hands!  Able to stow impossible amounts of weaponry on your person, you are a veritable Swiss army knife of the pointy, stabby, and slashy.

You are a holy man dedicated to a chaotic and powerful sea god.  Your prayers protect ships from storms, calm seas, and heal the injured.  Where the sorceress is limited by her own personal power, you are capable of tremendous miracles, if you can bend the ear of your deity.

Raider, pillager, pirate, reaver – these names all strike fear into the hearts of your victims. Captain of your own ship, you are an able tactician, leader, and sailor.  Comfortable on any boat or ship, you good with a spear, but even better at the helm. When the party needs to get somewhere, you are the man for the job.

Where others rely on physical combat, you rely on magic to defeat your foes, but unlike the sea priest, your magic is your own. Your spells are limited in scope, but great in power, and you can improvise minor cantrips with little difficulty.  Your tradition follows that of the warrior goddess of love, fertility, and warriors slain in combat.

Thief - Llum
Light, nimble, and shifty, you dance through the shadows largely avoiding direct confrontation.  You really shine when it comes to getting the party into and out of locked rooms and past deadly traps.  You're none too bad at social manipulation and navigating the underworld back in town, either.

Weapon Master
You really know how to use a two-handed sword! What you forfeit in versatility, you make up for with sheer skill. You make maximum use of your mobility and agility in combat to avoid and deflect attacks while cleaving through skulls like a keel through water.

Note that all characters include Sense of Duty (Adventuring Companions) or a similar SoD that includes your fellow party members.  This is to induce some cohesiveness in the party.  Similarly, the pervasive Code of Honor (Pirate's) amounts to not taking flak from anyone, always backing your mates except in a declared and open duel.  This gives you some points for having at least some scruples.
2  Campaign Creation / Homebrews / Re: Fractal Galaxy: Dark Orbit (Discussion Thread) on: April 05, 2014, 12:19:42 PM
Oooh! More Fractal Galaxy!
3  Campaign Creation / Meta / Re: Campaign Length on: March 19, 2014, 09:23:13 PM
I enjoy unleashing the players on the world and seeing what evolves.  That's why I voted "sprawling sandbox".
4  The Works / The Dragon's Den / Re: Happy Pi Day! on: March 17, 2014, 06:22:59 PM
Hoers = sin Hoers
5  The Works / The Dragon's Den / Happy Pi Day! on: March 14, 2014, 08:55:55 PM
Bringing Π (

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Heed their hungry cry, bake their π
Send the waiters in, take their orders
Cherry, two cream, and four custard πs
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Settle after baking, in the window
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I cream across the land
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Filling firstborn man
(Π! Π! Π! Π!)
Bring the dessert tray, vanquish hunger
I shall soon be back, with the bill
Approach with the check, get your Visa
A doggie bag with you, on your way
So let it be eaten
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I'll bring no cake nor frosted bun
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6  Campaign Creation / Homebrews / Re: Endless Planes - Community Project on: February 27, 2014, 08:52:09 PM

The Abyssal Chasm

The world itself bubbled up and cracked.  While the resulting bulge is amazingly round, the most interesting feature of this planetary pimple is the circumscribed crack in the crust itself.  Nearly a perfect circle, the crack plummets so far into the planet's interior that the air pressure is nearly twice that of at the lip, causing a number of alien effects.  It is very humid within the crack, especially at Great Chasm's floor, but more mysteriously are the clouds formed halfway up the Chasm's walls by the interplay of temperature, pressure, and humidity.  Moreover, the increased pressure has made typical terrestrial lifeforms nonexistent, allowing a strange and voracious family of ambulatory plants to reign supreme.  Their collective consciousness transmitted via sprawling networks of vines and tendrils connect their incubatory seeds, cephalic nodes, and more mobile members in chasm-wide hivemind capable of reacting to intrusion collective concert.  Many surfacers who have braved the descent into this abyssal chasm have mistaken these strange and alien denizens for a demonic incursion, and a few unfortunate souls have become slave to its will, as well.
7  The Works / The Dragon's Den / Re: BEER (and apparently, WINE) on: February 27, 2014, 08:42:33 PM
I have recently acquired a bottle of Bluemoon Meed from Royal Manor Vineyards and have to say it is awesome.  It is 2/3 blueberry fermented with 1/3 honey.  It has a strong floral bouquet and a very sweet taste (it's meed, after all). Totally worth trying if you ever get the chance!
8  Campaign Creation / Campaign Elements and Design / Re: [WIP] Starfall World Map on: February 27, 2014, 08:32:07 PM
Here's another update.  I include a map with RL names of places on Venus for reference when I start writing.  I haven't worked up fictional Starfall-oriented names yet.  I also include a map of the difference in precipitation between seasons with darker colors being high in January and brighter colors being high in July.  Lastly are two maps representing temperatures in January and July, with darker being cooler.

If I can either a) write a program that will color the map based on the RGB value of each pixel or b) convince someone else to do it for me, I'll be able to present a climate map of Starfall accurate to the pixel.  Otherwise, you'll get a rough guestimation based on my ability to see and guide a mouse accurately (in other words, a crappy rendition that will likely suffice for my own personal needs, but hardly be up to the standards of this map so far).

Labeled Map

Seasonal Variation in Precipitation Map

January Temperature Map

July Temperature Map
9  Campaign Creation / Campaign Elements and Design / Re: [WIP] Starfall World Map on: February 23, 2014, 05:36:50 PM
This is a topographical map of Venus from NASA that I've altered a bit to add in oceans.  The vertical strips are teserae and actually look like that.  I may still toy with the pallet a little, but for now, this is what I'm working with.  The odd coloring you're referring to, is it the brightness in the middle and darkness toward the poles?  If so, that was just to give it a rounded appearance and can easily be tweaked.

The main thing I'm trying to go for feel-wise is that sea level rose in the very recent geological past, flooding a number of regions and sinking a lot of islands.  Does that sort of thing come across at all?  Does anything make sense, considering that?
10  Campaign Creation / Campaign Elements and Design / Re: [WIP] Starfall World Map on: February 23, 2014, 02:47:32 PM

I have been working feverishly on a new Starfall map, as some of you know.  At this point, I have worked up climate through seasonal precipitation and am about 30% through cleaning up landmasses and coastlines. I figured I'd post what I have so far.  Neat lines mark out 15 degree increments.  A pixel at the equator is 4 miles on a side.

I'm curious to know if anyone sees any features that look interesting or that you're curious about.  I have some fantastic locations already in mind, but I'd love some feedback on places that look to warrant further description.

Once I finish cleaning up the land mask, I'll be able to work up the seasonal temperature variations and climate zones.

Regular Map

Ocean Currents

January Precipitation

July Precipitation
11  Campaign Creation / Homebrews / Re: English Colony sounding names on: February 18, 2014, 10:05:34 PM


Really lovely map.

Strange tangent: not many games seem to be set in the early colonial period.  Lots of games get set in faux-medieval Europe and the Wild West is a hugely popular setting for games (Boot Hill, Dogs in the Vineyard, Deadlands, Aces & Eights, etc), but the 16th-18th centuries get strangely neglected - even when you do see games in those time periods they're usually firmly Old World in their assumed setting (En Garde!, Flashing Blades).  The closest that I can think of are piratical games (7th Sea, Pirates!), but mainland North America (or its fantasy equivalent) in the earlier days of colonization is rarely seen as a gaming setting.  Why do you think that's so?
As a totally uneducated non-history buff type, I'd say it's largely because as Americans, we often view those times in a similar light as the Greeks viewed the Illiad or Odyssey.  We almost deify the people surrounding our founding.  Moreover, those times are pretty well documented, not leaving much room for creative anachronism.  Personally, I think that timeframe might be awesome for a secret magic-type setting, but not a full-on high fantasy.  It breaks the suspension of disbelief when George Washington ends up fighting British vampires from the back of his trusty silver dragon, so to speak.
12  Campaign Creation / Homebrews / Re: The Clockwork Jungle on: January 11, 2014, 08:30:30 PM


CJ update?

Actually, I've been posting various pieces of material on the wiki for a few months now, focusing in particular on the Golden Principality and its history.

Notable articles:
*The Interregnum, a decade-long Ajen civil war during the Cities' War
*Thas-Var Fushin Vir-Ivren, also known as Shif Thuar ("It Exhales Death"), the channeler who seized power over the Principality at the end of the Interregnum, and supposedly died on the altar in an attempt to become a telavai (or did it?)
*Whitewalls, Thas-Var's signature deed in which the Hearth of Sagacity was turned into a bloodbath, and from which we get the closest saying the Ajen have to "collateral damage"
*Virishka, the Traitor, who may be unfairly maligned, but definitely did attempt to conquer the Principality with Iskite backing, only to fail spectacularly, flee the Circle, and end its days in Andar.  Though not much more than a decaying lump now, some say it still whispers to those few individuals who wander through the Wilting Garden of Andar...
*Thar Zejal, named after Zejal the Besieger (or Szejal Sun's-Arrow, or Szejal High-Hackles, depending on who you are), a military camp outside the City of Orpiment that has developed into a half-ruined settlement on the Black Circle route, where the drink at the Four Princes gondola serves equally well as airship fuel

I'm not sure where the next content push is going to be - probably either the Vars-Umbril in their mountain hermitage or the expansion of various stubs concerning the Netai.

What's still taking up most of my CJ thought right now, however, is adaptation for play.  I have some general thoughts on that which I will hopefully be posting soon, because there's nothing quite like dumping your entire thought process into your homebrew thread!
I was afraid Rome ate it...
13  Campaign Creation / Roleplaying / Re: Blackguards: a Bastard Roleplaying Game on: January 05, 2014, 03:05:06 PM
This is intriguing.  When do you plan on holding sessions?
14  Campaign Creation / Campaign Elements and Design / Re: Amethyst Isles of Rimecroft [Discussion Thread] on: December 22, 2013, 06:55:02 PM
Nice chart! This helps explain all of the relations.  Nice job!
15  The Works / The Dragon's Den / Re: Dark Souls Discussion Thread on: December 21, 2013, 07:04:40 PM
Why didn't I wait to pick it up?!!! 

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