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Title: eBil
Post by: LD on August 25, 2009, 12:32:17 AM
OOC: Yes... I know I have a few settings here. This one came to me after reading Steerpike's story. It is basically beer and pretzels. There's not a whole lot to the setting.

{Image of a cute looking goblin or kobold}

So cute, they're evil

You are an evil little fiend. And you are a minion of an even more evil big bad fiendish fiend (your BFF).

Can you survive in your Master's employ? Can you survive along with your entire entourage?

-Dungeon Keeper
-Steerpike's Goblin

Title: eBil
Post by: LD on August 25, 2009, 12:38:12 AM
1. Each Session choose 1-4 Fate Cards (Roll a 1d4 and add any modifiers to determine the amount of fate cards you have each turn.)
[The GM, after drawing 1d4 each session, plays as many negative ones as the GM desires each round; the Player plays as many positive ones as the player desires each round.]

A - Disciplined by Master (Nightmares of how your Dungeon Keeper has been treating you cause you to run screaming in the middle of a fight) [run screaming in 1d4 rounds; better defeat your enemies before then]
K - Really, Really, Ridiculously Competent [+2 to a roll.]
Q - Forget Yourself (You are so wrapped up in your task that you hurt an ally or act contrary to your interests for 1d6 rounds.)
J - Idiot's Luck (Automatically succeed at one roll)
10 - Elven Steel Your weapons are forged from Elven Steel! The worst wrought blades in all of the world. (During battle, your weapon breaks.)
9 - Ubermenschenaical Paragon (Double your Racial Bonus. Act haughty toward your lessers for 1d2 minutes; +1 courage, start timer in real time. Encourage players and the GM to do turns faster while this effect is enabled)
8 - Berserk Folly (You rush into battle berserk with battle rage and drink. You fall flat (more or less) on your face) [+1 Damage, then Immobile for 1d4-1 rounds]
7 - Bravely Foolish (You succeed at all Courage rolls and checks for 1d8 rounds). [May be activated after an initial failure of courage].
6 - Sickly (You become sickened at the sight of blood. (When you see blood spill, you lose 1d4 turns while you retch.)
5 - Stupendously Skilly! (For whatever reason, you're really skilly today, must have been due to something you ate) [unlocks special ability! for your skill]
4 - Love Drunk (Still thinking about that stunning significant other causes you to momentarily lose yourself in thought and peacefulness.) [-2 thrashing]
3 - Drunk As A Dwarf [+2 courage when character is drunk]
2 - Cockatrice Influenza [-2 health; 1d10 possibility to infect your comrades or enemies for the next 2 rounds]
Joker - Punnish Joke (Your horribly punnish joke temporarily puts a halt to any assault- either because it elicits moans or laughter. You make the most of the opportunity.) [Escape from any grapple, +1 speed]

Card Suits (Temporary Boosts)
HEART (+1 health)
SPADES (+1 courage)
DIAMOND (+1 speed)
CLUBS (+1 thrashing)


Health (Like HP/CON)
Speed (Like DEX)
Thrashing (Like STR)


Choose One Special Skill at Character Creation

Trapspringing - Traps

In Character

Can disable 1 trap/round.
Magikcasting - Magic

In Character

Can make 1 scary sound a round that decreases all enemies courage by 1.
Arrowshooting - Ranged

In Character

Can fight from 2 squares away instead of one.
Bloodmending - Healing

In Character

When next to a wounded ally, help them heal +1 per round.
Ebilthreatening - Leadership

In Character

When next to an ally, add +1 to their Courage.
Stealthstyalking - Stealth

In Character

Invisible until attacked or trigger a trap.

Race is mostly just aesthetics, but does bring a small advantage at the cost of another statistic.

Gobwinn- +1 Courage; -1 Health
OilGrr - +1 Thrashing; -1 Speed
Irk - +1 Health; -1 Courage
Whouman - (2 Special Skills) -1 (to two of the following) Health, Courage, Speed, Thrashing [Alternatively, choose no special skills and receive no detriments]
Koolbold - +1 Speed ; -1 Thrashing

Racial Descriptions


The common GobWinn is a three and a half foot ball of energy and courage. The GobWinn is brave for its size and often takes down Giant Spiders four times its weight. The GobWinn, despite its courage, usually loses its battles since its health is so poor- many a GobWinn have collapsed in the midst of battle into a bout of hay fever or an asthma attack. To bear up their courage, the GobWinns, who were originally called "Goblins", renamed their race. The re-branding was popular amongst the people, but ultimately did little to increase their battle-prowess. The GobWinn is a dying race.

Title: eBil
Post by: LD on August 25, 2009, 12:38:47 AM


The OilGrrs are brutes of pink creatures, standing eight feet tall. And they are mad. They often live underground and are forced to travel, bent over in the caverns. Many of them have hunch-backs. On their ripped up backsides, they often apply an oily substance, so that they do not scratch too much against the stalagtites- thus comes their name. They are generally quite stupid brutes (any race above five feet tall that chooses to live in a cave where they must constantly bend certainly has a few issues) and are very slow even when outside of a cavern since their bodies have developed poorly. Why do the OilGrrs live in caverns though? An OilGrr would say they live under ground because Cavern are safe. Attack can only come from the directions that tunnels are... or at least if a new tunnel is forming over one's head, one usually has time to react. Outside, assault can come from any direction


Irks are angry creatures, thus the name. They hoot and they hollar and act like a bunch of frat boys in a steam-bath room, slapping each other and drawing obscene pictures on cavern walls and each others' foreheads (while the other is sleeping).

Irks are known for their remarkable health-- to survive all the beatings, games of grabass, and noogies, Irks have developed remarkable bodies. And yet, deep inside, they are all cowards. When the going gets tough, the Irks get going (in the other direction)


The WhouMan are very versatile bipeds. They have opposable thumbs and relatively large craniums, which they sometimes use. They are some of the most deadly denizens "Under There" when they decide to go into the lairs of the other races. They give off a terrible stench whereever they travel, and yet many of them find a way to blend in with the other races. WhouMan assassins have dwelt among the other races for months at a time, infiltrating and destroying supply lines, and poisoning wells-- Thus comes their name-- when confronting a stranger "Under There" in the underground, a Koolbold or GobWinn will often call out asking "Whou is there? A Man?" The correct reply is, in the race's language "WhouMan? No. Not at all. You Man. I not know you? You must be WhouMan enemy!"


Koolbolds are small, sneakly, reptilian (with bird-like beaks). They speak in poetry and dabble in alchemy and magic. They have learned to run fast and to run far because they are ultimately "Under There's" greatest klutzes. Many a Koolbold has been reciting a spell or practicing swordplay only to find that they have removed a digit from their hands, or incinerated a passer-by (when all they wanted was to make toast.

Koolbolds often wear long flowing robes (a large problem with tripping is often caused) because they believe the robes lend an air of panache to their actions. Koolbolds are often feared for their intelligence and wisdom, and for what happens with their spells when they accidentally trip and fall (and the audience laughs) and then is turned into a group of toads.


* Most combat is resolved through the rolling of d6 and d8, unless special skills or monsters are involved.
* If your weapon breaks, you can use its shards as an improvised weapon at 1/2 damage.

Assorted Notes
Trapspringers can set traps or can throw alchemical substances on creatures.

Special Skills
* Can be unlocked by the drawing of a 5 in the card shuffle.

Title: eBil
Post by: LD on August 25, 2009, 12:38:54 AM
Consequences for Failing a Courage Roll

1. Flee in Abject Terror (w/ weapons)
2. Backstab your comrade and submit yourself to the enemy's will.
3. Flee in Abject Terror (drop weapons)
4. Try to Hide
5. Run Around in Circles
6. Cry and Babble While Fighting (2 d100 chance of summoning a DweeMon; rolls of 000 and 100)

Health Drops Below 0
(You Choose)

1. Stabilization Roll; Remain disabled (Add Courage)
2. Save v. Death; HP goes back to 0 if succeed and can keep fighting. (Add Courage)
3. Berserk Fury; Keep fighting until -10, when you die.
4. The Black Knight ; you lose an appendage, but gain +5 temporary HP.
5. Explosive Gibbets; you explode, dealing 1d12 damage to all enemies surrounding you. But you're dead.
6. Reincarnation; you are reincarnated as a gnomon (; you cannot move, but you tell time really well when you're on the surface. Sadly, there is no sun underground, but you can be used as a good weapon by your reincarnated self (+1 Thrashing to next created character)

Critical Failure on Thrashing Check (Roll 1d6)
1. You stab yourself for 3/4ths damage (round up).
2. You stab your nearest ally for full damage.
3. Your weapon breaks. (or take 1d6 damage if it is a physical weapon).
4. You drop your weapon (or slip and fall if it is a physical weapon).
5. You hug your enemy.
6. You hit yourself in the head with your weapon (no Damage. 2 round stunned).

Critical Failure on Speed Roll
1. Fall Flat on your face (Prone 1 round)
2. Huff and Puff (You trot in place)
3. Wrong Way! (Panicked, you run the wrong way)
4. Twisted Leg (You run and twist a leg. Move at 1/2 speed until healed)

Title: eBil
Post by: LD on August 25, 2009, 12:39:08 AM

1. WhooMans - (See Above)
2. Sporemen - Stodgy scholars, the Sporemen spend their days equivocating on philosophy and attempting to perfect poisons. Always good for a deal, the Sporemen only trade in tit-for-tat (that is, to gain poison, one must give them a victim on which to taste their latest experiments.)
3. Cwatts - Obsessed with cleanliness, these felines mortal enemies are the Wrath-folk. The Cwatts attack by shocking their targets with sharp bursts of electricity, which either stops their hearts or freezes them long enough for the Cwatts to pounce and devour.
4. Wrath-folk - Large rats that have a squeaky language. Wrath-folk are known for their obsession with hoarding. Next to dragons, the Wrath-folk have some of the largest stores of interesting things. The wrath-folk are known for setting traps however and are quite intelligent.
5. Money-elves - Nasty, brutish, haughty creatures who are always ordering eBil Minions to rake out their muck when they visit the Bugbear on business, and then selling them cut-rate weapons on credit that break every tenth time used. eBil minions are often in debt to these long-lived usufructory creatures.

Title: eBil
Post by: LD on August 25, 2009, 12:39:29 AM

1. Clean the Privy! - Brave the evil Carrion Crawlers, the notorious black puffs, and the hideous dark fungi.
2. Crusade Against Usufructors (Subprime Revenge!) - Go steal some cash from the Money-elves who rightfully earned it, and were smart enough to make usufructory microfinance loans to the Bugbear who was trying to finally own his own Dungeon and was purchasing it on installment from Dr. Evil Overlord, Esq.
3. Gladiators! - Fight prisoners and each other for your Master's amusement.


That should be more than enough.
I think this game is fairly simple.

Title: eBil
Post by: Steerpike on August 25, 2009, 01:34:04 AM
I'm flattered that I've been a source of inspiration.  Looks interesting.

I like the skill names a lot.  Irk = Orc?

Title: eBil
Post by: LD on August 25, 2009, 09:13:30 AM
Thank you Steerpike- I very much enjoy the Goblin tale you are writing and am trying to imagine a system (other than DnD that I might use to play in a similar-style world).

The fate cards symbolize the capricity of life for these minions and the randomness in which they exist.

And Yes, the Orcs are often Irked, therefore they are referred to as "Irks" :)

Added sections on "Monsters" and Amusing descriptions of the races.

Title: eBil
Post by: Steerpike on August 25, 2009, 01:51:33 PM
Great descriptions!  Irks are perfect - I love that you made them the cowards, GobWinns the courageous ones.  My favorite though are the Koolbolds, which feel very Dark Crystal.  I like the whimsy of this a lot.

Title: eBil
Post by: LD on November 07, 2009, 02:22:29 AM
Note: Filled out some of the empty spaces. I think it's runnable now.

Also added Money-elves and Elven Steel.

Title: eBil
Post by: Nomadic on November 07, 2009, 07:53:04 AM
I noticed your first post was lacking in goblin/kobold images...


Title: eBil
Post by: LD on November 07, 2009, 11:30:59 AM
Did you draw that?

Title: eBil
Post by: SDragon on November 10, 2009, 05:50:43 PM
It's Captain Fang, from Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic. It's near the bottom of the cast list, found here:

PS: I'm really enjoying the tone to this. It is, indeed, incredibly cute. I'd love to try playing it sometime :)

Title: eBil
Post by: LordVreeg on November 10, 2009, 05:58:41 PM
Crit fail result..."You Hug Your Enemy...'

Title: eBil
Post by: SDragon on November 11, 2009, 03:28:37 PM


Crit fail result..."You Hug Your Enemy...'

Slightly off-topic, but that's actually happened to me once. A friend and I were fighting, locked up to grapple, and...

"... Are you hugging me?"
"I thought you were hugging me..."

Later that day, we grabbed each others' arms and tried to use centrifugal inertia to toss each other off balance. After a minute or two of that not working...

"... Are we playing ring-around-the-rosie?"

Title: eBil
Post by: LD on November 11, 2009, 10:52:42 PM
Hm Yafgg, I think I saw it back in 2007- didn't know it was still going on. Thank you for the reminder. I had an enjoyable time reading through its archives.

I think this kobold also applies:

>>Crit fail result..."You Hug Your Enemy...'

Exactly Vreeg- you've got the idea! :)
I imagine the game sort of playing out as a humorous call of cthulu-gameplay- perpetually spiraling toward disaster. :)

Title: Re: eBil
Post by: LD on January 23, 2013, 12:10:04 PM
Bump for some relevance to my Kobold faction in Underdeep. Also, some tweaks and updates to make it a little more playable.