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Title: Hey everybody! What time is it? It's time to play Vocabulary Brainstorming! Rd 1
Post by: Snargash Moonclaw on June 01, 2014, 02:04:36 PM
The rules are pretty simple. Someone starts by saying a word, or a few of them, then everyone tries to create synonyms, antonyms, and closely related words. Each round consists of 2 turns -
1) Terran Words: real words (including slang), modified words or words created out of the cannibalized syllables of real words.
Scoring is as follows:

* All slang words score + 1pt in each catagory below
Word scoring:
Similar = 1 pt (in meaning but note quite the same as the seed word(s)
Synonym = 2 pts,
Antonym = 3 pts
Bonus Scoring:
Definition = 1 pt for real words,
Etymology = 2 pts
Explanation = 3 pts (Why/how the word has come to have that meaning e.g. They call it that because it reminds them of. . . )
Usage = 4pts

Fantasy words: these are entirely made up but some how read or sound like they would have the same meaning as the seed words
Each word = 1 pt
Etymology, Explanation and Usage = 3 pts each

*Okay, so I'll start. Looking for words like=
alchioactive (is not a drunk Irishman with too much energy),
psi version? (psychoactive is a dwarven condiment. . .)
chi/ki/prana versions? (Prana could be a critter of a different tartan. [Did you see what I did there?] Borrowing from other language/culture/tradition