Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CBG?
The Campaign Builders' Guild. The purpose of this guild and these forums is to help with the creation of DM-created, homebrew campaigns. In an RPG market where there are literally hundreds of published worlds - some good, some not - it is difficult for DMs to choose a campaign. Often times, they will begin work on their own campaign, sometimes inspired by nothing more than the memory from younger days. This site is to help mold the ideas and shape the themes that inspire the creation of wonderful campaigns to play D&D in.

Is this just about D&D/d20, or are other system's settings welcome?
Any homebrewed material is welcomed on these boards. Although most of the members have backgrounds based in DnD/d20 settings some have access to other systems, so critiques and responses may be sparse.

Who started the CBG?
Originally, Xeviat-DM started the CBG on the WotC message boards. As expansion inevitably happened, Ishmayl took the reigns and opened up an all-new forums. The CBG is currently run by Nomadic with help from Sparkletwist and Limetom.

What is the tavern?
The Tavern, located on the home page, is a quick chat tool that allows members to notify other members of new threads, request critiques for homebrew material, and make comments that don't need to be made into threads.

So, uh... What's the deal with Cabbage?
When Ninetails Demon was our most recent new member (one can look up when that was if one really wants) Ishmayl wanted to welcome him in an original manner in a Tavern message. So he googled "Demon of Nine Tails" and used google translator, which resulted in:
"Welcome, Demonus Nonus Calus!"
To which CYMRO responded:
"Fiend of the Ninth Cabbage?"
And hilarity ensued, followed by a hype, and then followed by deep reverence for the great power of cabbage.

Is my work protected?
If you are concerned about people stealing your work be aware that any original content you create and post to the site is, by the very act of posting it to the site, copyrighted in your name. This applies only to original content you created yourself. Note that our wiki service falls under a separate protection agreement. Anything you place on the wiki falls instead under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License so you should only post content to the wiki that you don't mind licensing under said agreement. This was done due to the very nature of a wiki and the purpose it serves. Note that regardless of where you post it on the site, any content you post on here may be used by The CBG for promotional or similar purposes. We won't steal from you but we might use your stuff from time to time as examples for on site contests or other such things.