Donate to the CBG

The CBG is run by fans of role playing for the sole purpose of having a unique home in which to design and build campaign settings and worlds. All work on the site is done for the sole purpose of increasing the value of the site and its contents. There is a lot of work necessary in hosting and running a web site, especially one with many hundreds of members who communicate regularly through the use of forums and chatrooms. The databases for our forums and the many images hosted on the site also take up a lot of space. We have had to upgrade the server several times since the CBG's inception, and we fully expect to have to do so again in the future.

We are not paid in any way to work on this site - it is all done in our spare time with no expected compensation. Therefore, some upgrades and updates to the site take longer than others, and certain upgrades may not ever be fully feasible for the site.

However, we do what we do for the enjoyment of the art and craft of campaign building, and therefore, will never hold members of this site hostage for donations or expenses. We will always attempt to do what is necessary from our own pockets, because it is something we love, not something we are trying to make a profit on. We will never push ads, mandatory donations, or anything else of that nature on our members.

With all that being said, we would like to take this time to introduce our donation initiative here at the CBG. The CBG is accepting donations of any size and shape to help with server costs, domain costs, and upgrade costs. Everything is accepted and appreciated. If you can afford $5, you are thanked. If you can afford $500, you are thanked. We make no judgments on any donation, large or small - we merely thank you.