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Out of Character

So I've actually done it! I've finished a campaign setting! This is pretty much ready to play. I'm keeping it kind of bare bones on fluff because I don't want to write myself into a corner because there are people who want to play this. I'm posting it here for all of you to laugh look at, and so that I have something to put in my Sig show you guys.

Basic Rules
System: Pathfinder/dnd 3.x
Magic Level: Medium
Rolling Method:  2d6+6 (Assign as wanted)

House Rules
E6 Rules (No leveling after Lv. 6)
Weapon Groups (Your proficient with weapon families instead of individual weapons)


Most contemporary fantasy traces its roots back to J.R.R. Tolkien and his legendary works The Hobbit, and his The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Dungeons and Dragons is no exception to this rule. Many of the tropes in DnD that have become the standard for Tabletop Roleplaying come straight from the tales of Bilbo Baggins and his nephew Frodo. Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits (Halflings), Orcs, and who could forget Red Dragons, are staples of Fantasy Roleplaying. There isn't anything wrong with this standard. It's endured through decades of gaming evolution for many reasons. Most people have at least read The Hobbit, and so the familiar tropes of humans, Halflings, dwarves, and elves fighting dragons and orcs is something that many people well be familiar with. Not to mention the immense popularity of The Lord of the Rings movies, assures that these standardized tropes will remain with us for a very, very long time.

However, Tolkien Fantasy isn't the only fantasy. Nordic epics, Arthurian legends, and Celtic ballads all offer their own flavors and plots that add to the fantasy ephemera. Even within the confines of modern literature though there are plenty of other subgenres of fantasy to draw from. One such Genre is often overlooked, however I couldn't find an appropriate name for it, so I have dubbed it “Small Talking Animal Fantasy”.
Many of you reading this are familiar with Beatrix Potter and her seminal work Peter Cottontail, and many other short stories. These little fables often center around the exploits of tiny woodland creatures such as rabbits, squirrels, mice, and other woodland mammals. But perhaps the most popular fantasy novels ever written around this concept are the Redwall Abbey books written by the late Brian Jacques. Mice, badgers, otters, hares, hedgehogs, shrews, and many other races of “Beasts” inhabiting a large brick abbey named Redwall contend against the wretched “Vermin” forces of rats, foxes, stoats, weasels, and other foul pest races. This is the primary source upon which this setting draws its inspiration, but with a few important changes. Those changes will be listed below in the Ten Things to Know about Panorah.

Ten things to know about Panorah
1.   Panorah is Different from Traditoinal D&D: Many monsters, and classes that are available in the standard D&D settings are not available in this setting. And certainly none of the standard races are available for play. Which brings us to...
2.   A World Without Humans or “Humanoid” Races:  No humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, orcs, trolls, goblins, hobgoblins, giants, outsiders, or any human-like creatures exist in this world, Instead….
3.   A World of Creeps: In place of humanity and other such races, small woodland mammals have evolved sentience in their place. Mice are the most common of the races, but also the smallest. Still they flourish in almost every environment across Panorah. Badgers are masters of the mountains and forge mighty weapons with legendary alchemy. Otters roam the rivers, and Hares roam the fields. Squirrels rule the Canopy tops of Forests, and the Weasels are the masters of the Hills.
4.   A World of Magic: Magic flows through Panorah like a river to the ocean. Magic is very mysterious and while all members of the races have some magical inclination lying deep within, it's not to be trifled with but by the few who can truly wield its mighty power.
5.   Grey and Gray Morality: Unlike Brian Jacques world where morality is defined by species, this world is more complicated than that. Good and Evil are more like a sliding scale than absolute codes of righteousness or vileness.
6.   A world of Light and Darkness: Divine magic doesn’t exist in the same way as other settings. Relgion exists in this world, and it all revolves around two great spirits; Anora and Bzzltr. Anora is called many things, the great serpent, the holy mother, the Queen Celestial, but all accounts point to her being a great winged serpent (was she some greater Coutl?) that was larger than any scale could measure, and she was the source of light and life in this world. She caused the forests to grow, and the waters to flow through the land. But for every light there is a shadow, and that shadow's name is Bzzltr. The Corrupter, the beast, the twisted, whatever he was called he was an alien and corrosive being that destroyed everything he touched and created chaos. In the end Anora and Bzzltr battled it out in one last conflict. Anora sacrificed her physical form to destroy Bzzltr. Tarlia became a great energy being of goodness and light, but Bzzltr became a dark and powerful force in his own right. Now these two battle it out and maintain a delicate balance.
7.   A Primeval World: The world of Panorah is teeming with life that has been extinct in our world for eons of time. Dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, and plants permeate the world with color and diversity. However as stated before, magic flows through the planet and changes the world around it. Many magical creatures have been roaming the world since the beginning, and still do so to this day. Fey in this universe are nature bound insects that act as guardians of nature against the horrors of Bzzltr. The horrors of Bzzltr in exchange are the warped beings that exist at the bottom of the ocean. More of them arose and began to rampage through the Urthlind scape after the day of fire, which leads many to believe that horrors exist underground as well. Dinosaurs can be found with elemental power.
8.   A World with Dragons: Dragons inhabit the icecap of Panorah, and have been stirring lately. No one knows anything about the dragons, taking into account few have been brave enough to attempt contact. Still what is known is that they are long lived, and utterly intelligent. Still there isn’t much on their behavior or demeanor. Are they cruel, are they compassionate, are they bloodthirsty, are they selfish, selfless? No one quite knows, and frankly very few seem to care.
9.   The Day of Fire: The land of Urthlind was a land of great kingdoms and prosperous trade. The races more or less got along. The Badgers and the Weasels would always have their contentions that dated back to the beginning of the ages, but that was to be expected at this point. However, that was twenty years ago, before the day of fire. Mt. Varova was a mighty mountain that loomed over Parlon, a trade city that was the center of commerce for the several factions that ruled the kingdoms. The weasels, otters, squirrels, and badgers all traded with each other without any problems with goods and services moving between the kingdoms with little trouble. However unbeknownst to most creeps in the city, Mt. Varova had a belly of fire. One day the earth shook, and then the mountain began to belch ash and fire. The following days were ravaged with darkness, fire, storms, lightning, and many other catastrophes. By the end of it all, Parlon had been consumed by ash, killing almost everyone in the city.
10.   Political Intrigue: The Day of Fire completely devastated the order in Urthlind, and everyone began to fight for what resources were available. Crops had been ruined, water contaminated, and cities burned. There were several wars that broke out between the species, and now there are festering wounds between factions, even though the disaster itself has passed and the land has begun to heal from the turmoil. While many are striving to rebuild the community that existed before the volcano erupted, many are fighting for isolation and vengeance.

Races of Panorah


Classes of Panorah

Alchemical Magus
Abbey WarDEn (Variant Paladin)
Ranger (No spells variant)

History of Panorah


The Age that is Lost

•   ?: Bzzltr reigns over the world and twists it in its horrid image
•   ?: Anorah the Winged Goddess throws down Bzzltr and creates balance between light and darkness.
•   400,000 Rounds: Dragons claim the Northern tundras as their own. Isstohr is left alone.
•   80,000 Rounds The Races rise from the Chaos

The Age of Clans

•   30,000 Rounds: The Badgers, Hares, and Weasels rise in Isstohr and form clans and start conquering land.
•    The races of Urthlind rise. Otters claim the rivers, Mice claim the eastern fields and western deserts learn to domesticate insects, Squirrels build tree cities.

The Age of Conquest

•   15,000 Rounds: Dragons begin terrorizing the creeps of Isstohr, driving many clans to try and escape to Urthlind. Many make it, and their superior warring skills vastly overpower the native folk. The weasels have huge cultural disagreements with the badgers and split off and migrate down westward.

The Age of Beasts
10,000 Rounds: After millennia of relative isolation, the Creeps of Urthlind were besieged by several different beasts. The snakes took the rivers, the falcons took the western front from the weasels and the rats, whilst the coyotes and Cats took the eastern front.

The Age of Eagles

8,000 Rounds: The Eagles came from Isstohr, and began to drive the predatory beasts away from Urthlind. The creeps allied themselves with the eagles and under their leadership, the Creeps rose to a new level of civilization.

The Age of Courts

5,000 Rounds: Eventually the Eagles fell into decline. The exact reasoning hasn’t been solidified, but it’s safe to say that the ecosystem was imbalanced and so many began to flock back to Isstohr. This left the creeps to their own devices, and the great families of Urthlind formed into houses, and have reigned in the land for millennia.

The Day of Fire

20 Rounds Ago: The cataclysmic nightmare that was the ‘Day of Fire” was an event that would shake the very foundation of Urthlind and change the land forever. The Volcanic Mt. Varona blew to the heavens and destroyed the ecosystem as a result, creating the current day and age.
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