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Author Topic: Fimbulvinter Quest Log  (Read 3128 times)
Spawn of Ungoliant

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« on: February 03, 2015, 12:53:12 AM »

Quests & Goals


Escape Blóðbard captivity
Retrieve Eyfura's necklace
Slay Eyfura
Survive the Vargar attack
Kill Ingjuld One-Eye (Katla)
Remove Æskil's curse
Cleanse the Sacred Grove of Dark Elves
Bring Hallvard to justice
Hunt the stampeding aurochs
Survive the Wild Hunt
Deal with the Nisse at the Well of Joy
Thwart Fritjof
Survive the Aptrgangar attack
Call a conclave of Shamans (Kylfa)
Hunt down the cave lion
Expose Ivar's agents within Wulfheim
Bring Fritjof to justice
Stop the Helblót
Acquire Dragonhide armour (Kylfa)
Bring food and warmth to the people of Wulfheim (Dagny)
Loot the Wulfgar barrow
Return the sword of Kolbjorn Wulfgar to the Jarl
Negotiate a place for the Kvenlanders in Wulfheim (Kylfa)
Investigate the Vargar attacks near Ironwood
Locate Kauko and bring him back to Wulfheim

In Progress

Defend Wulfheim from Ivar's forces
Kill Ivar the Perverse (Ragnvaldr's Oath)
Hunt down the Fire-Drakes (Katla's Oath – 4/5)
Hunt down 12 deadly beasts menacing Wulfheim (Egil's Oath – 1/12)
Bring light to the people of Wulfheim (Dagny)
Acquire drink for the Well of Joy (Dagny)
Recover the Star of St. Mark (Andreas)
Recover Lævateinn, Freyr's Brightsword (Tígris)
Investigate the Kobold-infested mines
Investigate the Dvergar cave
Investigate the tunnels of the mountain-men


Wulfheim and Surrounds

The Thingstead
The Sacred Grove (Æsir)

The Orm-Fells (North)

Fire-Drakes' Lair (four Fire-Drakes slain)
Haunted Hills (Myling)
The Barrow of the Wulfgars

Thrivaldii Territory (West)

Thrivaldii Village
Broken Tusk Mountain
Sivard's Runestone
Cave Lion's Den (lion slain)
Abandoned Cave Bear's Den (Dvergar?)

Ironwood (East)

The Seita (Shamanic Conclave)
The Hof (Ullr, Skadi, Vidarr)
Kobold Warren (cleared)
Sirje's Hut
Kvenlander Camp (nomadic)

The White Waste (South)

Ymir's Runestone
Abandoned Village
Aurochs Herd (wandering)


You can use the thread here to discuss quests and other objectives in the Fimbulvinter game, or ask questions about specific events or locations. Scheduling and general discussion go in the main Fimbulvinter thread instead. If you want to add a missing quest from the log, you can let me know here. In particular, this thread may be useful for prioritizing quests and deciding what to do next to avoid spending IC time discussing plans.
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Planar Grazer

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« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2015, 06:50:59 PM »

So for Egil, the following quests are the most relevant. But he's really willing to do anything.

Hunt down the Fire-Drakes (Katla's Oath – 3/5)
Hunt down 12 deadly beasts menacing Wulfheim (Egil's Oath – 1/12)
Bring Fritjof to justice (dude is 6th level :S)
Recover Freyr's Brightsword (Tígris) - This was onyl briefly mentioned to Egil by Tigris, but he would glady lend aid.
Stop the Helblót

The rest of it, as I said, Egil would gladly help but are not his priority (or does not know about).

Spawn of Ungoliant

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« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2015, 07:59:12 PM »

Tigris has sworn an oath to recover the sword (Hippo informs me) and I'm sure would welcome Egil's assistance in tracking it down, or at least finding some sign of it. This could easily be a side session. You might not actually recover the sword in 1 session, or anything (thing is a minor artifact) but you could certainly make a start.

Naturally I'm sure Katla will be down for Drake-hunting.

It looks like "Stop the Helblot" is generally the party-priority, so next "main session" should probably address this.


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« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2015, 06:17:52 PM »

So, the barrow needs to be sorted in order for Katla to be buried there, right? If that's the case then I guess the barrow is now Ragnvaldr's main priority, although he will, of course, defer to Dagny.

all hail the reapers of hope

Spawn of Ungoliant

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« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2015, 06:30:28 PM »

That's certainly one option. Looking at tasks/quests to do next, the following seem particularly relevant:

1) Aid in arresting Thordis (definitely optional - Starkad and the Jarl's Hird can handle this on their own if you wish, but you'd certainly be welcome to join)
2) Hunt down the Vargar/investigate the wolf-attacks generally (Ragnvaldr, Egil, and Hroar have all expressed interest in this... Hrodulf could probably also be convinced to help)
3) Head to the Thrivaldii village to collect Kylfa's armour and potentially sabotage the Helblot (this seems pretty important)
4) Bury Katla in Clan Wulfgar's barrow (and, possibly, loot the barrow of valuables while you're at it, as the Jarl has given you permission to remove items from the barrow, including his ancestor's sword)
5) Go treasure-hunting in the Kobold Mines (this plan seems to have generally been scrapped, although it certainly still an option for the future - Hippo has also speculated that Tigris may try to negotiate with the Kobolds, maybe...)

From a meta/ooc perspective, 1, 4, and 5 would probably yield the most treasure, while 2 and 3 are probably the most important plot-wise, and are also the most potentially dangerous depending on how things play out.

I should probably point out that Katla's body can be easily preserved by Brunn using Gentle Repose, so if you wanted to delay 4 that would be doable.

The barrow contains quite a bit of treasure which the Jarl has basically said you can have, so long as you bring him his forefather's sword. Convincing Egil to dishonour the bones of the dead may be a tough sell, though?


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« Reply #5 on: March 02, 2015, 10:40:49 AM »

Well, if meta-wise we're dividing the quests into Loot and Plot, would it make sense to Loot first, as the plunder might end up helping us with the Plot? I don't necessarily mean in terms of unearthing a macguffin, just like... some new toys might be useful. Not that Ragnvaldr in particular is desperate for any new items, really, but they just couldn't hurt in general.

all hail the reapers of hope

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